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A very warm welcome from the Principal

have access to the specialisms, resources and facilities in our secondary phase, and in turn our junior and senior students develop mentoring and leadership skills supporting our younger children. Working in partnership with parents and carers is essential to ensure our children thrive, achieve and enjoy their time as members of our wider family. Together we nurture their enquiring minds and inspire them to pursue their dreams, leaving our Upper Sixth Form ready to excel in a future, which has limitless possibilities. Our prospectus provides a flavour of our school, activities and ethos. I warmly invite you to come and see how we foster the potential of our students and I am confident that when you experience St Mary’s and St John’s first hand, you will want your child to join our family of schools.

It is a privilege to lead St Mary’s and St John’s Church of England School and I am delighted that you are considering us as your school of choice. We are an all-through school, successfully providing high quality education and academic achievement for children and young people from Nursery to Sixth Form. We are proud to be a diverse, multi-faith, harmonious school, with a distinctive Christian ethos, resolute in the belief that “With God, all things are possible”. In a changing world our values; Wisdom, Service and Hope, define us, strengthen relationships with our parents and students, and provide guiding principles that enable us to deliver academic excellence and promote self-discipline and resilience. Being an all-through school creates many unique opportunities and advantages for our students, parents and staff. Our schools share an educational philosophy which promote high expectations and consistent pastoral care. Our primary phase children

Martin Serrão Principal


We aim to ensure that our children develop as confident, respectful and ultimately successful, individuals. Individuals who will act with Wisdom, who will place others first – Service not self, and who will always remain Hopeful. St Mary’s & St John’s School exists to enhance the future life chances and opportunities of all our children, whatever their starting point, by providing a center of educational excellence at the heart of our community in which all our students can fulfil their potential. We build on our strengths Our Vision “WITH GOD, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE” (Matthew 19:26)

We promote early, articulacy, excellent behaviour, impeccable manners, hard work, kindness and smartness of appearance. Our values are supported by a breadth of both educational and extra-curricular experiences, typical of the independent sector. Our established House system builds self-esteem and promotes healthy competition. As a member of a House, your child has a place in a wider community which spans the age range.

Educating the whole child is of paramount importance to us and we ensure every child is supported both academically and pastorally. We provide many opportunities for our students to foster leadership qualities. Your child’s curriculumwill be broad and balanced, and will go further than the National Curriculum. We will provide stimulating opportunities within and beyond the classroom. Partnerships with Russell Group Universities and the business sector, raise aspirations and will provide access to a wide range of future opportunities for our children. In joining our family of schools, you will become part of a history of achievement which spans over 300 years.


SMSJ has its roots as far back as 1708, when a parochial school was established at the Sunningfields Road site. 300 years later, St John’s Infants and St Mary’s Juniors successfully amalgamated, in 2005, to become a primary school. Our Nursery school opened in April 2007. Supported by the London Diocesan Board for Schools (LDBS) the school thrived, opened a nursery class and expanded to a three form entry in the primary phase. As a result of the success of the primary school the LDBS in partnership with Barnet Local Authority, expanded into the secondary phase in 2014. The success of this development along with the school’s popularity and subsequently being oversubscribed, resulted in further expansion to a six form entry school in the junior phase from September 2017. September 2017 saw the opening of our Stamford Raffles Campus, housing students from years 9 to 13. This includes new facilities such as our fully equipped theatre and stunning Sixth Form Centre. Our family of schools are organised over three locations; Building on our success

Neale House Campus Primary Phase, Nursery to Year 4

Bennett House Campus Junior Phase, Year 5 through to Year 8

Stamford Raffles Campus Senior Phase, Year 9 through to Year 13






At St Mary’s and St John’s School we believe that young children feel secure when they feel safe, valued and cared for. We ensure that each child is cherished and given the encouragement and devotion they deserve. Within our Nursery every child enjoys experiences which are holistic and balanced. Our environment is designed to promote inquiry and foster a love for learning. Our children learn by exploring the world around them, in engaging and practical ways. Play is recognised as vital for the development of our young and through structured activities, SMSJ nursery children develop as confident communicators who can interact positively with their peers and with adults. The elementary skills that your child will acquire in our nursery, are the first stepping stones to lifelong learning. Nurture Talent: Nursery Phase

Our care combined with high quality teaching, enables our children to become confident learners, to build strong relationships and to begin to take full advantage of a broad and rounded education. Childrenwithinour primaryphase followtheNational Curriculum and at Key Stage 2, an increasingly challenging academic programme promotes and secures high levels of progress. SMSJ children in our primary phase have specialist staff for subjects such as Physical Education, Music, Drama, Dance and Modern Foreign Languages. As an all through school, our children also have access to specialist facilities for Food and Nutrition, Science, Performing Arts and Physical Education. Students fromour senior phase relish opportunities to inspire and support our younger children with activities such as reading, mentoring and performing. The unique care and academic rigour provided at SMSJ will ensure your child enjoys their learning experience as they progress successfully through the school.

Opportunity to Flourish: Primary Phase

Our objective within the primary phase is to ensure that your child is excited to begin school and attends each day with the belief that ‘With God, all things are possible’. Throughout our Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage One, we motivate each child in a positive way to help them to find interest, satisfaction, enjoyment and a sense of achievement in their schoolwork and a sense of wonder in the world around them.


