What's Happening April 12th, 2024

APRIL 12TH, 2024

School News!

Arnold H McLeod School – Coming soon to a school near you: AHM Snack Attack. During our service project for the months of March and April we will be attacking hunger. We will be building a granola bar run. This is our fourth year, and the granola runs continue to get bigger and more complicated. Caretakers and staff donate regular sized boxes of granola bars. As the boxes arrive at the school, students keep a tally in their classroom and a grade 5 math group keeps a tally of the full total of boxes collected. This helps determine the size and final date of the event. On the date of the snack attack event, all classes line the halls to watch the granola bar run. Some years we have a few drops in the run, other years a few more. The full run which takes about 2.5 minutes is recorded and sent to classes to watch and rewatch. They can then try to wonder why or ponder how the errors occurred. This inquiry-based thinking is an important part of all academic and life tasks. Lat year we raised over 1,100 boxes of granola and cereal bars. All boxes collected are donated to the Food Depot Alimentaire. AHM giving back one granola bar box at a time.


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