Debrief - Stepping into Leadership II


CONFLICTS DEFINED ~ What is conflict and when does it occur?

With an exchange of thoughts/ideas/opinions there could be differences and when such disagreements are not received well by another person, a conflict emerges. ~ What is a healthy conflict – Healthy conflicts are those wherein the debate in pursuit is essentially for the enhancement of performance. ~ Conflicts can be used creatively. A conflict can be resolved leading to either of the parties fulfilling their motive or both reaching a mutually agreeable solution. ~ Unhealthy conflicts on the other hand occur when in a situation of disagreement the task of decision making is avoided and people in conflict focus on ‘ Who’ is right, rather than ‘ What’ is right. YUKTI VS SHAKTI Shakti is force. A natural tendency of any human is to apply force when things don’t go according to his/her will. However, in sensitive matters that result in conflict, force is not useful. In such scenarios what comes to rescue is the skill/strategy of using Yukti. Yukti is the creative intelligence. It is the ability to ideate and reach mutually agreeable solutions by using innovative options and multifaceted thinking.

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