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DR. CHARLES G. TRUMBULL ON PROPHECY A Series in The Sunday School Times

"Should Make an Image" Are we nearing the time when men will be told “that they should make an image to the Beast” ? (Rev. 13 .) The -Morning Post of London says that Rome is building a gigantic bronze statue of Fascism and Musso­ lini, “outdoing in size every colossus o f myth and history.” - ■ Germany’s Blasphemy Germany, is following hard after Russia in Official, governmental anti- christianity and atheism. Three state­ ments "by powerful German leaders: “ Christ cannot possibly have been a Jew.” “ Hitler is a new, a greater, and a more powerful Jesus Christ.” “ Adolf Hitler, is the real H oly Ghost.” The 3 Prophetic Psalms Which is the Shepherd Psalm? Can you name the Three Prophetic Psalms? But there are many pro­ phetic Psalms, you say. It is true; yet there are three, coming close to­ gether, outstanding in their detailed, amazing prophecies of Christ’s death, his resurrection,, and his. return. "Simple Foolishness" A popular Boston preacher, writing in the Atlantic Monthly, “ showed” that belief in .Bible infallibility,. in the atonement, in bodily resurrection, and in Christ’s bodily return is “simpld foolishness.” Can you show how he was proving the infallibility of the Bible and fulfilling prophecy? Satan’s Young People “ Through thousands of years of subtle scheming the Antichrist’s cam­ paign has been laid with many nets and false lights flashing for youth to follow, until at last they shall have arrived at the place where they shall worship the image of the Beast.” Dan Gilbert’s articles will describe these. Signs in the Heavens “ There shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars,” said the Lord in predicting the end of the age and his return. Startling facts will be given, including mention of the scientific expedition about to search for a meteorite, believed to be the largest the world has ever known.

Unbelievers See Signs Some Christians are blind to the signs of the times. Some unbelievers see them plainly. Says Walter Lipp- man, brilliant Jewish essayist and news commentator: “ The signs are multi­ plying that the stage is set for an event of world-wide importance and of unpredictable consequences.” The Prophecy Test Prophecy has always been a search­ ing test of God’s people. The Bible’s prophecies of the second coming of Christ are testing them today. Have we realized that the Bible’s prophecy of the first coming of Christ tested them nineteen centuries ago? What kind of people met the test?- The Peace Garden An International Peace Garden is being planted on the boundary land between two great nations, to help maintain international peace. It is but one of many man-made plans for per­ manent peace which leave God out. Prophecy says plainly that only the Prince of Peace can bring peace. Does the Hope Purify? Unless our own lives are purified by the blessed hope of the Lord’s re­ turn, we do not “ love his appearing” as God wants us to do. But it is a purifying hope, and actual incidents will be given to show how men’s habits have been changed, ; and their lives cleansed, by looking for the Return. Seeking Death in Vain Suicides are now multiplying in a shocking way. Old people and young die by their own hands. They are ful­ filling prophecy, for the prophetic time has not yet come when “in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find i t ; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.” "M e n Against Death" “ Life stuff is believed to be poten­ tially immortal,” we are told by the publishers of a popular book on the exciting victories won by scientists over disease. This deadly deception will win more and more people as it fulfills prophecy and leads on to the worship of the miracle-working Beast.

A Personal Statement For more than twenty years my life and Bible study have been enriched by the truth of the Lord's return to establish his Kingdom on earth. In 1914 I had the privilege of being with that great Bible teacher, Dr. C. I. Scofield, in the first prophetic conference I had ever attended, at the M o o d y Bible Institute. In the years since then, as I have con­ tinued to study the prophetic Scriptures and the meaning of current events, I have had opportunities of fellowship with C o d ’s people in many such conferences, and I have been impressed by the steadily deepening and enlarging in­ terest of Christian people in the pro­ phetic Scriptures. In my studies and reading I have col­ lected considerable material in this field which I have drawn on freely in confer­ ence addresses, but which I have never published. There have been requests that these addresses be thus made avail­ able, and the Times will now publish an extended series during the coming six months. Such items as those touched upon in this page of announcements will be taken up, and much more. C H A R L E S G . T RU M B U L L Are There Really Signs? Are there really signs showing that the Lord’s return is near? Have we any right to believe that we can in­ terpret such signs safely and accu­ rately ? Many Christian people in earlier times have been mistaken in thinking that the end of the age had come — why are not we mistaken? These are fair questions, and Bible prophecy answers them for us, as the coming articles will show.

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