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Trump Is Nuts – “Terminate Constitution” (op) Elon: Constitution Is Greater Than Any President It’s Real Simple Why Indians Hate British, Thus Americans Also True: Herschel Walker Is A Texas Resident No, The Respect For Marriage Act Does Not Legalize Same-Sex Marriage In 50 States China Building Space Weapons To Attack Worldwide “Blind, Deafen, Defeat” Georgia Doesn’t Look Good For Pubs Ukraine Attacks Russian Nuke Base 150m From Moscow Columns™ November 2022 Monthly “The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home.” - Confucius Best viewed in landscape mode on phones. Select a purple column header to leave comments, we read them. Our mission is to deliver interesting, unbiased or multiple view, “long term important” news. The Columns™ Newspaper, USAjobs Inc.- a not-for- profit organization

The REAL REASON Home Prices Shot Up AirBnB Becomes Part Of Wall St’s Home Ownership Machine

Source: City of Austin

Austin eBike Rebates Double Jan

Source: Joby FAA’s Rules Airworthiness Criteria For Joby Air Taxi

Source: Electrek Enel To Build Massive Solar Factory In U.S .- SUNz™

Source: Steven Pahel Austin Opportunities Sizzle, Just Watch New Mac App Records All Seen, Said, Heard – Forget Nothing^- SnApp™

Source: Visual Capitalist Apple Remains Top Of Largest And Tech ELVIS 🎶




Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Neuroscience, And The Beta 3AGI™ Project

NYTimes Newsroom Ready To Walk

Black Tea Reduces AAA Risk 16- 42%, As Other Flavonols

Try One Yourself – The MIT Brain (AI) Course (1:10s)


Walking Backward Improves Balance, Brain Health, Strength, Many More (2) Dietary Antioxidant Flavonols Linked To Slower Memory Decline (2) – Top Flavonol Foods: Tea, kale, beans, spinach and broccoli for kaempferol; tomatoes, kale, apples and tea for quercetin; tea, wine, kale, oranges and tomatoes for

Source: Sandbox China’s Real Progress In Drone Weapons

Source: NYT U.S. & NATO Arsenals Running Low, 2 Year Lead Times

Source: PAUL SANCYA/ASSOCIATED PRESS For You Driverless Vehicles Are 2032 And Beyond

myricetin; and pears, olive oil, wine and tomato sauce for isorhamnetin –

Use Of Chatbots For News Verification – COMMUNICATIONS – Journalism

Alzheimer’s May Be Primarily An Autoimmune Not Brain Disease, β-Amyloid Is An Immunopeptide (Again)

Source: Corvette Corvette Follows Porsche, Doing eSUV, eRay, Hybrid (2)

Alzheimer’s & Gum Infection

Source: AFP /DailyMail We’re Working On It

Alzheimer’s & Metals In The Brain

Source: Nature Pathologists Declining, AI Becoming A Diagnostic Tool – MEDICAL-HEALTH Dx

Is It Time To Buy Value Stocks? 12:32

MIT: In Parkinson’s 3 Thalamus Circuits Cause Symptoms

Why Big Tech & Tech Massive Layoffs 4:45

FDA Approves First Fecal Microbiota Treatment

Solar Developers & Installers Hobbled By Panel Shortages^

Most Likely 2023 Home Prices (op) (2)

Source: ETPrime Gas Prices Continue Plunge

Source: Ray Kurzwell On The Singularity Timeline & 2030s “Real Intelligence Is Problem Solving

EU Says U.S. Profiteering Off War – Ungrates!

Source: Völkner et al Mechanism For Vision Loss Discovered

Not Done Before” 11:12 – ENGINEERING – CS – AGI

Will Trump Be Nominated?

Biden Expresses Doubt About 2024 Run

MIT: The Convergence Of AI & Neuroscience Is Trickey- MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI

Long Covid Patients Have Negative Effects As During Pandemic

Source: Archer/Youtube Archer’s First Full-Transition eVTOL Flight

Austin Home Prices Drop Most Of All Cities In One Year

Op: News Industry & Journalism Will Go Your Own Algos & AI That Delivers Journalists You Trust OR What You Want To Hear - Columns™ SnApp™ - COMMUNICATIONS - Journalism (2)

California Seals Criminal And Arrest Records, Expect Spread


FHA $1M Home Loans 3% Down Coming

Try Never To Live Alone, And Always Contribute

Our Boys Should Start School 1 Year Later 6:22

Futuristic Approach to Agriculture – BUSINESS –

Warren’s Top 10 – Which Are Best Value Investments?


Russian Oil Sanctions Beginning, Expect Disruptions

Anker Eufy Camera Not Secure, Views Unencrypted From Anywhere

Operation Research In Agriculture – BUSINESS – Agriculture

Again, Is Putin Critically Ill?

Apple AR, VR Operating System Now Called ‘xrOS’

We Will Miss You Christine McVie 7/12/1943 - 11/30/2022 (2)

Source: BMJ Adolescent Hypermobile Joints Increase Depression & Anxiety Risks

Source: BBC Co-Op Expands Robot Deliveries To N. England – Sprite™

Strategies For Early Detection Of Cognitive Decline^

…More – TSMC Plans To Make More Advanced Chips In U.S.

Source: In-N-Out Woodlands In-N-Out Burger Opens Dec.1

Source: Feng Guo AI Improves Cancer Immunotherapy – MEDICAL - HEALTH - Tx (2) Explainable AI For Bank’s Credit Assessment – BUSINESS – Finance

Employers Follow Elon – College Degree Not Required

Alex Jones Files Personal Bankruptcy (nyt$1)

What Part Of This Is Why Gates Bought Farmland?

NATO Is Turning Focus To China

Bootstrap – A Really Useful Business Plan

Swiss Freeze Nearly $8B In Russian Assets

AI Detects Weed Types In Potato Field – BUSINESS – Agriculture

Crypto On The Way To Nada

China’s Artificial Intelligence For Economy Management – BUSINESS & GOVERNMENT Artificial Intelligence Applied To The Business Fields – BUSINESS

India To Launch Retail Digital Rupee

U.S. Intensifies Microchip War With China

New York Times Front Page

Humans & AI Are Joining Forces – BUSINESS

Source: localtoday World’s Most Expensive Cities To Live – 2022

Wall Street Journal Front Page

Creating Value Through Autonomous Shipping – BUSINESS

Source: University of Alabama

Volkswagen CEO Warns No EU Batteries Due 10X Energy Costs

Gut Microbiome At The Center Of Parkinson’s Disease Pathogenesis

AI-Generated X-Ray Images Improved Osteoarthritis Classification – MEDICAL-HEALTH Dx Machine Learning Gives Nuanced View Of Alzheimer’s Stages – MEDICAL-HEALTH Dx AI Algorithmic Decision-Making Safeguarded By Human Knowledge & Intuition – BUSINESS

Pentagon Chief Warns Turkey Against New Military Operation

Overweight Women Most Likely To Suffer Long Covid

Brain’s Axons May Be True Culprit In Alzheimer’s Disease

Source: Twitter “Verified” Badge Will Now Come In Gold, Grey And Blue

Long Covid May Cost U.S. $3.7 Trillion – Like The Great Recession

FTC To File a Lawsuit Blocking Microsoft Bid For Activision

Career Options & Necessary Technical Skills For AI – BUSINESS

Have A Good Memory Into Your 90s

Digital Transformation In Accountancy

Artificial Intelligence Ethics Taxonomy- Robotic Process Automation – BUSINESS

MIT: Thalamus Damage & Why Memory Declines With Age

MIT: APO4 Alzheimer’s Gene Deteriorates Myelin Via Cholesterol Transport

AI & Cognitive Computing By Companies In Portugal – BUSINESS

Source:ISW As Ukraine Gains In Crimea, Putin’s Response?

