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FINDING MY CALLING EARLY IN LIFE And Setting Out to Get Better From There

20-plus years. Our practice has been here for 15 years. This deep well of experience and our dedication to learning and growing gives us access to so much knowledge, and we pull from that to get to the source of the dysfunction and pain our patients are facing. Community is important to us, and we look for ways we can give back and share our knowledge. We enjoy being part of events, like the Stinky Spoke, that promote health and wellness in a fun setting. This year, we’re sponsoring the Lake Washington Premier Football Club and providing screenings and conditioning to the team leading up to and during the season. We also sponsored the cross-country team for Woodinville High School. We hope you can tell how passionate we are about the role physical therapy plays in improving health and quality of life. Even with all of our experience, we are always learning and improving. Each year, we bring in talented professionals from all over the U.S. to provide continuing education for us and other physical therapists in the region. This year, we’re hosting four continuing education courses at our office, and I’m looking forward to the new techniques and knowledge that these courses will bring to our team and to our patients. Practicing physical therapy in the Pacific Northwest has enabled me to meet so many amazing people. I have always felt it a great privilege to be able to treat patients and get to know them. I am grateful to have such a great team of professionals to work with and to be a part of this amazing community.

muscles and the way the body works was so cool! Additionally, my oldest cousin, Mary Kay, was in college studying health care, and I so admired her and wanted to be like her. When I was younger and told people I was interested in health care, they would say, “Oh, you should be a doctor!” But I thought, “If I go through medical school, I might be a good doctor, but I really think I want to be a great physical therapist.” The passion has just always been there for me. Since I could walk, I’ve wanted to play every sport out there, including baseball, soccer, swimming. and gymnastics. If there’s a sport my patient wants to get back to, chances are I’ve tried it. These days, I enjoy hiking, cycling, climbing, mountain biking, and rowing. Rowing is my favorite because of the team mentality and proximity to nature. I love that we can get out on the water so easily in Seattle. Rowing, along with all the sports I’ve participated in, taught me about hard work, teamwork, and dedication to the task at hand. These are all values I’ve brought to PT Pro. Our team is patient-oriented, and we focus on hands-on, one-on-one care to provide the best to each person we see. We do a lot of neuro-muscular reeducation and soft tissue release to help patients regain deep muscle connections that have been lost due to injury or chronic movement patterns. We see one patient at a time here. That hour is dedicated to them, and we’re very protective of it. Our physical therapists bring years of experience to our practice. I’m coming up on 30 years of practice, and many of our team members have been practicing for

When I was in eighth grade, my school had a career day where we got to spend 20 minutes at each station talking to professionals whose career paths piqued our interest. I spoke with a doctor, teacher, lawyer, and physical therapist. After that 20 minutes with the physical therapist, I actually knew, “I’m going to do this.” I feel lucky that I found my calling so early in life. Looking back, even before eighth grade, a fortunate confluence of events and people shaped my passion for physical therapy, starting in sixth grade when I was placed in a program that gave us access to college- like courses. One of the courses I chose was physiology, and the teacher and the subject sparked something for me. Learning about

-Maureen Madden


425-497-8180 | WWW.PTPRO.BIZ

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