King's Business - 1951-04

110 acres— 11 buildings, 10-acre athletic field— the 4 main buildings house furnished classrooms and dormitories, 5,000-volume library, equipped science laboratory, chapel and business oifices. How The "MIRACLE DOLLAR CAMPUS" May Be "WHOLLY THE LORD'S"

THIS THIRD VICTORY WOULD MEAN . . . the propertv would be “ wholly the Lord’s” . . . God would be honored and further praise would be given Him . . . a saving of $6,000 annual interest . . . more recruits training for the Lord’s Army to obey the Command o f the Great Commission. • THE EYES OF THOUSANDS are still turned toward “ Providence” watching and waiting to see if the balance can be raised to pay for this property “ in full.”

N o t by the FIRST VICTORY— the bid of a single dollar more than our competitor— for which we praise God! Order of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart of New England....$331,000 Providence Bible Institute...........$331,001 • Nor by the SECOND VICTORY— the 181,- 001 “ miracle dollars” that poured in from God’s people to meet the deadline for the down payment and thus secure title — for which we likewise praise God! • But by our receiving, by June 1, the last “ Miracle Dollar” of the $150,000 yet needed to make the final payment on the property. This would be the THIRD VICTORY for which we would also praise God!

ONE SINGLE DOLLAR from every one who reads this appeal— and that's all we ask, unless you care to give more —will help achieve this THIRD GLORIOUS VICTORY! Will you help make this campus “ WHOLLY THE LORD’ S” by sending your “MIRACLE DOLLAR” TODAY? PROV ID ENC E B IBLE INST I TUTE 100 STATE STREET PROVIDENCE 8, RHODE ISLAND The complete story of “ The Miracle Dollar” will be sent you upon request. T H E K I N G ' S B U S I N E S S Page Two

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