Harvard: Leading Your Company Into AI & A Digital Mindset – BUSINESS

Global Value Chains And Digital Platforms – BUSINESS

Google AI Does Coding, In Fact (2)

Source: VisualCapitalist The Size Of Major Social & Messaging Sites – SnApp™

Source: Freepik U.S. Approves Weapons Sales To Finland

AI Will Become A Partnership With Human Beings & KM – ALL

Source: AHA What Influences Healthy Food Choices – Persist! (2)

How TikTok Search Is Beating Google – Simplicity & Results (nyt$1) – SnApp™

Elon Says He’d Support DeSantis

Business Ethics In The Era Of Artificial Intelligence – BUSINESS Artificial Intelligence & Reduced SMEs Business Risks – BUSINESS

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon’s New “CoOp” Production Company

Putin Could Use Chemical Weapons In Kearson

Cannabis Works No Better Than Placebo For Pain

“Fairness” In Artificial Intelligence For Medical Imaging – MEDICAL-HEALTH Dx

Source: Sandbox U.S. Has A Hypersonic Mach 5 Jet Engine That Works

Full Self-Driving Timeline Predictions – InLineAI™

Full Self-Driving May Not Ship For A Decade

Source: Reuters U.S. Receives VinFast’s First Electric Vehicles

Source: Miho Terao Our Y Chromosome Will Disappear (2)

Source: Christina House /LA Times A 700s.f. ADU Done Well

ICE Vehicles That Last 250,000 Miles (2)

Source: Globenewswire AI Growing CAGR 36.2%, Retailers Win Customers – BUSINESS

WSJ: High-Interest Rates Into 2024


Source: Icahn School Of Medicine Alzheimer’s Disease Risk Gene & The Brain

Calls For Xi To Resign, China-Wide Violent Protests (3)

Ford’s View On AI L4 & L5 Self- Driving

AI Helps Detect Gait Alterations And Diagnose Parkinson’s Disease – MEDICAL- HEALTH Dx Effect Of AI In Products On Behavior, Culture, Ethics, Economics And Social Interaction (China) – BUSINESS, MEDICAL-HEALTH

Benzodiazepine, Used For Sleep Disorders, Is Linked To Higher Risk Of OD

Unrest In China Spreads

Chevron Resumes Pumping Oil In Venezuela

Plasma Predicts Covid Progression

NKorea’s Goal Is World’s Most Dangerous Nukes – You Knew It

Vitamin D Fails To Reduce Statin Muscle Pain

Source: Bloomberg Russia’s “Google” Tech Giant Aims To Cut Ties With Putin

Artificial Intelligence In Small Businesses – BUSINESS

AI & Research For Lawyers – BUSINESS – LAW

Perhaps Never Another Twitter Or Facebook Again (Apple Did It Right) – SnApp™

Sentencing With Artificial Intelligence – BUSINESS – LAW

Higher Priced New Home (Austin $1.2M+) Sales Up In October 2022

Artificial Intelligence And The Indian Worker – BUSINESS

Ford (F) Recalls 634,000 SUVs For Fire Risk

Trust In Medical Artificial Intelligence – MEDICAL-HEALTH Dx

Sequoia VC: This Will Be Worse Than 2000 And 2008

AI Blood Test Detects Liver Cancer – MEDICAL-HEALTH Dx

Source: NIH Poor Sleep, Too Short or Long, Progresses Kidney Disease (CKD) (3)

2023 Will Be A Startup Graveyard – Techstars CEO

Business Admin & Artificial Intelligence – BUSINESS

How Columns™ & SnApp™ Went From A Few Thousand To 1M Readers, On The Way To 1B

A Framework For AI/ML Innovation – BUSINESS

Protecting Your Kidneys & Backgrounder

Autonomous Taxis Expanding In Austin Over Months

Source: U.S. Congress Dems Replace Nancy Pelosi With Hakeem Jeffries As House Minority Leader

Collaborative Ontology In AI Research – BUSINESS

Matthew McConaughey Returns To UT Austin Teaching

Artificial Intelligence For Digital Business Performance – BUSINESS

So You Want To Move To Portland?

Source: Shutterstock Robots In San Francisco May Shoot To Kill

Artificial Intelligence For Entrepreneurs – BUSINESS

China, Russia’s Warplanes Enter City of Seoul’s Air Defence Zone

Artificial Intelligence In Biomedicine – MEDICINE – HEALTH

DatBike – Another $8M To Expand EBikes In Vietnam

Source: Stanford University Wireless Smart Bandage For Wound Healing (2)

Jail Is A Death Sentence

Find Out If You Have Alzheimer’s Gene (nyt$1)

Source: Enlarge These Are AI Text-To-Images You Can Make

Mayo: 70% Of Head And Neck Cancers Caused By Viruses (2)

Source: AP UK: “Golden Era” With China Over

Source: Reuters U.S. Proposes Rules To Advance Flying Taxi Operations

Columns™ Monthly – October 2022 Flipbook

She Regrets Just A Few Glasses Of Wine During Pregnancy

What Attracts More Than Good Looks

Columns™ Monthly – September 2022 Flipbook

What You Don’t Know About Taking Vitamin D – Always With Magnesium, Daily Sun Helpful


Columns™ Monthly – August 2022 Flipbook

Funding Becoming Much More Difficult

New Mechanism Associated With Severe Covid

Columns™ 1 in 40 Putin will use nukes (re Xi)

Consumers Spending, Until Not

Novel Ways To Measure Glucose Levels Without Drawing Blood

Elon: I’ve Recession “PTSD And Paranoia”

China Turns On Xi For Covid Lockdowns

Twitter Is A Public Safety Asset – SnApp™

Source: AI generated/Clark Miller …More On Midjourney

CDC & WHO: World’s Most Contagious Virus Now A World Imminent Pandemic Risk – Measles

