Elite Physical Therapy June 2017 Edition

June 2017

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School’s Out. Summer Is Here.

Life’s a Beach. You Are Family. Let’s Keep Moving.

In early 2017, Elite Physical Therapy’s team began communicating with our patients, friends, and community via the Elite Lagniappe newsletter. Our goal was to showcase our dynamic team, individually and collectively, our community pride and unique profession, and share, well, a little something extra. While everything we do at Elite is a work in progress, the overwhelming feedback on this newsletter proves we are on track to achieve our communications goal. While my first newsletter front page included a near-life-size poster of myself — I hope you archived it, as there will not be another — we will now instead use that creative space for our team to introduce themselves. This will provide you with the opportunity to meet our physical therapists, physical therapy assistants and technicians, and our front-office crew. We want you to put a name with a face and a face with a name, and we want you to meet the people who create and nurture the Elite Physical Therapy culture. Whether in the clinic or out in the community, our team is committed to the unique family- like environment at Elite and to serving and improving the quality of life for the people here in central Louisiana. The team of Elite physical therapists has 65 years of clinical experience, while our physical therapy assistants add another 18 years of patient rehabilitation experience to the arsenal.

That’s 89 combined years of clinical practice experience — we are wise , not old .

I am confident in saying that our team genuinely cares about our friends, neighbors, community, and most certainly our patients. Whether it’s a next-door neighbor who was injured in their yard last week, a church member who’s had a joint replaced, or a local high school athlete recovering from a sports injury, 98.7 percent of our patients tell us what a pleasant, fulfilling experience they had at Elite. For those patient experiences where we fall short, we apologize, we learn, we evaluate, and we strive to improve, making it better each time. The Elite Physical Therapy team is available for our patients anytime one needs us. There are no aches, pains, or strains that should keep you from visiting a physical therapist. You can call Elite directly to schedule an appointment or visit your physician and request a referral for physical therapy. Either way, we will get you right in to see one of our physical therapists who is able to provide a physical therapy diagnosis and begin treatment immediately. Summer is here. Let’s keep moving. Enjoy this month’s Lagniappe. Let us know what you think; I’d love to hear from you at dcassano@elitephysicaltherapy.us.


I am confident in saying that our team genuinely cares about our friends, neighbors, community, and most certainly our patients.

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