The curriculum offered to students from Years 7 to 13 is one characterised by both depth and breadth. In the junior phase; Key Stage 3, students from Years 7 to 8 follow a broad and balanced curriculum. Our curriculum incorporates English, Mathematics, Sciences, History and Geography, specialist Music, Art, Drama, Design Technology, Computer Science, Oracy, Religious Studies, PSHCEE, a range of Modern Foreign Languages, and a full programme of Dance and Physical Education. Throughout Key Stage 3 & 4, a system of flexible banding is applied to enable the curriculum to be adjusted to suit each ability range. In the core subjects we operate a system of setting so that your child receives specialist teaching at a pace and level that is appropriately challenging, inspiring andwhich instills confidence and ambition. Most importantly, high expectations are insisted upon throughout all phases. In the senior phase, Key Stage 4 - Years 9 to 11, our expectation is that students study a full suite of academic GCSEs. In addition, students can choose from more practical subjects such as Art, Design & Technology, the Performing Arts, Business & Enterprise, Computer Science andPhysical Education. Information, advice and guidance is provided at each stage, to ensure that your child has access to the range of subjects which will assist them in their individual career path. As an inclusive school we ensure additional support is made available for SEND students throughout their education. “THE WHOLE-SCHOOL APPROACH TOWARDS CHECKING PUPILS’ WORK Shaping Futures: Junior and Senior Phases

IS EXCELLENT.” (Ofsted, July 2017)





It is our philosophy to prepare students to take responsibility for their own learning, in readiness for university and life beyond the Sixth Form in an environment in which they are not over-supervised, but well supported. The Lower Sixth will be where students’ first experience private study periods during which they will be expected to work independently, such as in the library or the Sixth Form Quiet Study Area. With a wide variety of strong, widely-recognised A Level courses from which to choose, the SMSJ Sixth Form curriculum allows your child to build a portfolio of excellence, demonstrating to university admissions tutors and employers a depth and breadth of understanding in a wide range of fields. Fulfilling potential: Sixth Form

Students will have a choice of academic A Level courses to study which will lead to entry to any one of the Russell Group Universities. Drawing upon links with Universities and their world leading research and resources, exploring best practices, and combining our own diverse experience in education, we’re setting an example of what’s truly possible for secondary school education – one that builds character and academic success. Although precise programmes of study vary based on the individual, most students will study three A Level qualifications, with Further Mathematics being taken as an additional fourth. In addition to this, a number of the most academically inquisitive students will complete the Extended Project Qualification. By continually innovating, welcoming challenges, and staying infinitely curious, our Sixth Form will be recognised for creating exemplar citizens, and model communities.


Beyond the Classroom Extra-Curricular Activities Our aim is to develop rounded individuals through a broad and challenging range of educational experiences. The education on offer at SMSJ extends far beyond the classroom. We offer a full programme of clubs, societies and activities within and after the school day. Children fromReception to Year 13 are encouraged to lead and participate in all extra-curricular activities. There are a range of pastimes andpursuits includingPhonics, CreativeWriting and Gardening clubs in our primary phase as well as the Choir, Duke of Edinburgh Award, Art Club, Debating Society, STEAMand Chess Clubs throughout our Junior and Secondary phases. Sport For sporting enthusiasts, activities range fromnetball to cricket, and from tennis to rugby. We are committed to providing great opportunities for sport and other physical activities because we recognise the contribution of PE to the health and wellbeing of our students. We also acknowledge that a broad, balanced, high quality curriculum and extra-curricular activities have a positive impact on concentration, attitude and achievement. Your child will benefit from excellent sports facilities across all three sites. Our school has a long-standing and deserved reputation for the quality of its sports provision and for playing sport both competitively and fairly. We are proud to have students who successfully compete at County and National levels in a wide range of sports. Performing Arts Our specialism, Performing Arts, provides the vehicle by which we can unlock your child’s potential in a creative and engaging way. FromNursery and Reception and throughout our schools, your child will be encouraged to take part in the various school productions. Our scholarship students, in the junior and secondary phases, receive additional tuition as well as the further opportunity to perform to a wide range of audiences in some prestigious settings. The Music Department offers students of all ages, the opportunity to participate in a diverse range of ensembles which perform in numerous concerts, theatre productions and events throughout the year. Many of our students have individual instrumental lessons outside of their daily lessons.




Clear Guidance and Support

At SMSJ your child will be given a wide range of opportunities to develop and practice leadership skills in preparation for life beyond school. It would be impossible to list all the opportunities our students have to take on leadership roles at the school so this is just a flavour of what is currently on offer. Our programme has been developed by students, teachers and educational support staff working together to identify what is right for the school. Many Student Leadership activities focus on improving the quality of learning and teaching in the classroom, supporting the school’s aim to be a place where everyone enjoys learning and is creative – trying new things, finding solutions and embracing their responsibilities. Our School Council members are elected by their peers and meet regularly to discuss a range of topics relating to life in the school. This is an important contribution to our community as it centres on citizenship and democracy. Students are involved in fundraising work, participate on staff interview panels, and meet with senior leaders regularly to feedback on school life. Student voice, our Head Boys and Girls and our prefects, help to inform the school development plan, the curriculum, teaching and learning strategies as well as liturgy and spiritual life. Student Leadership

St Mary’s and St John’s welcomes a diverse population of both students and staff and we greatly value the contribution this makes to the school and our wider community. The school aims to promote and maintain an environment that celebrates diversity and fosters tolerance, understanding and respect for all. We are committed to providing opportunities that enable students to develop these values both within and outside of the classroom. Equality of opportunity and the absence of discrimination, we believe, must lie at the heart of all we do and we are dedicated to ensuring that all individuals feel safe, valued and able to participate in school and public life with confidence. We are striving to ensure that our students are nothing short of the most well-mannered, articulate, best behaved, hardest working, kindest and smartest there can be. We believe that it is the responsibility of all in the school community to ensure that this is achieved.





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