What The World Loses Without Twitter

Google’s Waymo AVs (And Tesla) Persist, No Driver Stepwise Progress, While Others Give Up

How To Screw Up A $3M Kickstarter Deal – SPF609™

China’s Gold-Stockpiling Is USD Warning Sign


UCSD: AI Remembers How It Learned

Schneider Electric’s $520M VC Fund – InLineAI™

Youth Risk Hearing Loss From Headphones & Music Venues

Computational Architectures For Automated Journalism – COMMUNICATIONS – Journalism

More On Warren’s TSMC /Apple Investment

Links Between Oral Bacteria And Diseases

Accomplished Value Investor’s Advice 5:20

Medical Algorithmic Audits – MEDICAL-HEALTH

Mass Testing Linked To Cut In Covid Hospital Admissions

Saying These Makes You Look Self-Centered, Arrogant, Insecure

Automated Journalism Implications For Research Papers – COMMUNICATIONS – Journalism, UT Austin Research

10 Minutes To Extend Your Life By Multiples (ACM) 10:21

Source: Mikhail Svetlov Russia Using Hunger As A Weapon Of War

Don’t Buy A New Computer, Just Make One In The Cloud At Google, Amazon (AWS), Or Microsoft (Azure) Cloud – 24:15

Artificial Intelligence And Business Education – BUSINESS

Germany Moves To Ease Citizenship Rules

An Academic View Of AI & Business Processes – BUSINESS

4 Types Of Employees Twitter Must Have

Fairness In Automated Data Journalism – COMMUNICATIONS –


AI-Driven Organization Decision-Making – BUSINESS

Artificial Intelligence Promoting Knowledge Management – BUSINESS

Source: Ford Ford Unveils New e-Tourneo Interior

Posit: Brain Routes Like The Internet – AI & MEDICINE – Cognitive Neuroscience

Source: MSN /Newsweek Panhandle To Ft. Worth May See Thanksgiving Massive Snow

Source: Coventrylive Jaguar Land Rover Cutting Production

How AI Creates For Creators

Mild Stress Is Healthy

Russia Admits 5 Million Troops Needed To Win

Artificial Intelligence Governance – BUSINESS

What If U.S.-Type Covid Is Just Beginning In China (2)

Customer Service Efficiency Through AI Chatbot – BUSINESS

Artificial Intelligence Strategy For The Future – BUSINESS

13 Types Of Non-Taxable Income

Source: LG LG Chem To Build Battery Cathode Plant In Clarksville

Russian Wives & Mothers Pressure Kremlin

Machine Learning In Diagnostic Healthcare – MEDICAL & HEALTH

Warren’s Berkshire Hathaway Sells $80.7M Of China’s BYD

Thousands of UCSD La Jolla Researchers Plan Strike Monday

Amazon’s Alexa Assistant In Real Crisis,Division Being Gutted, Business Model Failing (3)

A New, Clear Theory Of Neuro-AI Structure – MEDICINE & HEALTH AI Convergence Of Cognitive Neuroscience & ML (2)

Source: Patrick Mazi and Andrej Spec/WU Fungal Pneumonia From Soil Has Spread Over Decades

More – U.S. Treasuries Market Not Trading Well, Few Buyers

Source: Bloomberg Russians Favor Peace Negotiations

30 Seconds That Changes How You May View Medicine

AI Robotics In Agriculture – BUSINESS – Agriculture

Why A Treasury Market Lockup Would Be A Real Problem

Soros Backs Elon, Tesla

Research Opportunity: Sleep Predictors of Opioid-Use Disorder Treatment Outcomes

Artificial Intelligence For Digital Agriculture – BUSINESS – Agriculture

Crypto Exchange FTX Files For Bankruptcy, 3B Creditors

Same Question: Is Putin Ill?

GM Treads Carefully With EV Pricing

Who’s Has Long Covid But Not Talking

AI In B2B Marketing – BUSINESS – Marketing

Chinese Drones Over DC Raise Espionage Questions


AI In Supply Chain Management – BUSINESS

MRIs Prove Significant Post- Covid Brain Damage (2)


One Year Of Free Denny’s Breakfast For A $5.98 T-Shirt

Amazon Warehouse Bots Are The Real Deal

Your Children, RMDs And Your Estate

AI In The Courtroom – BUSINESS – LAW – AI

Source: Archer Archer Aviation Unveils eVTOL Midnight

Who Wins When Children Argue Over Your Estate (nyt$1)

Source: AP Russia Passes Law Banning “LGBT Propaganda”

AI-Generated Photographs & Copyright Law – BUSINESS – LAW – AI

AI Detects Cancerous Lesions In Colon – MEDICAL & HEALTH

ML Can Diagnose Obstructive Sleep Apnea – MEDICAL & HEALTH

Source: ETNT 17 Chefs Cook For Thanksgiving

Source: NIAID/NIH Growing Trend Of Antibody Evasion By New Omicron Subvariants

Source: NYT Facebook Sued For Collecting Personal Data To Sell Adverts

Source: AJSM Machine Learning Predicts Knee Injuries – MEDICAL & HEALTH

New Alzheimer’s Genes Discovered

Hines & Galesi’s 1.7M S.F. 150 Acres At Samsung NE Austin

Low To Moderate Stress Is Good For You

Austin’s $1,300 EBike Rebates^

Google’s Pixel 7 Pro Free, Top Of Line, On Trade In

Source: Bloomberg Oil Drops With Russian Price Cap

…Pixel 6a $299

U.S. And Iran Enter New Era Of Direct “Conflict”

Louisiana-Pacific, P/E 4.5 — A Value Stock To Carefully Consider

Texas Gas Prices Below $3

Warren Bets On TSMC Stock – Should You?

Do We Have Tech To Dim The Sun?

GM Dealers Now Fix Teslas (b$)

Zuck’s Meta Can Fall Another 70%

GitHub: 97% Of Apps Use Open Source Code

Source: Pixabay Bacterial Infections 2nd Leading Cause Of Death Worldwide

Source: Caterpillar Caterpillar’s First Electric Mining Truck – HeavE Is Here

Twitter Blocks Sabotage, Locks HQs (2)

Source: Google Google’s Imagen Text-To-Image Now Ready For Testing

In-Use Drugs To Tackle Covid Mutations

First Seattle Starbucks To Unionize Now Closed

Twitter May Die? – Employees Refuse & Walk

(2) (3)

OpenAI’s DALL-E Images For 2 Cents Each – HUMANITIES – Art

AI For Business Development In Africa – BUSINESS

Autonomous Delivery Startup Nuro To Lay Off 20% – InLineAI™

AI In An Open Justice System – BUSINESS – LAW – AI

Zeekr Is Waymo’s Cooperative Self-Driving EV

Source: AP Magnitude 5.6 Earthquake In Indonesia, More Than 160 Die

Claim: AI To Support Cryptocurrency Investors – BUSINESS – Finance

Source: AP EU: Russia A ‘State Sponsor’ Of Terrorism

Preventing Type 2 Diabetes & Bile Acid Composition

Mapping The Brain’s Communications Hub – MEDICAL & HEALTH – Cognitive Neuroscience

Long-Term Effects Of Covid On Diabetics

Source: Toyota New 2023 Prius Plugin, AWD, 220hp, 30+/655 Mile Range, ~$33,000 (2)

AI & ML In The Financial Sector – BUSINESS – Finance – AI

New Device For Early Detection Of Gum Disease

AI-Driven Financial Supervision – BUSINESS – Finance – AI

Here’re Your Local Hospital Rankings (2)

TikTok’s Going Up Against Amazon

Survey Of AI In Finance & Fintech – BUSINESS – Finance – AI

Source: Binghatti Developers Dubai Building World’s Tallest Residential


Our Moon Mission In Progress – Stunning!

