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Pigment Cleaner Plus

A face lift for tee signs and tanks to irrigation heads and everything in between

INGREDIENTS Organic and inorganic acids and synthetic detergents .......................................................................100.0% PRODUCT INFORMATION Pigment Cleaner Plus will clean most stains and residues, including pigments, spray pattern indicators, soap scum, oil, and many other stains on most surfaces. The product is ready to use without dilution.

Pigment Cleaner Plus can be used to pretreat stains on clothing if applied before the stain has dried. Typical Surfaces that can be cleaned:

• Pool furniture • Pool decks • Swimming pool vinyl lining • Composition tennis courts • Concrete • Stone • Stainless steel • Masonry • Porcelain • Ceramic and quarry tile

• Spray Tanks: wheel wells, booms, plastic wheel hubs, plastic exterior

• Yardage markers • Irrigation heads • Tee markers

Eco-Friendly 100% biodegradable No toxic chemicals

No VOCs Non-flammable No harmful vapors

• Cart paths • Golf carts

DIRECTIONS FOR USE Pigment Cleaner Plus is ready to use. Do not add water as dilution will reduce performance. For surfaces listed below, apply Pigment Cleaner Plus liberally, wait approximately 1 – 2 minutes, brush, and rinse. For older or more concentrated stains and residues, a repeat application may be necessary.

• Plaques • Statues • Wooden benches • Tile and grout

1.0 gallons (3.79 liters) Weight/gallon: 9.75 lbs Item# HSMPIG

Note: Not to be used on marble, soft stone, granite, or unfinished aluminum.

Tank Cleaner INGREDIENTS Sodium Silicate, Potassium Hydroxide, Dipropylene Glycol, Surfactants

RATES Since the amount of residue varies, individual conditions will directly affect use rates of Harrell’s Tank Cleaner. Generally, one quart treats up to 100 gallons. Circulate cleaning solution throughout entire system. Use high pressure spray to clean and rinse interior of spray tank. Purge systems, spray lines and nozzles. Drain and follow with complete rinse, using clean water. Always use enough Harrell’s Tank Cleaner to completely remove all residues. Dispose of rinsate in conformance with local, state, and federal regulations.


INGREDIENTS SodiumSilicate,PotassiumHydroxide,DipropyleneGlycol, Surfactants

FIRSTAID IfonSkin:Washwith soapandwater. Consultaphysician ifany irritation persists If inEyes:Rinsewithcleanwater for15minute. Removecontact lensesafter thefirst5minutes andcontinue to rinse. Seek medicalattention if irritation persists. If Ingested: Rinsemouth.Do NOT inducevomiting.Call911ora physician for treatmentadvice. Have theproduct labelwithyou whencallingadoctororgoing for treatment.

PRECAUTIONS Avoidgetting ineyesoron skin. Use safetyglasseswith side shields (orgoggles)andwater repellent, chemical resistant gloveswhenhandling thisproduct. Donotcontaminate food, feed, seedor water suppliesduring applicationorwhen cleaningequipment. INCASEOFSPILLORMEDICAL EMERGENCY,CONTACT CHEMTREC1-800-424-9300.


Readentire label foradditional precautionary statementsanduse directions. FORPROFESSIONALUSEONLY



1quart (946ml)Weightperquart:2.15 lbs.@68°F


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1 quart (946 ml) Weight/quart: 2.15 lbs Item# HSMTAN

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