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During the chilly nights of autumn, most people turn to one of three piping hot drinks to keep them warm: hot chocolate, apple cider, or tea. But take it from us — you can do much better. There’s no better place to be during the fall than in your warm kitchen experimenting with the plethora of hot drink recipes the season has to offer. Thanks to the rise of celebrity chefs and kitchen keyboard warriors (aka food bloggers), there are dozens of variations on hot chocolate, apple cider, and hot tea out there and even more unique potions splashing onto the scene all the time. First, let’s address the favorites. You can easily improve your hot chocolate game by melting your own chocolate, adding a bit of cinnamon, and using whole milk instead of water, but the world of cocoa is much larger than that. For an extra sweet twist, try using white chocolate instead of milk chocolate or topping it with crumbled toffee and toasted hazelnut pieces instead of marshmallows. You can spice up your drink with pepper to mimic the Aztecs, or make a 21-and-up version by adding a shot of peppermint schnapps and whipped cream. When it comes to apple cider, try getting in the Halloween spirit with Food Network Canada’s Spooky Apple Cider Punch; the recipe calls for cinnamon

sticks, cloves, and floating apples carved to look like shrunken heads. If you’re looking for an adult beverage, mulled wine is a fun alternative that tastes similar. To make a batch, just add a bottle of red wine, sliced oranges, cloves, cinnamon sticks, star anise, and honey to a pan and simmer it for half an hour. For more kick, add 1/4 cup of brandy. As for tea, you can gussy up your cup with a splash of orange juice, a hint of lemon, sugar, vanilla, and almond extract to replicate the recipe for Russian tea from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe. In your quest for a soothing hot drink, don’t forget about coffee. There’s no reason to stoop to the over-hyped pumpkin spiced latte from Starbucks when it’s easy to make your own healthier, tastier version at home with a coffee maker, whole milk, spices, and a can of pumpkin puree. For an indulgent upgrade, drizzle on some of Simply Sissom’s homemade salted pumpkin spice syrup. Fall lattes aren’t limited to pumpkin, either. It would be a shame to go the whole season without sipping a chai — whether homemade with Indian spices or from your favorite coffee shop. Last, but certainly not least, are the fall drinks you’ve perhaps never heard of. Foremost among them, for those of drinking age, is hot buttered rum, which is a warming drink that dates back to

colonial days. You can make the rich brew at home if you have rum, butter, brown sugar, honey, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and a pinch of salt. For the younger crowd, try hot vanilla, Oatmeal with a Fork’s alternative to hot chocolate. Not only is it something a bit different, but the recipe is dairy-free, vegan, and paleo. Another healthy option is Green Kitchen Stories’ warm, spicy apple and carrot drink, which is an autumn concoction made with fruit and vegetable juices in addition to the usual spice suspects. That said, there’s nothing wrong with striking an indulgent note when it’s cold outside. Try A Spicy Perspective’s drinking caramel or Lick My Spoon’s maple-bacon hot buttered bourbon for an extra-sweet treat.


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Breakfast is the meal that fuels your brain and body for the day ahead, so why not make it the best meal of the day? There are simple tweaks that can make your home-cooked breakfast the best breakfast you’ve ever had. Put away the cereal and bust out the skillet because things are about to get truly delicious. Read on! THE SILKIEST SCRAMBLED EGGS There are many methods for achieving great scrambled eggs, but how does one create the best eggs? The secret is air. In the words of Bob Ross, you have to “beat the devil out of ’em.” Start by cracking a few eggs into a bowl (and add a pinch of salt and pepper, if desired). With a whisk, beat them until smooth. The eggs should start to look light and airy. Then, pour the eggs into a skillet set to medium-low heat . Continue to whisk for a few more seconds. Then, with a spatula, turn the eggs as they begin to curdle. They are