Down Syndrome Is A Double-Prion Folding Disorder

Distributed Governance Of Medical AI – MEDICAL-HEALTH

Surprise! Homebuilder Stocks Big Rise

Elon’s Giant Rocket Annoys NASA

New Oral Drug For Lowering Cholesterol

Transformation Role Of AI In Personal Finance – BUSINESS – Finance – AI

Austin’s Top 5% Of Homes, $1.2M+, Will Do Well

Austin’s Unemployment Is 2.8%

Full Covid Vax More Effective Than Boosters

Meta (Facebook) India Loses Top Managers

Artificial Intelligence In Business Risk Management – BUSINESS – Insurance

Providing Your Children With Easy Inheritances 9:01

AI Ethics And Systemic Risks In Finance – BUSINESS – Finance – AI

…And More

AI Models Using Clinical AIBench – MEDICAL-HEALTH

Source: FWBP Famed Waco Bend Ranch Goes Up For Sale

AI Could Help Ease Strain On Hospitals – MEDICAL & HEALTH Dx

Source: FT Cracks In U.S. Treasury Market Are Non-Trivial

58M Americans Traveling 50+ Miles For Thanksgiving

AI Business Model Innovation For Healthcare – BUSINESS – AI & MEDICAL-HEALTH

Source: 9to5google Qualcomm Unveils Snapdragon AR Platform

How FSD Appears Today

Amazon Launches Virtual Healthcare

AI Decision-Making In Business Analytics – BUSINESS

Why Consumer L4 FSD May Take 15 Years

A Warning On The U.S. Digital Dollar, And More 19:25

The History Of Social Media & Networking – SnApp™

Intelligent Customer Service For Business – BUSINESS – AI

12 Significant Recession Warnings, Plus We’re In One

Entire Ukraine Power Grid May Collapse

ECB Raising Interest Rates Again

Source: Electreck Sidecar EBike That’s Loads Of Fun – Side™

Source: Metabolicmeals 50 Cents Says You Don’t Know What Heart Rate Variability Is 19:22

Source: The Information 14 Influencers Using Generative AI To Build Following – COMMUNICATIONS

…More On HRV

Generative AI Is Making An Innovation Boom ($)

MD’s Intriguing View On Early Morning Sunlight, Sleep & Cancer

Elon Sees Twitter As A Global Super Intelligence

Rutgers: AI Wins Over Scientist – MEDICINE – Biology (2)

Review Of 47 AI Ethics Guidelines – BUSINESS – AI

Source: AFP UKRAINE Begins Kherson Evacuation

AI For Intermediate To High- Risk Localized Prostate Cancer – MEDICAL & HEALTH Dx

Source: Luis M Molina Customized T-Cells Fight Cancer (2)

Ant Group $1BN Fine By China’s Central Bank, Power To CCP

IBS & Psychological Chronic Stress^

Source: Trek Trek Domane+ SLR E-Bike 25.9lbs, 28mph, 90 Miles, $7,500 – $10,000

What Are Brown, Pink & White Noise?

Source: R. White et al AI Screening Of Leadless Implants – MEDICAL & HEALTH Dx Google Reveals Artificial Intelligene’s Future (2) Google’s WordCraft – An AI Writing Enhancement Tool – COMMUNICATIONS How AI Is Changing Business Models – BUSINESS – AI (2) AI & Automation Are Changing The Nature Of Work– BUSINESS – AI Business Analytics Approach To Artificial Intelligence – BUSINESS – AI

Autologous Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant & Who Cares

Sea Level Rise May Be Much Greater

…And Much Sooner (2)

Source: Desiknio $4,275


Target For Alzheimer’s Therapies Found

Amazon’s Andy Jassy Has Big Troubles (tc$)

Iran Bombards Northern Iraq

Possible New Biomarker For Acute Covid

Elon Demands Intense Work From Twitter Employees

How Great Is Elon’s Twitter Mistake

Excel Cells Now Hold & “Calculate” Images

Source: AP

New Zealand Votes On Lowering Voting Age To 16

Why Cloud AI Is A Seller’s Game – ENGINEERING CS & BUSINESS

Source: Amazon Amazon Alexa Dot – $0.99

Source: MIT Alzheimer’s Risk Gene Undermines Myelin Insulation Of Brain (2)

Source: NVIDIA Graph Neural Networks – ENGINEERING – CS – AI

Amazon’s Enormous Number Of Best Deals Here

Source: Archer Scotland Is Rewilding, Likely The First Country

Taiwan Ups Tax Break For Chipmakers

India Sitting On A Diabetes “Time Bomb”

So What Is “Generative AI” And Its Cambrian Explosion? - ALL AI DISCIPLINES (2)

Nasal Vaccine Strategy Could Improve Covid & Other Protection

This is Jasper The Text Generator

This Is MidJournwy The Image Generator

Source: The Robot Report Boston Dynamics Sues Ghost Robotics

Source: HKS 80 Stories, 5th At Trinity, Austin, TX

This Is Character.AI The Life Coach & Entertainer

Digitalization Of The Accounting Profession – BUSINESS – Accounting Data Analytics Enabled Accounting Curriculum – BUSINESS – Accounting

Source: Pixabay Potential Liver Regeneration

Bariatric Surgery Decreases Risk Of Heart Disease

AI As Accounting Develops – BUSINESS – Accounting

Oxford Discovers Key Cause Of Type 2 Diabetes (2)

Source: American Offshore Energy A New Design For Wind Turbines

Improving Therapy With AI- MEDICAL & HEALTH

Impact Of The Artificial Intelligence On The Accounting Profession – BUSINESS – Accounting

Source: Tenfold Engineering

Tenfold 800sf And 400sf ADUs 40’ And 20’ Container Size Folded

Deep Learning For Early Alzheimer’s Detection – MEDICAL & HEALTH Dx

Tenfold Review 8:05

Artificial Intelligence In Financial Decision Making – BUSINESS

Source: IBM IBM Launches 433 QBit Quantum Computer (2)

