What's Happening April 12th, 2024

APRIL 12TH, 2024

Frank L Bowser School- Since the beginning of March, students in Mme Samuel, Mme Short, Mme Groulx, and Mme Pineau’s classes have been participating in Manie Musicale. Students listened to 16 francophone songs from artists from all over the world. They used their French language skills to read and sing the song lyrics, learned new vocabulary words, and expressed their opinion about music. Once the tournament started, students voted for the song they liked best to help determine which song advanced to the next round. On Wednesday, some students dressed up as their favorite artist and the four classes gathered in the gym for an exciting final reveal celebration. While speaking French, students sang, danced, played guess the name of the song, and cheered.

School News!


Magnetic Hill School - Three students from Mme. Nancy David-Richard’s Grade 4 class were thrilled to learn this week that each of their names had been drawn win one of the 10 laptop prizes for their submission to the Hello/Bonjour Contest. The laptops were presented to the students directly by the Commissioner of Official Languages for New Brunswick, Shirley MacLean, K.C. (pictured with the winning students).


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