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Happy Mother’s Day, Lyn! AThank-You to My Incredible Wife

When I was a kid, I always made it a priority to celebrate my mom every Mother’s Day. But now that I’m grown up, married, and have kids of my own, the holiday has shifted a bit for me. As much as I still love and appreciate my mom, for the last 13 years, I’ve focused on acknowledging my wife, Lyn, for everything she does as a mother to our girls. Lyn has been an amazing mother since day one — even before day one, really. My personal experience with birth doesn’t go beyond what happened to me in the womb (which I obviously can’t remember), so watching Lyn carry and give birth to Emmie, Gigi, and Sloane was an incredible experience from start to finish. Lyn was amazing, and of course she still has a huge impact on our girls today. I couldn’t ask for a better wife or advocate for our children, and watching the four of them bond has been one of the greatest privileges of my life. So, what does a guy do to celebrate the best woman in the world? Well, my strategy has always been to let the day play out exactly the way Lyn wants it to. Whatever she wants on Mother’s Day, she gets, and I truly enjoy spoiling her. Usually we start the day with breakfast in bed, then go out on an adventure as a family. Lyn is a huge nature lover (as you might remember from last month’s newsletter), so whatever she decides for the day usually involves getting in touch with the outdoors. If we’re not at a beach, you can find us in the mountains enjoying the warm spring days, cool nights, and lack of tourists. Last year, we took a trip to the mountains to hike, and Lyn got a massage to help her unwind. “I couldn’t ask for a better wife or advocate for our children, and watching the four of them bond has been one of the greatest privileges of my life.”

This Mother’s Day might be a little different from years past, but we haven’t nailed down our plans quite yet. We have been laser-focused on growing our law practice, and we’ve poured a lot of our energy into it. We’ve spent dozens of late nights strategizing and traveled across the country to meet with other business leaders to learn as much as we can about improving the services we offer. Now more than ever, our job is to help as many people as possible navigate their financial situation to ensure that they continue to have a roof over their heads. Putting in that effort has been incredibly rewarding, but I’m looking forward to Mother’s Day so that Lyn can have a much-deserved break. This year, I’ll be thanking her not only for her work as a mom but also her work as my partner in life. A day to sleep in late, relax, and reflect together on our personal lives might be just the ticket.

If you have kids, don’t forget to hug their mom this Mother’s Day as well as your own (even if it’s a virtual one.) If she’s anything like my wife, she deserves all of the love in the world!

-Jason Estavillo | 1

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