Artificial Intelligence In Sustainable Finance – BUSINESS – Finance

AI And Nanotechnology For Healthcare – MEDICAL & HEALTH

Source: BCG Nashville – #4 U.S. Big City

Source: Benedikt Frieg Lipids Influence The Formation Of Protein Clumps

Self-Driving AGI & AVs Are REAL Hard – Ford & VW’s Argo AI Shutting Down (dup) – ENGINEERING – AVs

Covid Causes Neurological Damage

(2) (3) (4)

Alzheimer’s Disease Can Be Diagnosed Before Symptoms Emerge (dup)

Source: Rimac Rimac Nevera Is The World’s Fastest Electric Car

IBM’s Important AI Chip, 32 Cores 5nm – ENGINEERING – EE & CS AI (2) (3) 9:04

California Hits Roof Solar – 8 Not 30 Cents A KW Hour

Your Favorite Songs Tell How You Feel, Think & Act

Source: AP Ukraine Rules Out ‘Short Truce’ With Russia For Good Reason

TikTok Plans To Vacuum Up Meta And Snapchat Ads – SnApp™

Texas Bill For District Of Austin To Sideline City Council

Hospital Records Go To Google’s Cloud

GEN Miley: Why It’s Likely Ukraine Will Negotiate 6:36

MacKenzie Donates Another $2B To Hundreds

Source: CDC Worst States For Flu

Our #2 U.S. Catastrophe You Don’t Hear About, #1 Is Division 5:39

Don’t Forget The $1 Alexa Echo Dot

Source: Tesla Tesla’s New AV AI Chip –

Green Tea and Resveratrol Reduce Alzheimer’s Plaque

ENGINEERING – AVs (2) (free)

How VC Has Turned On A Dime – Some Unicorns Will Fail Soon

Brits Living Standards To Fall Most Ever Thru 2024 (2)

Eric & Wendy Schmidt Funded AI Pact: UCSD Joins Oxford, Nanyang, Singapore, Cornell,

Buffett’s Berkshire Discloses $4BN TSMC Chip Stake

Russia Renews Ukraine Gain Exports

Chicago, Michigan, Universities & Imperial College London

Amazon Laying Off 10,000 This Week – Pandemic’s Over, Christmas Will Be Weak

Commercial Real Estate Values Dropping Faster Than Housing

Shutterstock & OpenAI Partner To Sell AI Artwork – ARTS & HUMANITIES – Fine Art Future Of Accounting With Artificial Intelligence – BUSINESS – Accounting Business Boosting Through Artificial Intelligence – BUSINESS – AI Explaining AI Detected Accounting Anomalies In Financial Statement Audits – BUSINESS – Accounting

EVs Have Entered Car Buying Mainstream

Real Tesla Y Competition? – 2023 Hyundai Ioniq-5 $41,000 (2)

Cathie Wood Warns Of Fed’s Great Depression

50 Great Travel Destinations

Really Low Price Amazon Device Deals

Wrong Christmas Supply Chain Shortage Warnings

3 Value-Dividend Stocks – UPS, CE, CVX

Source: Nature New Drug Shows Promise For Fighting Both Covid & Cancer

UK’s Rishi Sunak Meets Zelenskiy In Ukraine

9 Dividend Stocks Yields Over 8% To Evaluate

Finland Starts Building Barrier On Russian Border

3 Ultra-High Yield Dividend Stocks 10% to 15.4%

Trustworthy AI In Dentistry – MEDICAL & HEALTH – Dentistry AI

U.S.: Saudi’s MBS Should Be Immune From Khashoggi Lawsuits

How & Why AirBnB Reduced Its Cloud Costs

Machine Learning For Blood Pressure Management – MEDICAL & HEALTH

Dutch Court Convicts 3 Over Downing Of MH17 & Mass Murder

Apple May Build A Metaverse- Like Mixed-Reality AR-VR World

Smart Agriculture Using AI – BUSINESS – Agriculture

Will Michelle Run?

SpaceX Buys Ad Campaign On Twitter For Starlink

Fed Testing Digital Dollar With Big Banks (2)

AI For Investigative Journalism – COMMUNICATIONS – Journalism

Source: Takizawa et al Early Diagnosis Tool For Childhood Kidney Disease

Agriculture With AI Sensors – Agrobot – BUSINESS – Agriculture

Processed Foods Key To Rising Obesity, And Arterial Inflammation

Self-Diving & AVs Are REAL Hard – Ford & VW’s Argo AI Shutting Down

Long Covid Could Cost U.S. $3.7 Trillion Of Cash 15:36

China Outnumbers U.S. In AI Education And Top World Universities (2)

Source: Reuters Paris Opens First Integrated Air Taxi Hub

Strength & Muscle Key To Long, Healthy Life (2)

Source: AP Republicans Win U.S. House Majority

New AI Tool Colorizes B&W

Samsung Austin’s Adjacent Property Increasing In Value

Trump Voters: “He Needs To Disappear”

The Argument Soda, Donuts, Cereal, Candy Are Dangerous Drugs

Photos Instantly - ALL! (2)

The AI Market 2022-2030

Samsung’s $192B 40 Year Austin Chip Facilities Timeline

Trump’s Drag On Midterm Candidates: 5 Points

Flu Spreads Like Covid – Mask Indoors If No Vax

Neuroscience Suggests Brain Uses Quantum Computing

As U.S. Navy Recedes, Oil Tanker Attacked

Early Life Adversity & The Brain Thereafter

AI Model Can Diagnose Obstructive Sleep Apnea – AI – MEDICAL & HEALTH – BJYHealth™

Israeli Oil Tanker Hit By Iranian Drone

#1: Diagnosing Your Own Heart Palpitations & Dangerous Types 13:00

Causation In AI & Law – BUSINESS – Law

Why Harvard & Yale Law Schools Dropped College Rankings

Source: 9to5Google Pixel 6 vs Pixel 7 – With iPhone Trade In

#2: Diagnosing Heart Palpitations, Skip Beats & Dangerous Types 12:54

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence In Business – BUSINESS – AI

Watch This If You’re Thinking About Buying A Car (w ad) 8:37

Low Heart Rate Or Long QT Means No Beta Blockers 8:45

10 Most Regretted College Degrees, And The Should-Haves

Medical Domain Knowledge In Domain-Agnostic Generative AI – MEDICAL & HEALTH Artificial Intelligence Based Decision-Making In Accounting – BUSINESS – Accounting

The 134 Autism Genes We Know So Far

Starbucks Worker Strike At 100 Locations

The Link Between Oral Microbiome And Covid

Source: WKRN Nashville’s Exit/In Closing After 50 Years – The GreenBean™

Health Inequities With AI – MEDICAL & HEALTH

Fast Progressing Patients Speed Parkinson’s Clinical Trials

Agriculture Using Artificial Intelligence – BUSINESS – Agriculture

5 Vehicles Worth More Now Than 3 Years Ago

81mg Aspirin A Day Lowers Risk Of Fractures In Healthy Older People

Tesla Solar Roofs Halted, Every Job Is A New Design Project – SUNz™ PVTS™

Multimodal Biomedical AI – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Dx

Meds For Uncontrolled Blood Pressure That Work^ – 3P™

Source: SA Express SpaceX’s Bastrop TX 521,000SF Facility Going Up (2)

(2) (3)

Elon’s Self-Driving Language Has Changed – AVs

1,000+ Shipments Of Solar Panel & Parts Frozen At U.S. Ports

75 Early Black Friday Deals

AI Disrupts Journalistic Institutions – COMMUNICATIONS – Journalism

57% Of Our GenZ On Mental Health Meds, 42% With Dx (2)

Gmail Now Tracks Your (Holiday) Shipments

Does Amazon’s Delivery Drone Look Kludgy To You?

