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We want to encourage our patients to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 by:

The staff at PerformaX Elite is focused on keeping our equipment and facilities clean for you. Before and after every session, we are asking our clients and staff to wash or sanitize their hands. If you are feeling sick, we ask that you stay home and contact us to reschedule your appointment without penalty. We appreciate your ongoing support.

Cleaning Hands Often

Avoid Touching Your Face

Staying Home if You Are Sick

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HEALTH & WELLNESS The Newsletter About Your Health and Caring for Your Body

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Does your neck hurt? You might be suffering from stress-related pain — also called a tension headache. During anxiety, muscles tense up. As muscle tension tightens, the back, shoulders and neck are affected. The more pressure they cause, the more discomfort you get. Let’s take a closer look at stress-related neck pain. Is My Neck Pain Caused by Stress? Pain worsened by keeping your head in one place — like when you’re driving, or using a computer — is neck pain. While neck pain has a slew of symptoms, its major symptoms, reported by Mayo Clinic, are: • Muscle tightness and spasms • Headaches • Decreased ability to move the head Stress-induced neck pain isn’t rare. It also isn’tpsychological.Manyexperts thinkstress- induced neck pain is caused by physical factors — low, but constant, trapezius muscle activity. If your neck pain starts at the base of your shoulders, traveling upward, it may be stress related.

that stretch, flex and relax your neck muscles. In time, your neck will become more resilient — giving you the comfort you deserve. Where after-care treatment is considered, custom- tailored neck exercises will assure your neck stays loose, limber and healthy. If you’re dealing with neck pain, you’re not alone. Call PerformaX Elite today at (818) 953-4444 or our sister clinic Santa Clarita Valley Therapy Services at (661) 284-1984, and schedule an assessment. Even if your neck pain is caused by stress, it still needs attention. We’ll work side by side with your goals, creating the proactive, effective programs you need to achieve mobility once more. Sources: • • • • • improves-with-self-care-time/ • causes/syc-20375581

Causes of Stress-Related Neck Pain Whilestressalonecan triggerneckpain,a few factorscanmake itworse.Officeenvironments tend to create neck pain problems — as they confine people to chairs, bad posture and little mobility. Driving often, too, can make your chances of stress-related neck pain higher. The U.S. National Library of Medicine suggests contacting a professional if you’re experiencing neck pain. Even if it’s caused by stress, untreated neck pain might later reveal muscle spasms, arthritis, bulging discs or even narrowed spinal nerve openings. How Physical Therapy Can Help Neck Pain Neck pain, fortunately, can be alleviated with physical therapy. Because neck pain is often caused by activity, different activity can cure it. Sometimes, this “activity” means “no activity.” Beforeyoucontactaprofessional, tryreducing your neck movements. Sometimes, simply letting your neck muscles relax is enough. Ifyoudon’tseereliefwithin twoweeks,contact a professional. PerformaX Elite professionals can target your pain’s source by examining yoursymptoms.Then, theycanofferexercises


Do you know someone who could benefit from physical therapy? Tell them about PerformaX and if they become a patient and bring us this filled-outreferralbytheir second appointment, we’ll send you a $25 Visa Gift Card! It pays to refer friends and family to PerformaX!


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2 Great Places, 1 Awesome Result Sayhellotooursisterclinic,SantaClaritaValleyTherapyServices!Located inStevensonRanch,SCVhasbeenapartoftheSantaClaritacommunity for almost two decades. Their focus is on treating each of their patients withcare,dignityandrespect.Throughtherightcombinationofprograms, skilled services and innovative solutions, their patients are able to leave better then theywalked in. Call Santa Clarita Valley Therapy Services at (661) 284-1984 to see how their services such as Aquatic Therapy can change your life!

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MEET OUR TEAM: MATTHEW CHING PT, DPT, TPI Matthew Ching received his bachelor of science in Pre-Physical Therapy from California Baptist University. He then wenton toreceivehisDoctorateofPhysicalTherapyatWestCoast University. Matthew believes in a holistic approach to analyze

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: PERFORMAX & CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19 Aspartofthehealthcaresector,PhysicalTherapy isconsideredan essential business. Our employees play an important role in the healthandwell-beingofourpatientsandthecommunitiesweserve. ThedepartmentofhomelandsecurityhaslistedPhysicalTherapists asessentialproviders.Perhomelandsecurity,wehaveaspecial responsibility to maintain our normal work schedule. Physical therapists are essential in flattening the curve of the COVID-19 pandemic. They play a key role in keeping people they can help out of the doctor offices and ERs. This will not only free up the medicalteamstotreatthose impactedbyCOVID-19,butalso limit the exposure of those seeking the care of the physical therapist. Wewillremainopen forbusinessandareacceptingnewpatients during limited business hours of operation. We hope that by providing this information, you can make a clear decision to continueyourplanofcarewithusduring this time.Thankyou for yourcontinued trustandsupport inourPerformaXelitePhysical Therapy Family.

