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Given that we live in Arizona, there’s not much need for a coat check at our office. Nevertheless, there is one thing that every member of our team needs to hang up before they start work — their ego. In fact, our fourth core value is “we check our egos at the door.” I don’t need to go into a lot of detail explaining what this means to us. When you come to work, you can’t be an egotistical jerk. Our goal is to work as a team and do the best for our customers. That’s it. The core value may not be the most clever or original, but I was recently at an event where I realized just how powerful its meaning is. I traveled to Orlando for a conference called IT Nation. The keynote speaker there was the author Patrick Lencioni. I didn’t know much about him, but I came away super impressed. Not only was he funny and engaging, but he also taught me a few principles about teamwork that ended up relating to our aforementioned core value. Lencioni’s latest book is called “The Ideal Team Player: How to Recognize and Cultivate the Three Essential Virtues,” and these virtues were the subject of his keynote address. On the surface, they may seem self-evident or obvious, but when you really think about them, you realize just how essential they are to creating an ideal team environment. As I was thinking about them on the flight back home, I realized you need to check your ego at the door to achieve each of them. The ideal team player, Lencioni told us, is humble, hungry, and smart. Humility is the most important virtue. The ultimate foundation of a team player is willingness to put the team’s interests above you own, and only a humble person can do this effectively. Humility allows you to put your own self-interest aside in favor of doing what’s best for

the team. A selfish person wants all the accolades and none of the blame. A humble person, on the other hand, always ask what they can do for others. They know that they’ll grow most when they work with their colleagues. Hunger relates to drive, passion, and the willingness to go above and beyond. Egotistical people lack hunger because they are self- satisfied. When you think yourself above others, you have no reason to better yourself. Hunger, then, goes hand-in-hand with humility. If you have the humility to assume you have room for improvement, you’ll have the hunger to improve. Finally, Lencioni doesn’t mean smart in the sense of having skills or a degree. Mostly, he’s talking about emotional intelligence. A good team player is smart enough to recognize the needs of others on their team and communicate effectively with multiples types of people. Obviously, this type of intelligence also stems from humility. An egomaniac communicates only on their own terms. If you can’t keep up with them, it’s your fault. They have no time for emotional intelligence or understanding communication styles. The humble team player thinks in the opposite way. They seek to communicate in a way that helps everyone. We all work in teams, regardless of what our position or status is. It stands to reason that we can all benefit from being a better team player. When you combine these virtues and check your ego at the door, you have the recipe for contributing to any team. Be humble enough to ask yourself how you can improve, and have the hunger to do it. Your teammates will thank you! Benson Bashford

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HOW TO PROTECT YOUR CELL PHONE From Hackers and Prying Eyes

These days, your phone stores a lot more than contact lists. From banking information and personal accounts to family photos and even your location at any given moment, your phone is a massive warehouse of personal information. With so much sensitive data stored in one place, you might be surprised to learn that most phones don’t come preloaded with antivirus and security software. That said, there are a number of measures you can take to ensure the data on your phone stays safe from prying eyes.

more robust your password is, the better. Even if you have a biometric password like a thumbprint or facial recognition, you should create a six-digit backup code. That way, if somebody finds your phone on the ground, they’ll have no way to get in. Adjusting your settings will also help limit access to your sensitive information. You can adjust when certain apps have access to details like your location, camera, and login information. At the very least, you should only allow these apps to access information when in use. The more information being shared between apps, the more opportunities there are for that information to be compromised. Network settings can also be adjusted so that you don’t access unprotected networks automatically. Turn Bluetooth off while you’re traveling, and don’t access any private information on public Wi-Fi. Starbucks is not the place to be inputting credit card information. Finally, you can always download third-party security software. If you go this route, do some research. Each operating system has different apps available, and there’s no use in downloading substandard security software. For Android users, Avast is a proven, free tool that lets you know what your apps are accessing in addition to providing antivirus protection.

The first step to creating a hack-proof phone is to take advantage of the security features it comes with. The easiest way to combat hackers seeking remote access is to update your system software at every opportunity. These updates may come with new features, but they also contain the latest fixes for the vulnerabilities that hackers exploit. Another important step is to set your phone to auto-lock. The



Nicole Phillips recently celebrated her three-year anniversary with AZCOMP in December, and she’ll be celebrating again this month, as her birthday is on Jan. 13. Nicole is an account manager here, and she loves being able to help customers when they’re feeling stressed. “I get to see us helping people in real time,” Nicole says. “They call us with their world on fire, and our team does everything they can to help. It’s extremely rewarding.”

At AZCOMP, our goal is to make sure each practice gets the most out of their Medisoft software. If you need guidance, feel free to contact us.

Call our direct support line: (480) 497-7480 Create a support ticket online: Don’t have Platinum Support? Plans start at just $99 per month. Call us at (855) 455-5035. Next Medisoft-U Training Webinar: Jan. 11, 10 a.m. Pacific Time Topic: Quick Ledger/Quick Statements Medisoft-U webinars are free for all. Visit to register.

When she’s not busy building bonds with our customers, Nicole loves spending time with her 7-year-old daughter, Chloe. “We have date night every Sunday when we go to the movies,” she notes. “We’ve both been enjoying all the superhero movies in the theaters.” Another passion of Nicole’s is travel. In fact, as you’re reading this, she’ll be visiting Thailand for the first time. Nicole’s favorite travel memory? “I’ll never forget zip lining in Costa Rica,” she answers. “Oh, and last year I got to visit Akumal, Mexico with my AZCOMP family. That was incredible.”