Industrially Processed Foods Linked To Premature Death

How Wall St. Works If You Want A NYC Money Career

Artificial Intelligence In Digital Agriculture – BUSINESS – Agriculture

Now The World Has Too Many Shipping Containers

Trump Announces 2024 Run, Pubs Divided

NIH: The Argument For Dinner At 4:00 pm

Mapping Values In AI Governance – BUSINESS – Law

Russia Falls Into Deepening Recession

Heart Palpitations Linked To GI Tract 14:35

The Top 5 And 30 AI Universities (See 11, 2, 3, 5, 8,10, 15) (2)

Bulgaria, Romania & Croatia joined Schengen

Neurons That Restore Walking With EES After Paralysis

Source: Amazon Amazon’s New Delivery Drone – Swift™

AI Reshapes The Accounting Profession – BUSINESS – Accounting

Eye Contact Is Rare Among People With Autism

Sever Stress Worsens Symptoms Of Long Covid

Adobe’s New Consumer AI Video Editor – BUSINESS (2) Generally Intelligent Funds For Serial AGI Systems – MEDICAL Cognitive Neuroscience & ENGINEERING CS

Women May Be At Higher Risk For Long Covid

Source: NASA NASA Launches Artemis I – We’re Going To the Moon Again 2 Ways


UTSA Masters In AI

AI Diagnosis By Voice Sounds – MEDICAL & HEALTH – Dx

Expected AI Breakthroughs – MEDICAL, ENGINEERING, BUSINESS (e$) Artificial Intelligence & Accountants Auditing – BUSINESS – Accounting

Source: 1News NATO: Missile Landing In Poland Not Russian

Source: Pixabay Women Are More Resilient To Kidney Disease

ECB Warns Of Risk To Financial Stability

“Competitive Authoritarianism” As Democracy Declines

U.S. Mortgage Interest Rates Drop Back Below 7%

U.S. Treasury – Japan’s Stopped Buying Our Bonds

AI-Informed Mental Health Care – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Dx

Fungi & 35 Types Of Cancer

Artificial Intelligence, Law, And Vulnerabilities – BUSINESS – Law

AI Uses Pathology Images To Find Similar Cases – MEDICAL &


Source: Zhe Han At UMSOM How Covid Virus Protein Damages The Heart

Cyber Defense And Artificial Intelligence – GOVERNMENT – Autonomy & Defense

New Treatment For Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

Energy Efficiency Through AI – BUSINESS – Energy

Dementia Prevalence Is Declining Among Older Americans

Source: IHeart DOT Fines 6 Airlines Over Refund Fraud

Try Your Own AI Created Images

U.S. Rural Counties Have Higher Diabetes

New AI Detects Sepsis, Blood Poisoning – MEDICAL & HEALTH Dx

What The Press Doesn’t Tell You About U.S. Farmland

Mutation In TLR7 Increases Risk Of Severe Covid

AI Rejuvenates Public Trust In Journalism – COMMUNICATIONS – Journalism

48,000 University Of California Researchers & Workers Walk Out

Specific Dietary Supplement Improve Concentration

Japan Preps For War With China

AI & Vertical Farming – BUSINESS – Agriculture


Pubs Prowess Not Equal To Dems Lately

Rule Of Law In The Era Of AI – BUSINESS – Law

Dems Effective In Elevating Election Denial And Abortion

Putin’s Troubles Distancing From Failure (nyt$1)

How, Why & When Iron Batteries Are Taking Over EVs

Source: Healio You Knew It: High Exercise Makes Covid Vax 7 Times More Effective

Indonesia Accelerates Clean Energy Transition

Source: UT Leads In 10 Advanced Innovation Degrees – 3AI™

Delhi, India Closes Schools Due Air Pollution Danger

Vaccination Polarizes Population

How Intelligence Forms A Few Neurons Up

Air Pollution Particles Linked To Cardiac Arrest

The Neurology Why You Can’t Tickle Yourself

Source: Visual Capitalist Which Will You Use In 10 Years? Your Children In 25 Years?

Understanding Older Adults’ Loneliness

AI Assessment Of Hip Dysplasia Ultrasound – MEDICAL & HEALTH –

Source: AFP

Afghanistan Imposes Sharia


Brain’s Immune Cell Responses In Alzheimer’s Disease

Jay Leno Burned In Car Fire, Hospitalized

Human Resource Management In The Era Of AI – BUSINESS – AI

U.K. Man Had Covid For 411 Days

Challenges Practitioners Face Documenting AI – BUSINESS – AI

Flu Vaccine Lowers Risk Of Stroke

Source: Cornerstone /Fintech News Why A U.S. Super App May Not Work Here, Or Is This The Key? – CASHw™

Impact Of AI On Jobs At The Organization Level – BUSINESS – AI Organizational Capabilities For AI Implementation – BUSINESS – AI

Simultaneous War With Russia, China, N. Korea & Iran – Not Likely

(2) (3) (4)

Source: Farm & Dairy U.S. Farmland Too Expensive For Farmers

Primary Care With AI & ML – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Dx

Reprogramming Of Immune Cells Shown To Fight Off Melanoma

What’s Next For Google’s Cloud AI Users

Why Fungal Infections Can Be Dangerous, Real Dangerous

AI For Clinical And Remote Health Applications – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Dx Ageing Of Brain Images With Diffeomorphic Registration – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Dx AI System For Fetal Ultrasound In Low-Resource – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Dx AI Creates Efficient Math Algorithms (2) - ENGINEERING CS AI Deep Learning AI Algorithm Streamline Lung Cancer Radiotherapy Treatment – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Dx

Helping A Loved One With Depression

Pentagon’s New Nuclear Doctrine (dup)

Source: Axios Human Population To Hit 8 Billion This Week

This Is A Super App. Source: Forbes Super Apps For Your Phone? WeChat 5 Years Ago

