We are alive 1-TRACEABLE PRODUCTS Transparency to where and how that product was produced helps to give shoppers a better understanding of why it i important to support regenerative/sustainable practices 2- THE LOCAL CONNEXION Product from my state. Buying from local farmers. The city / country connexion. Supporting them. 3- THE AMERICAN FARMERS Farmers who care so much about their land and the people that they are feeding. Proximity in terms of values - family values - small farms / artisanal - home made, … The national preference - made in USA - made for americans. 4- NEW RELATIONSHIPS Regenerative economies extend beyond the farm and cover the greater food supply chain— it has the potential to fos rural prosperity at the macro level. 5- SOCIAL FAIRNESS Social fairness is one of the pillar of regenerative agriculture which aims to increase the living wage standards of farm and their employees. 6- CHANGING THE SYSTEM THROUGH FOOD To have a meaningful effect on reducing emissions, many more farmers will need to adopt regenerative principles. 7- INDIGENOUS PEOPLE LAND, FARMING PRACTICES AND SPIRITUALITY Indigenous people struggle for the acknowledgm of their rights, cultural roots, and heritage— however they hold ancient knowledge. Bonus : the regenerative business model Reminder : what is regeneration ? Full document (here) PLAN OF THIS TREND REPORT PART 3 - BRANDS AND LOCAL REGENERATIVE AGRICULTURE

Reminder : The regenerative business model canvas in agriculture. Full document (here)

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