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Whether you’re looking for custom jackets to outfit your sales team with, branded outerwear to keep your street teams warm, or branded vests for your next trade show, we’ve got all your eco-apparel and sustainable outerwear needs covered. We have the leading selection of ethically sourced promotional outerwear and custom jackets that tell your unique brand story. Get inspired by the trending styles in our outerwear lookbook.




Fairware helps you to better engage your customers, employees and partners through the creation of sustainable, custom branded products. We ensure your promotional merchandise helps tell your story and animate your brand.

Our mission is to change the world through the simple act of buying. We’re committed change makers and we’re serious about sustainability.

We bring emerging retail, consumer and sustainability trends to the forefront of promotional campaigns and product assortments. We’re sustainable brand strategists and merchandise is our medium. We do the homework on ethical sourcing and sustainable materials so you can rest assured that your marketing merchandise lines up with your values.

Cheers, Team Fairware


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Urban Inspired Puffers Fleece Wind and Rain

PFC Free Softshells Vests



Get streamlined layering without extra bulk or weight. This quilted shirt jacket is insulated with ThermoBall® ECO for warmth. The chambray trim adds an unexpectedly casual touch to this limitless jacket that easily transitions from the indoors to the damp outdoors with its DWR finish. Plus, its synthetic insulation is made from post-consumer, recycled content. This jacket has it all!

Patagonia Prow Bomber Jacket [ 1% For The Planet Product]

The Nine Iron Jacket

The Quilted Boston Flight Jacket

The Everett Jacket

Roots73 Cedarpoint Insulated Jacket

Patagonia Silent Down Shirt Jacket [ 1% For The Planet Product]

Eddie Bauer Shirt Jacket

The Boston Flight Jacket

Threadfast Unisex Bomber Jacket

The Rainier Half Zip Jacket

Roots73 Swiftrapids Insulated Jacket

The Boulder Shirt Jacket

The Auxillery Canvas Work Jacket

Patagonia All Seasons Hemp Canvas Chore Coat [ 1% For The Planet Product]

Patagonia Iron Forge Hemp Canvas Chore Coat [ 1% For The Planet Product]


The Stavenger Thermal Jacket [PFC Free Water Repellent Finish]

The Altitude Jacket

Insulated Travel Pack Jacket [ 1% For The Planet Product, Fill Made From 35% Recycled Polyester]

Insulated Quilted Jacket [ 1% For The Planet Product, Fill Made From 35% Recycled Polyester]

Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket [ 1% For The Planet Product]

The Norquay Insulated Jacket

Patagonia Micro Puff Hoody [ 1% For The Planet Product]

Patagonia Silent Down Jacket [ 1% For The Planet Product]

The Whistler Light Down Jacket

Marmot Tullus Jacket

Patagonia Micro Puff Jacket [ 1% For The Planet Product]

The Prevail Packable Puffer Jacket


Pick your product. Add the bells and whistles. Choose your colour combinations. Brand it. Personalize it. Build your order. Get it in just a few weeks! HOW IT WORKS MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY = 1


The Tremblant Knit Jacket

The Juneau Knit Hoody

Helix Thermal Jacket

Patagonia Burly Man Hooded Jacket [ 1% For The Planet Product]

Patagonia Micro D Snap-T Fleece [ 1% For The Planet Product]

Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket [ 1% For The Planet Product]

Patagonia Adze Jacket [ 1% For The Planet Product]

The North Face High Loft Fleece

The Newport Full Zip Fleece

The North Face Skyline Fleece


The Rincon Eco Packable Jacket, Made with Recycled Polyester and Zipper Tape

The Egmont Packable Jacket

The Oracle Softshell Jacket

The Flint Lightweight Jacket

The Unisex Colourblock Pack-n-Go Pullover

The Tech Rain Jacket with DWR Finish

The Unisex Solid Pack-n-Go Pullover

The Unisex Pullover with Drawstrings

The Marmot PreCip Jacket

The Club Jacket

The Cascade Jacket

The Karula Lightweight Jacket

The Caprice 3-in-1 Jacket

The Signal Reflective Lightweight Wind Breaker


As an outdoor clothing brand that believes we’re at our best in nature, Stormtech is committed to producing PFC-free products to help protect our natural environment. What Are PFCs, you ask? Perfluorinated carbons (PFCs) are manufactured compounds that are used in durable water repellent (DWR) treatments of high-performance outerwear to create a breathable fabric that is water and oil repellent. However, studies have shown that PFCs have the potential to cause environmental and health issues, leading many industry-leading brands to move away from PFCs. Stormtech continues to eliminate harsh chemicals, transitioning to safer alternatives and processes that are better for the environment, and their DWR outerwear is as durable and resistant as ever.

The Lightening Shell

The Luxe Eco Insulated Jacket [ 1% For The Planet Product]

The Neutrino Shell [PFC Free Water Repellent Finish]s

The Women’s Squall Rain Jacket [PFC Free Water Repellent Finish]

The Waterford Jacket

The Epsilon Jacket

The Sirocco Performance Shell

The Tritium Shell

The Mission Jacket

The Meridian Jacket


The Tremblant Knit Jacket

This jacket is the perfect combination of soft, warm, and weather-resistant. It’s a high-performance mid-layer softshell, featuring water repellent fabric for elemental weather protection. Zippered pockets lined with brushed tricot, along with a lightweight fleece backing provides added comfort for your hands and core. Make your brand pop with a coloured zipper, and consider partnering this piece with a waterproof outer layer and a lightweight base for the ultimate layered system. THE ORBITER SOFTSHELL

The Lawson Softshell Jacket

The Vernon Softshell Jacket

The Maxson Softshell Jacket

Men’s Cruise Two Layer Fleece Bonded Softshell Jacket


The Puffy Vest

The Bristol Utility Vest

The Down Sweater Vest [ 1% For The Planet Product]

The Eco Insulated Travelpack Vest [ 1% For The Planet Product]

The Eco Insulated Quilted Vest [ 1% For The Planet Product]

The Gravity Vest

The Hooded Gravity Vest

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