Covid Shown To Trigger Inflammation In The Brain

How JPMorgan Avoided Massive 2022 Losses, Including Twitter (2)

Forbes: Super Apps Won’t Work In America (w audio)

New Covid Strains May Be As Deadly As 2020 [What Does China Know? - Ed.] (2)

AVs & Drones Will Need Humans Until 2032+ – Sprite™ Swift™ BJYavs™ If You’re 18 to 28: 15 Super Interesting High Quality Jobs Open Now, $200,000+

Russia Couldn’t Absorb Knerson Much Less Ukraine

Warren Clearly Warned About Crypto, Just Remember

U.S. Won’t Lose Repairing Relations With Venezuela

The Odds Cash App Will Rival Apple Pay – CASHw™

AI Business Models – BUSINESS – AI & Entrepreneurship

Source: RIA Druckenmiller: The Stock Market May Be Flat For 10 Years

Iran Issues First Death Sentence Over Protests

Cash Pay Now Works Outside Of Square

Russia FM Lavrov Left Hospital After ‘Checkup’

(Perhaps 4-5% Returns – Ed.) (2 – details)

AI Creates Efficient Math Algorithms (2) - ENGINEERING CS AI Deep Learning AI Algorithm Streamlines Lung Cancer Radiotherapy Treatment – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Dx

900 Searchable Pitch Decks – YLabs™, SPF609 & 3AI™

Mass School Shootings Not Caused By Mental Illness (2)

Cognition & Physical Activity Are Related – 3P™

AI Business Models – BUSINESS – AI & Entrepreneurship

Stem Cells & Rehab For Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)

Source: Desisignlt/Zoonar EU Falling Into Sever Recession & Energy Shortage Ukraine Troops Enter Kherson, Russia Retreats Across River (2)

Source: Bloomberg Tesla Passes Berkshire In Valuation

10 Things Homeowner’s Insurance May Or May Not Cover

Samsung’s $192B Austin Facilities Well Underway^ – BJY™

…More On Russia’s “Unlimited Range” Nuclear Powered Tsunami Torpedo 6:46

Source: LAPD New Device For Early Diagnosis Of Degenerative Eye Disorders^

Berkshire’s Cash Turns Bull^

Mike Pence An Honorable Republican (op) 10:59

Source: BAIR ML & Reinforcement Learning In Controlling Real World Systems – ENGINEERING CS ML Artificial Open World For Evaluating AGI – ENGINEERING CS AGI

Square (SQ) 3Q22 $1.57B Earnings, But Apple A Competitor – CASHw™ (b$)

Shingles Can Lead To Stroke (2)

Britain Freezes $21 Billion More Of Russian Assets

U.S. Delivers Precision Dial- Yield Nukes To Europe – Biden Prepares For WWIII

U.S. Buys S.Korea Artillery Shells For Ukraine

U.S. Upgrading European Nukes

Understanding Quantum Computing In A Few Minutes 5:19

How Trump Sunk The Red Wave

…Including Precision & Tactical Nukes

Ford Steals $105 Million Of Vendor Software 8:41 (2)

Here’s A New AI Use – ENGINEERING – AI Robotics (Video)

“Nobody Chooses Dependency Or Addiction” – 3P™

Ford Loses $1.9 Billion F-250 Rollover Lawsuit

Source: Visual Capitalist The DMP, SnApp™ & CASHw™ Opportunity

AI & Learning When To Advise Human Decision Makers – ENGINEERING CS AI

Pentagon: We Don’t Rule Out Using Nukes First (2)

Is Iran Headed To Another Revolution? 12:32

African Super App Raises $150M Series B^

Barron’s: Traders Betting On $200 Oil (b$)

UP: Successful Test Of All- Variant Coronavirus Vaccine

Political Economy Of Superhuman AI – ENGINEERING CS AGI

Why Twitter May Go All Paywall – SnApp™

US DOD New National Defense, Missile, Nuclear Strategies (2) Markets Not Government Will Best Solve Climate Change (op) (nyt$)

Artificial Intelligence In Material Engineering – ENGINEERING – AI

$41k Per Mo. 3 Hours A Day – Many Can Do It – SEF

Google’s New Video-From-Text AI – ENGINEERING CS – AI

…More On Zuck & Meta Laying Off 11,000

MIT: Why Legal Docs Are Hard For Humans And AI To Understand – LAW + MEDICAL & HEALTH – Cognitive Neuroscience

DoD Autonomy & AVs Today & Tomorrow

Self-Driving Cars Are Stalled

Source: PLOS ONE High Covid Transmission In Households

300,000 Neurons Is The Limit Of Today’s Neuroscience – MEDICAL & HEALTH – Cognitive Neuroscience MIT: DeepMind’s AlphaZero Discovers Faster Matrix Algos – ENGINEERING CS – AI (2)

Source: VNCDN Apple Investment In Emergency SOS Via Satellite

Source: Fortune 10 Fastest Growing U.S. Metros

Elon Musk Scraps Twitter’s Work-From-Home Policy

Source: Nungning20/ Shutterstock Fermented Foods And Fiber May Lower Stress Levels

Source: David Needleman If You Like Stalone …

Mississippi River Low Flow & Saltwater Threat

Google + Renault – A Strong AppleCar Competitor (2)

Source: University Of Missouri Anatomical Research Using AI – MEDICAL & HEALTH AI

(2) (3)

Source: AP Elon Musk Sells $4B Of Tesla, $30B Total

AVs To Adapt To Challenging Weather Conditions – ENGINEERING CS AV

Parking Lots In France To Be Covered By Solar Panels – SUNz™

Human-Like Perception In Self- Driving Vehicles – ENGINEERING


Biden’s AI Bill Of Rights

Artificial Intelligence & Digital Pathology – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Dx

Ethics Of AI In Autonomous Transport – ENGINEERING CS AV

Source: Pixabay Meta Sacks Over 11,000 Employees

Source: Henk Meijer/Alamy 20% Of Great Britain May Be Temperate Rainforest, 1% Now

Source: ConnectCRE Austin High Rise 6th At Guadalupe Reaches 66 Stories, 895 Feet*

Physical Training Is The Next Hurdle For AI – ENGINEERING CS AI

RockNRoller Jerry Lee Lewis Dies At 87

*Zuck & Meta Bail On 66 Story Austin Downtown Lease

New Explanation For Consciousness – MEDICAL & HEALTH – Cognitive Neuroscience Columbia University Proposes Unbounded Depth Neural Network -ENGINEERING CS AI Prediction Of Depression Treatment Outcomes With Wearables – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Dx


Iran Claims Hypersonic Missile

…More – Early Fears Affect Future Anxiety & Depression – 3P™

Flu + RSV + Covid Worries Your Doctor (2)

AI Could Help Patients With Chronic Pain Avoid Opioids – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Dx

