BS Vaccination Leaflet 2019 FINAL


Cattle Vaccination Information leaflet


Discuss the farm’s biosecurity plan with your veterinary practitioner to determine the best vaccination programme to target diseases that the cattle in the herd may be exposed to. Vaccines are available for common cattle diseases in Ireland. • Ireland has a rigorous process for the registration of vaccines for use by farmers • This ensures the products are safe with minimal risk of adverse reactions. • The list of licensed vaccines changes regularly. For details about vaccines which are available in Ireland please visit the HPRA website. ( Note: Some vaccines, may still licensed in Ireland, but are no longer commercially available e.g. Lactovac, Pastobov. Equally, other vaccines may be available on emergency licence (AR16 licences). See There are also licensed vaccines that are subject to official controls e.g. Bluetongue vaccines. Please contact your local approved supplier who may be able to advise you on the availability of products.

TECHNICAL WORKING GROUP John Mee (Chair)- Teagasc, Moorepark, Lorna Citer - Johne’s disease Programme Manager, AHI, Stephen Conroy - National Bull Performance Centre Tully, Bosco Cowley - MSD Animal Health, Pat Kirwan - Veterinary Practitioner, Conor McAloon - UCD, John Moriarty - CVRL, DAFM, Luke O’Grady - UCD, George Ramsbottom - Teagasc, Eoin Ryan - CVRL, DAFM, Michael Sexton - Veterinary Practitioner.

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of or any other person in respect of or in connection with the leaflet or the contents thereof or any matter omitted therefrom. No representation or guarantee is given, whether by AHI or any other such person, that the contents of this information leaflet are comprehensive, up to date, or free from error or omissions, nor that the advice provided is appropriate in every particular circumstance. The contents of this information leaflet are not intended to be a substitute for appropriate direct advice from your veterinary practitioner. Appropriate veterinary and health and safety advice should be taken before taking or refraining from taking action in relation to the animal disease dealt with in this information leaflet. The contents of this leaflet may be updated, corrected, varied or superseded from time to time by later publications or material on the AHI website and reference should be made to that website accordingly. Any references in this booklet or links in the AHI website to external websites or other resources are provided for convenience only and the content thereof are not to be considered as endorsed thereby.

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