Medisoft Version 22 is HERE! Medisoft Version 22 is now on presale! Be sure to call us to learn about the discounts available leading up to launch day.

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WANT TO LEARN HOW TEAMS SUCCEED? BRING YOUR PRINT PHOTOS TO LIFE WITH AUGMENTED REALITY Ever wanted to turn yourself into a talking portrait straight out of the Harry Potter books? Well, Lifeprint’s new augmented-reality printer makes it possible. Using augmented reality technology and the Lifeprint app, you can choose specific frames from live photos or videos to create the image you want to animate. Once you have the perfect memory fully edited to your liking, you can connect your device to the printer via Bluetooth and print off the still you created. Each print comes with a sticker backing so you can paste them in photo books or frame them. When you’re ready to re-animate the photo, open the app and scan the picture with your phone’s camera. The app will recognize the photo and turn it from a static picture to the moving memory you took it from, all on the screen of your mobile device. If you’re ready for a more lifelike experience in your trip down memory lane, check out Lifeprint’s AR printer. Whether you want a more immersive photo book experience or to animate your portrait for friends, you’ll never go back to boring old photos! Lifeprint Is More Than Just a Photo Printer

THE HIDDEN COST OF CHEAP IT SERVICES When companies shop for IT services, the most common question is the one you’d expect: How much do you charge? Obviously, it’s a fair question. Businesses need to be mindful of their bottom line, and there’s no point in subscribing to a service you’ll never use. That said, upfront cost isn’t the whole story when it comes to IT decisions. A better question to ask would be, “What will I get for my money?” With cheap IT companies, the answer is not much. Maybe they’ll be there when the server breaks down or if Microsoft Word is acting weird on your computer. But you can bet they won’t help you implement IT systems that will prevent real, catastrophic issues from arising — the kinds of things that determine the success or failure of a company. You may feel like you’re getting a deal on the front end, but if something goes wrong, you’ll have to spend a lot more to pick up the pieces. Cutting corners on IT services will leave your sensitive information vulnerable in ways you probably don’t realize. Hackers develop new tactics all the time, and you can’t rely on an IT company that sets up your system and forgets about it to keep you updated with the latest defenses. If your IT company is only there when something goes wrong, they’re already a step behind. A downed server or temporarily unreliable network might seem like a minor issue, but even the smallest of IT problems can easily snowball into an expensive nightmare that threatens your company’s very existence. Not to mention the disasters that can arise if you lose the private information of your clients. Just ask Equifax how that plays with the public. Technology, when it’s working, is usually an afterthought for business owners. However, the second something goes haywire, it becomes the central focus. An IT company that offers managed services, rather than simple break fixes, will help protect your data before a problem arises, saving you money, time, and a whole lot of frustration. At AZCOMP, we are technology consultants, not just repairmen. We offer services to maintain and monitor your entire system to ensure the maximum possible uptime and to protect your data and system from crisis. Call us to learn more about our unlimited monitoring, maintenance, and support plans. Upfront Price Isn’t the Whole Story

When Wall Street Journal Deputy Editor Sam Walker began work on “The Captain Class,” he knew he wanted to investigate what shaped the greatest sports dynasties of all time. His discoveries led him to one conclusion: All of these teams had a great leader at their center. “The Captain Class” ended up becoming one part sports book and one part exploration of what it takes to be a great leader in any field. The Leadership Lessons of ‘The Captain Class’

When he started his research, Walker states, “I assumed it would be superstar talent or the coach or, you know, a lot of money or great tactics [that led to lasting success].” Instead, he found that a focal, vocal leader was the uniting factor. These captains talked constantly during games and were reliable, guiding presences. The lesson is that leadership comes from raising up those around you, and constant communication extends far beyond the world of sports. Regardless of which discipline you want to be a leader in, you’ll benefit from Walker’s investigation into the greatest winners the sports world has ever seen.

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It’s been a long-held belief that the retail industry most immune to the rise of e-commerce is fashion. But looking at clothes online hardly replicates the feeling of seeing a dress on the rack. Some customers even try on items in brick-and-mortar establishments before heading home to purchase them online. That’s why the remarkable success of Stitch Fix has shocked the industry and led many venture capitalists to regret passing on funding the company. The popularity of Stitch Fix is a combination of art and science. The art comes in the form of a personal stylist who selects clothes for you based on the style profile you complete upon signing up for the service. Aiding the stylists is a repository of data that notes the likes and dislikes of users with similar profiles. You pay a $20 styling fee for each box you receive, decide how often you’d like to receive a box, and send back any items that don’t work out. Because of the way the system works, the longer you subscribe, the better the stylists get at picking clothes you’ll want.

CEO Katrina Lake believes the growth of Stitch Fix stems from their uniqueness. “Stitch Fix is fundamentally different than anything you see in stores or online,” she says. “Our clients don’t have to deal with the burden of search or the paradox of choice. Our stylists match them with both the brands and trends we know they’ll love and new brands they’re excited to discover. It’s a much more effortless, convenient, and personal way to shop.” With more than 700 brands currently involved in the service and more on the way, Stitch Fix caters to clients of all tastes. In fiscal year 2015, Stitch Fix brought in $342 million in sales. This year, that number soared to $977 million. In October, they filed for an IPO, further proof that their growth shows no signs of slowing down. Turns out people will buy clothes online, provided they trust the seller to get it right.

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