and treat his patients with a program tailored specifically to their needs. Matthew believes in patient-centered care and putting the needs of his patients first. He is also passionate about continuing education to better treat and educate his patients using the latest research. Matthew believes in always staying active and enjoys going outdoors, being with friends, and playing sports of all kinds, especially golf and soccer. He is also a first-dan black belt in Taekwondoandplaced third twice in theJuniorOlympics.Mattstrives to live every moment to the fullest and never takes life too seriously.

To request an appointment with Matt, call PerformaX Elite today at (818) 953-4444 or visit our website online FIND RELIEF TODAY: (818) 95 44 • PMXPT.COM

WHAT’S BEEN HAPPENING! “I’ve never been prouder of my PerformaX elite team!” – Dr. Newton

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Universidad Adventista De Las Antillas Dr.Newtonjustreturnedfrom teaching doctoral physical therapy students Clinical Imaging and Professional Management Systems in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. 3 weeksofparadise!

AQUATIC THERAPY Increase Healing & Strength with Usedtohelpassist inthehealingprocess,Aquatic Therapy is designed to improve or sustain gait, muscle strength and endurance, balance, agility, function, coordination, flexibility, and body mechanics and posture. Patients who may not be ready for land based programs can recover more quicklywith lesspain inthiscontrolled,supportive, and relaxing aquatic atmosphere. Want to learn more? Call (661) 284-1984 or visit SCVTHERAPYSERVICES.COM. • We are following distancing guidelines to minimize exposure while maximizing therapeutic benefits. • Wehaveadjustedpatientschedulestolimittheamount of people in a clinic to 10 to adhere to distancing guidelines. • We are taking all cleaning and hygiene precautions recommended by the CDC. Q: Will I have to pay if my insurance plan decides not to pay for Telehealth or E-visits? A: Absolutely not! Though Payor policies are changing almost daily to include some sort of Telehealth coverage, several details regarding billing and reimbursement are quite muddy.Becauseofthis,PerformaXhasdecidedtoaccept all of the costs associated with your Telehealth visits if yourpayordecidestodenypayment.Yes,weareoffering Telehealth visits at no cost to you! We suggest each of our patients request a 30-minute telehealth appointment by calling our office at 818-953-4444.

Let’stakeamomenttoaddresssome frequentlyasked questions: Q: Are you open? A: YES! We are open in limited hours (8am-5pm,Monday,Tuesday,ThursdayandFriday) inan efforttoadheretopublichealthguidelines.Ifyouarepost- operative or feel a need to treat before the quarantines end,pleasecallouroffice toscheduleyourappointment today 818-953-4444. Q:Whatoptionsdo Ihave if Iamunable tocome to the clinic? A:Weoffertelehealthvideovisits ifyouareunable tocome into theclinic foranyreason.Thesevideovisits arescheduled in30-minute increments.Werecommend youschedulea30-minutevisittogettoknowtheplatform and continue your consistency of plan of care with your therapist.Weunderstandhowa lapse incarecanaffect yourrehabilitation.Scheduleyour telehealthvideovisit bycallingour frontofficeat818-953-4444. Also feel free to email or text one of our doctors of physical therapy. Dr. John: • 323-389-5476 Dr. Matthew: • 747-221-6296 Dr. Jillian: • 818-394-0790

Dr. Mallory: • 424-835-1684 Q: What happens if I cancel an appointment at the last minute due to illness symptoms? A: There will be no penalties for cancellations and missed appointments related to respiratory illnesses until further notice. Q: How do you know if other patients have it? I don’t want to be exposed to the virus. A: We are screening allpatientsaccordingtoguidance fromtheCDCandour local public health department. This includes: • Taking everyone’s temperature before they enter for their appointment. • Screeningonthephoneandwhenpeoplearrivethatthey arenotexhibitinganysymptomsrelatedtocoronavirus. Q: What are you doing to make sure germs are taken care of at the clinic? A: We always have patient safety in mind and disinfect all surfaces on a regular basis, regardless of the coronavirus outbreak. Here are a few extra things we are doing to ensure your health: • Our Rehab Techs are focused on disinfecting every inch of space that is touched using CDC approved disinfectants.

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