Innovative Camera Mount Accessories

Custom Brackets is devoted to providing user-friendly products that rise above and beyond the competition. Every product is designed with the photographer in mind, manufactured in the USA, and black anodized aluminum for a professional-looking design. Custom Brackets products are the best investment any photographer can make, from the weekend shooter to the professional.

Digital PRO Series - Camera Rotating

Page 1-4

Digital PRO-M Digital PRO-E

Digital PRO Digital PRO-SV

QRS Series - Camera Rotating

Page 5-6




Camera Mounting Plates and Conversions

Page 7

Flash Plates and Accessories

Page 8

CB Series - Flash Rotating

Page 9-14

CB Mini-RC

CB Junior

CB Digital-T

CB Folding-T

CB Digital-S

CB Folding-S

CB Mini

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