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One thingwe like to do on our holidays is to int roduce people to new act ivit ies and games, so we thought we would tell you about some interest ing things

Why not t ry one of our FREE Joy Inside Themed Events.We can get you connected to ZOOM in our FREE 30 minute session. You can join up to 6 households livingwith dement ia for a var iety of short fun act ivit iesall linked to a fun theme. Here isa taster of some of the upcoming themes.

we have found on the internet from two organisat ions that have lotsavailable for people livingwith dement ia and their families. Act iveMindshave developed some super new act ivit ies recent ly! We part icular ly like their

new link and think conversat ion game and of course their magic paint ing! Have a look on www.act ive-minds.org. The other websitewhich iswell worth a look is Live Bet ter With.We part icular ly like their scent ballsand

their talk and tossballs. Have a browse on www.dement ia.livebet terwith.org. Enjoy!


Thiswasone of Helen's finds, a game that is sure to sure to get those brains t ingling! Playersget a start ingword and an endingword. Thesewordsmust be the same length (PIGand HOG, or CAT and DOG). Players change one let ter at a t ime, at tempt ing to move from the start ingword to the endingword. Each intermediate step must be a valid word!

Go on give it a t ry, it br ings some of our holiday fun, all wrapped up with music direct ly into your home . Just call us to book your free session.


Everybody at MindforYou got together over ZOOM and had lots of fun doing the 70's, 80's, 90'sand nought iesmusic quiz. Gina couldn't believe it when the two youngest people, Calum and Caty, won both the 70'sand 80'squizzes! So, we thought we would share them and some others music quizzes in thismonthsAct ivity Pack. Hopefully there is something for everybody. If you need any more t ime then you can just presspause. Enjoy themusic and maybe invite some of your family to join in over ZOOM.We think the grandchildren would love doing the Disney or MovieMusic Quizzes.


Now more than ever we want to keep in touch.Wewould love to hear from you, so pop us something in the post , send usan email or pick up the phone.We're post ing regular act ivit ieson facebook and our booking plat form isnow up and running to book your ZOOM connect ion or you Joy Inside event www.mindforyou.setmore.com

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