Source: Canadian Press Germany Blocks Sale Of Chip Factories To China

Bigger Than GOOGMETANETFLIXGMFORD – Real Competition Is Coming For Apple

Unreliable Neurons Improve Brain & AI Functions – ENGINEERING CS AI

GOP Disaster

India To Continue Buying Russian Oil

Texans Invade Austin, Progressives Are Toast And Flee

Multiple Modes For Continual Learning – ENGINEERING CS AI

Source: NASA NASA Detecting World Methane Super-Emitters (2) Prime & Spike Nasal Vaccine Strategy Helps Combat Covid Worldwide

Sweden Vows To Counter Terror Threats To Turkey

Plan To Buy A Home In Next 5 Years? 14:22

Intelligence Of Autonomous Vehicles – ENGINEERING CS AV

Russia Withdraws From Kherson To East Of Dnieper River

Toyota Hits Speed Bumps 6:54

Source: NYT EBike Commuting Popular & Growing - SpeedO™ (2)


Why Everybody Loves Houston’s Mattress Mac 8:13

Source: Miguel A Garriga/CRG Diabetes-Causing Gene Can Be Regulated Like A Rheostat

The 400 Most Wealthy Americans 2022 - 3AI (2))

Zuck’s Metaverse Bet Was “Quite Odd”

Elon’s OpenAI DALL-E Image Generator – No Waitlist

Meta Investors Lose $211 Billion On Zuck’s Metaverse

Chatbots & Natural Language Processing – BUSINESS & ENGINEERING CS AI NLP

Source: Visual Capitalist Mid-Term Election Largest Individual Donors

Airbnb To List Actual Total Prices

Operationalizing Machine Learning – ENGINEERING CS ML

Twitter Lays Off 50%, Asks Some To Return

U.S. Urges Zelenskyy To Negotiate

Source: Eduardo Ropelle How Physical Exercise Burns Muscle Fat

SegNeXt : Convolutional Neural Network Architecture For Semantic Segmentation – ENGINEERING CS AI – DLA

Zelenskyy Sets Peace Talk Conditions

Rare Blood-Clotting Condition After Different Covid Vaccination Types

Zelenskyy Wants Talks With Putin’s Successor

How Former Employees Turn Loyal Alumni

Early Fears Affect Future Anxiety & Depression – 3P™

U.S. Military Praises Elon

MD Burnout Is Real, How AI Can Help - MEDICAL & (2) HEALTH - AI & NLP (3)

Source: Menafn Meta To Lay Off Thousands Of Workers

Winter Ukraine A War Of Drones – BJYFederal™

Brain Distinct Patterns Based On Patients’ Alzheimer’s Phenotype

Toyota & Debt May Not Make EV Transition Absent Reorganization 10:51

Stanford Acquires 759-Unit Post-Doc Apartment – 3AI™

La Jolla /San Diego Desalination’s 100 Billion Gallons

Source: Dollarsprout Value Investors Have Best Result Since 1978 – VIC608


Source: Unsplash Evaluation Of AI For Medical Imaging – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Dx

Source: Reuters Bank Of England Raising Rates Again

It’s Teachers And Curriculum – A Dire Warning For U.S. – 5:17

AI Assistance Accuracy In Breast Cancer Screening – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Dx Artificial Intelligence & Alzheimer’s Disease Dx – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Dx

China Warns Taiwan After Lithuania Chip Plan

How To Make Sense Of Columns™ Scientific Articles & Papers

U.S. Inflation Reduction Act – EU’s Not Pleased

DON’T REUSE THE SAME OR SIMILAR PASSWORDS (Google, Microsoft, Apple Are Eliminating UNs & PWs – Ed.)

13 Open Source AI Projects – ENGINEERING – CS

Smart 20 Somethings Join AARP

Neural Networks To Recognize Arthritis In MRI Scans – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Dx AI Model Better At Diagnosing Pediatric Ear Infections - MEDICAL & HEALTH - AI Dx, Pediatrics (2)

NIH: Inflammation After Covid Causes Brain, Lung & Kidney Damage

NIH: Multivitamins May Improve Cognition In Seniors

Source: Susan Walsh/AP Elon Musk: “I Recommend Voting For A Republican Congress”

Source: Texas A&M, USDA Texas Orchards, Wildlife & Farmland Will Benefit From LakeTX™

Mayo: Turmeric & Curcumin Effect On Inflammation & Arthritis

MRI Brain Images Accurately Determines Biological Age – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Dx

Covid NOT Over

NVIDIA Introduces IGX Platform For AI Medical Edge Cases – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Dx

Twitter Success Requires Elon’s Total Retooling

Austin Radar: Monday Night & Tuesday Severe Storms

…More On the Mississippi Drying Up

Source: Reuters Evergrande Loses $770 MN On HK

Diesel Shortage Spreads Across U.S.

Japan PM Vows To Strengthen Military

Alzheimer’s Research: Neuronal Structure And Function May Protect

… More On Elon & AOC (2)

Seas Have Epic Energy For Mankind (2)

Source: C.Johansen Free Speech & AOC Doesn’t Want To Pay Twitter’s $8 – SnApp™

Source: Unsplash Artificial Intelligence In Skin Diseases – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Dx Artificial Intelligence In Primary Health Care – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Dx

Source: NIAID Mechanisms Necessary For Covid Infection Of Macrophages

AI Breakthrough In Melanoma Dx – MEDICAL & HEALTH – Diagnosis

Decoder Uses fMRI Brain Scans To Reconstruct Human Thoughts

Source: REUTERS Sweden Cuts Ties To Kurds For Turkey’s NATO Vote New Home Buyers & The Wealth Race (2) U.S. & G7 Allies Set Russian Oil Price Cap (2)

MIT: AI (Wayve) vs Map Based AVs

1/3 of AI Researchers Opine AGI Uncontrollable

Source: Holly Burns How Mark Cuban Made His First Billion

An Example Of AI’s Lethality

Neural Graph Databases – ENGINEERING CS ML

Small Battery Maker Group 14 Gets $100 Million Fed GRANT

Source: McGowan ClearGulf™ Prevailing Current & Sediment Basics

Brain Principles Programming – ENGINEERING CS AGI

Housing Leads Us In, And Out, Of Recession

Billionaires Spend $16.7B On Mid-Terms

Managing Lossless Data For Machine Learning – ENGINEERING CS ML

Why Mini-split HVAC Is So Efficient, 40+ SEER

10 Biggest Mid-Term Donors

Houston Astros Second No-Hitter In World Series History

Mini-split HVAC By Type, SEER, Price

A Constant-Sized Learning Algorithm For Dx – MEDICAL & HEALTH – Diagnostic Support

“Broke” Bulgaria Does Ukraine Weapons 180 – Sending When?

Dealers Push Back On Ford EV Mandates

Source: UCSD UCSD Develops Pneumonia Microbots

MRI AI For Cardiac Imaging – MEDICAL & HEALTH

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