Celebrating People 4th Edition

T he smoke machine cranks up as Roxy belts out a Johnny Cash number. She’s accompanied by Brandon on bass. Roxy’s Support Worker, Stef, taps her foot and cheers at Roxy’s jam session at Music Rocks in Morley. Roxy performs at pubs and venues around Perth every few months. This includes the Badlands Pub in Northbridge and the Newport in Fremantle. Her adventures with Stef often pop up on Rise’s Facebook page. There are images of Roxy patting a giant wombat’s belly or down at the hair stylist for a new hair colour. Roxy’s hair seems to be a different colour in every photo. When I arrive at Roxy’s house, she and Stef explain some of her beautiful artwork that decorates her living room. There’s also a photo of the two of them dressed as vampires. The caption reads “This is me and my sister Stefanie at a Halloween party, but I

didn’t like it as they didn’t feed us until 9pm.” Roxy says she likes Stef because she’s down to earth.

Roxy’s foster brother, Alan, arrives a short time later as we chat about music. Johnny Cash, Bing Crosby and Kenny Rogers are Roxy’s favourite musicians. I met Kenny Rogers in Alaska once, Roxy tells me. “I couldn’t say anything, I was speechless.” “That would be the first.” Alan says. For Stef, Alan and the people who know Roxy, she is a rock star and they continue to support her to keep on rocking.



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