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October 2017

How Motorcycle Riding Became My Passion BUCKET LIST BIKER

Besides the gorgeous scenery, exploring these little- known areas forces us to go to places

we wouldn’t normally visit. My favorite route goes from Woodside almost all the way to Santa Cruz on the coast then back through the mountains. Breathing in that crisp, coastal air and chatting back and forth over our attached headsets makes it even more rewarding. But it’s not just the scenery I’m interested in. Riding motorcycles is a challenging enterprise, and I’m constantly practicing new skills as we ride along. Luckily, I have an expert trainer with me all the time, offering feedback and tips to improve my technique. As someone who naturally has a 360-degree awareness of the world around me, I don’t find motorcycles to be as dangerous as people generally think. If you ride defensively and don’t get complacent or distracted on the road, it goes a long way toward keeping you safe.

We’d go on rides (with me on the rear

seat), meandering around the winding side roads surrounding our town. But after the third ride, I wanted a bike of my own so I could take on the challenge of controlling my own bike. It’ll be easy, I thought. He can just teach me motorcycle basics himself. He’s certainly more than qualified. But when I approached him, he just shook his head. “We’ve got to make it official so you can really learn the foundations and keep yourself safe,” he said. “You’ve got to take a course from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.” So, I did, and I fell in love with riding almost immediately. After I was through the course, my husband bought me my first bike, a beautiful motorcycle that I’m still riding today, five years later. Riding has been everything I’d imagined and more. These days, my husband and I go on long rides nearly every month. Though California is famous for its highways, we prefer the winding back roads, the less- traveled places that involve more focus than just going straight for a hundred miles.

Ever since I was young, I was fascinated by motorcycles. Whenever a rider would cruise by on their gleaming chrome bike, engine roaring furiously and leaving a swirling wake of dust behind them, I fantasized about what it must feel like. Living in California, the landscape seemed boundless. I could look up the street and easily imagine the snaking roadways climbing the spine of the state through dry deserts and the salty air of the coast, moving all the way up to the towering forests of the redwoods. Sure, by the time I was an adult, I’d traveled all over the state; but I didn’t just want to travel, I wanted to explore and have fun, without the glass and steel barrier of a car. As I got a little older, mastering the art of motorcycle riding went straight onto my bucket list. Finally, I met my husband, a motorcycle instructor who was active in the local professional motorcycle community. He is known as DocWong. I finally had the chance to ride along on a bike for the first time.

Riding was on my bucket list for years, and I’m grateful that my husband helped me to cross it off once and for all. By this point, it’s become a true passion and a vital part of my life that I can’t imagine being without.

– Dr. Alexa Alborzi

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