done the instant no runny liquid remains. Quickly remove them from heat when they look just underdone and still moist. THE CRISPIEST BACON Cooking bacon can be a messy chore with a lot of cleanup. If you want to avoid this — and still end up with delicious bacon — start cooking bacon in the oven. All you need is a baking tray and a wire rack that fits in the tray. Start by heating your oven to 350 F. While it heats, line the tray

it a few more minutes. Using this method, the bacon is perfectly cooked, and you have no grease splatters to clean up! THE FLUFFIEST PANCAKES Say goodbye to packaged pancake mix, because if you want the best results, you need to start from scratch. The recipe you’ll want to use comes from The Kitchn. The recipe is Lofty Buttermilk Pancakes. Take care to note that the yolks and whites of the eggs are incorporated separately into the batter; the result is an incredibly fluffy

with foil, insert the rack, and lay the bacon over the rack. Cook the bacon for about 15 minutes. Keep an eye on it after about the 10-minute mark to check for your ideal doneness. If you want meatier bacon, take it out just as it starts to brown evenly. If you want crispy bacon, give

pancake. Here’s another secret: This method of separating the yolk and whites can be applied to almost any pancake recipe. Just be sure to

follow the Lofty Buttermilk Pancake recipe method for consistent results.

A Summer Send-off for Your Garden 3 Ways to Prepare Your Garden for the Changing Season

Late summer is the perfect time to clean up your garden and prepare it for the coming winter. In the next couple of months, the temperature will start to drop, but by putting in work now, you can ensure your garden is healthy and ready to flourish next spring. You can even turn garden cleanup into a fun activity for the whole family. Here are three ways to get your garden ready for the next season, while sharing some valuable outdoor time with your loved ones.

This removal should include any invasive plants or weeds that found their way into the soil. Remember to use gloves, wear long pants and socks, and use caution around thorns or plants that can cause irritation. For daffodils, tulips, crocuses, and any other bulbs that sprang up in the spring, you can now pull them up (if you haven’t already) and divide any bulblets you find into separate plants. This will help cut down on crowding even more come spring. TAKE COVER Cover crops are plants that improve soil health, reduce erosion, and keep your garden healthy, and now is

MORE MULCH, PLEASE While most gardeners know the benefits of summer mulching, winter mulching can help lessen water loss, keep weeds out, and regulate soil temperatures during the colder months. It offers an added layer of protection for your plants’ roots, which can be sensitive to continuous freezing and thawing, by keeping the soil temperature more consistent.

a great time to plant them! Hardy legumes, field peas, certain types of clovers, and warm-season grasses can all work as cover crops, so talk to your landscaper or local nursery to pick out the best choices for your region.

While you may not see the fruits of your labors until spring, you can still enjoy preparing your garden for a successful upcoming year and cherish the time you spend with your family outside.

OUT WITH THE OLD If any of your plants didn’t fare so well, take some time to remove them and clear space for future plants.


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There is no shortage of crazy cases that come through a court of law, but those revolving around personal injury can be especially surprising. Whether it’s a slip-and-fall accident or something a little more eccentric, there are a million ways to hurt yourself while simply going about your day. The problems arise when it’s determined to be another party’s fault. Let’s take a look at some notably strange cases where bizarre miscalculations led to injuries and ailments. AS BELOW, SO ABOVE Time spent in the restroom is inherently private. We don’t normally talk about it, but that’s not the case for a Pennsylvania woman who experienced a traumatic event during a routine trip to the lady’s room. In 2007, a schlocky horror plot came to life in a building along Philadelphia’s famous Market Street. The culprit was a faulty plumbing system. The woman was inside a restroom stall on the eighth floor, and, as she sat on one of the old toilets customary in the building, pressure building from inside the tank caused a massive explosion that sent her body hurling out of the stall. You don’t need to

know the details of her injuries to understand the extent of her grievances. Some forms of suffering are better left to the imagination, especially if the aggressor was a literal stink bomb. She sued the building’s landlords for anxiety, pain, and medical expenses, but it’s hard to determine which party was truly at fault without more information. IT’S RAINING CATS AND DOLLARS You can’t predict the weather, no matter what your weather app says, but some people tend to forget that. A few years ago, an Israeli weatherman was faced with a

lawsuit by a woman who claimed his inaccurate forecast caused her a great deal of suffering. She claimed he misrepresented a particularly harsh day in the forecast, and it encouraged her to wear insufficient layers that left her health to the whim of the elements. As a result, the woman caught the flu from the downpour and missed work for four days. Citing lost income, large medication costs, and tremendous anxiety, she sought reparations from the fraudulent weatherman and was amazingly

awarded a four-figure settlement!

