2020 Nonprofit Agenda

Actions trump words

e year 2020 has challenged us like no other. As we continue to redene the new normal, we must exercise resiliency and passion. Now is the time to be grounded in a culture that acknowledges our roots of racism and inequity. We have an opportunity to grow into a culture of excellence that evolves out of combating comfortable alliances, supercial policies and language that is insensitive to inclusion. We have a new prescription that calls for all of us to wear an Equity Lens born from dual pandemics. We have been challenged to “do the right thing,” and many are searching for what that means. Nonprots, government entities and foundations are called to design equitable and sustainable communities. Action steps on a pathway toward change e only way for our sector to do more is to recognize where and how we have failed to do enough. is starts with a commitment to change by embracing diversity, equity and inclusion. Change starts at the top. Board and leadership must reect the “diversity” that fuels collective action. We must acknowledge the lack of diversity if it exists, create a Board DEI committee to So let’s take the lead

en sur e f undamental change t hroug h g overnance , and make a p ublic co mmi tment to c hange. S trive t o b e a humble a nd vu lnera ble r ole m ode l. A co mplici t le ader will in ject di strust in a n o rganiza tion. M os t im portantl y, make a co mmi tment to c hange a nd b e dir ectly in volved! Embraceyour vulnerabil iyt. Do sm all t hin gs t o b ui ld co nsen sus a round t he va lue o f DEI in y our o rganiza tion. S hare y our exp er ien ce a nd passio n t o b e p art o f t hi s m ovement. En gage in li stenin g ses sio ns w ith y our s ta. C ommi t to p rac ticin g min df ul- nes s and ac t w ith lo ving co mpassio n t o t hos e y ou s er ve and em ploy. Appreci ate t hat o ’ns exp er ien ce i s only o ne exp er ien ce w ith D EI. Cr eate a s afe en vironm ent to s hare a nd le arn b y co mm u- nic ating t houg hts t hroug h a “ r st dra ” f ramework, indic ating t o o ther s t hat your v oice i s s hared w ith vu lner- ability a nd t he desir e t o le arn a nd c hange. Walk t he t alk. Face f orwa rd a nd b e a n o rganiza tion t hat wa lks t he t alk. Summ arize y our li stenin g s es sio ns and s hare w hat you learned w ith f ull t ranspareyn. Ycou m ay b e do ing p ret ty well, but n ot f eel li ke a n exp er t in t hi s s ubject m atter y et. Give y our self a b reak w hi le h oldin g y our self acco un table to b ecome b et ter e duc ated. While many nonprofits may not have a budget for DEI training, associations like the CenfoterrNonprofit Advancement provide a viable partnership. The Center’ s Center for R ac e, E quy,i tJus tice & I ncl us ion wa s cr eated to h elp de velop, im plem ent and s ustain a raci al e qui ty work p lan t han c an b e s caled w ithin y our o rganiza tion.

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