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Roasted Corn Salsa

Inspired by Bon Appétit

• 2 medium ears of corn, shucked • 1 jalapeño or Fresno chile, seeded and thinly sliced • 1/2 red onion, diced • 1 large tomato, cored, seeded, and finely chopped • 1/4 bunch cilantro leaves, sliced • Juice of 1 lime • Kosher salt, to taste Ingredients 1. Heat a cast-iron skillet to high. Char corn, turning occasionally, for 10–14 minutes until kernels begin to blacken in spots. 2. Using a sharp knife, remove corn kernels from cobs and transfer to a large mixing bowl. 3. With a wooden spoon or potato masher, gently crush corn to release starch and juices. 4. Add jalapeño, onion, tomato, and cilantro. Mix to combine. Directions

“I highly endorse Johnny Houston. Johnny is fair- minded, tough, and ethical. What more could you ask for in a lawyer?”

–Lee Davis, Criminal Defense Attorney

“Johnny is one of Chattanooga’s, if not Tennessee’s, best DUI attorneys. His knowledge comes not only from years of experience but from his knowledge as an acting judge in Red Bank as well. He is a wealth of information for younger attorneys and uses all the newest technological advances to help you win your case. I endorse this lawyer.”

–Matthew Brock, DUI and DWI Attorney

5. Top with lime juice and season with salt. 6. Serve alongside your favorite tortilla chips.


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Roasted Corn Salsa


Find the Right Workout for You


Sweat Smart Which Workout Will Help You Meet Your Goals?

With hot yoga, barre, Pilates, weightlifting, kickboxing, and more, personal fitness companies offer every workout you need to stay in shape. But sometimes, having dozens of choices can be more anxiety-inducing than having just a few. When it comes to finding the right workout to help you reach your goal, whether it’s weight loss, better balance, or more muscle, it’s best to seek advice from the experts. DROP IT LIKE A POUND

Master Trainer Holly Rilinger told SELF magazine. Regardless of the activity you choose, Rilinger recommends interval training as the best method. By combining bursts of intense effort with periods of active rest, you can keep your heart rate jumping and those calories burning. WAX ON, WAX OFF The words “balance” and “workout” are generally associated with yoga, and while it’s true that yogis are champions of standing on one foot, so are martial artists. According to an article published by the martial

balance, which then, of course, improves the quality of your life.” By incorporating martial arts and yoga into your workout regimen, you’ll be able to perform impressive party tricks and stay on your

feet if you lose your balance. DO YOU EVEN LIFT, BRO?

For building muscle and increasing your strength, nothing beats weightlifting, whether you’re using dumbbells at home or machines at the gym. Lifting weights also helps burn fat. Speaking with SELF, Rilinger called the practice “the mother of all weight loss techniques, the highest in the workout food chain, the top of the totem pole.” Of course, the most important thing to consider when choosing a workout is whether you enjoy it enough to squeeze it into your schedule. If you resent every drop of sweat, it will undoubtedly take you longer to reach your goal than if you look forward to the challenge.

When it comes to weight loss, full-body workouts, like swimming, running, and cycling, are the most effective. “The more muscles you have to incorporate, the more calories you’re going to burn because those muscles all require energy in order to work,” Nike

arts academy chain Evolve MMA, “Martial

arts works out the entire body, from the base, to the upper torso, to the all- important core ... Practicing martial arts will improve your


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