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#ResearchAtHorizon: Collaboration to improve outcomes for spinal fusion surgery patients wins top NBHRF honours Throughout 2020 the New Brunswick Health

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surgeons Dr. Edward Abraham and Dr. Neil Manson, and the Canada East Spine Centre’s research team: Erin Bigney, Eden Richardson, Dana El-Mughayyar, Mariah Darling and Amanda Vandewint. Taking an integrated approach to treatment, the team examined how a prehabilitation program could improve patients’ outcomes following their spinal fusion surgery. It is thought that the pre-conditioning offered through cardiac rehab may improve patients’ physical functioning capacity and mental health at baseline, leading to improved post- operative disability and pain outcomes. Using the NBHC’s cardiac rehabilitation programming, patients in the study were randomly assigned to cardiac rehab and treatment, or treatment as usual without cardiac rehab. This study is currently in the enrolment stage. If the data supports the hypothesis that participation in the cardiac rehab program prior to spine surgery improves patients’ outcomes, then it will be offered provincially to at-risk spine surgery patients. There are so many impactful research projects being done in the area of medicine here in New Brunswick and with that in mind, CESC is incredibly honoured to have received the recognition of the Research Team of the Year from the NBHRF. This project would not have been possible without the financial support from the Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation and the McCain Family Foundation.

It is important when looking to improve patient quality of life to look at the patient holistically. Traditionally, in medicine, surgical specialties tend to only view patient care through the lens of their specialization, but this approach can result in failure to identify risk factors, or miss opportunities for preventative care. This project aims to improve patients’ chances of minimal adverse events while maximizing chances to decrease post-operative pain and disability, leading to overall improvement in patient quality of life. 2020 Research Teams of the Month Featuring Horizon Researchers: Pan Canada Collaboration Investigates Traumatic Cauda Equina Injury (March 2020) https://huddle.today/pan-canada-collaboration- investigates-traumatic-cauda-equina-injury/ The Reality Of Life Satisfaction Following A Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury (April 2020) https://huddle.today/the-reality-of-life-satisfaction- following-a-traumatic-spinal-cord-injury/ Looking Beyond Patient Averages: Steps Towards Personalized Care (July 2020) https://huddle.today/looking-beyond-patient- averages-steps-towards-personalized-care/ Giving Patients And Caregivers A Voice In Setting Research Priorities (August 2020) https://huddle.today/giving-patients-and- caregivers-a-voice-in-setting-research-priorities/ Research Team Looking To Improve Quality Of Care For Heart Surgery Patients (September 2020) https://huddle.today/research-team-looking-to- improve-quality-of-care-for-heart-surgery-patients/

Research Foundation (NBHRF) accepted nominations for the top health research collaboration in the province. Each month, a project showcasing work being done as a team was featured, highlighting that we are better together. In February, the Canada East Spine Centre (CESC) http://www.canadaeastspine.com/ received the first of what would become four awards for the 2020 competition (again in March, April and July). Research conducted by the CESC aims to translate into improvements in the care and outcomes for those who suffer from various spinal conditions. The dedicated team investigates ways to most effectively treat patients holistically. This involves exploring such topics as: the impact of psychological and social factors on patient outcomes following spine surgery; patients’ patterns of narcotic use to manage their pain; and strategies that can be employed in the peri-operative period to optimize patients’ response to treatments. Ultimately, it was the February submission (see article published by Huddle here) that garnered them the top honours as 2020 Health Research Team of the Year. The February 2020 team feature showcased a new collaboration between Dr. Robert Stevenson and physiotherapist Stephen Mundle from Horizon’s New Brunswick Heart Centre’s (NBHC) Cardiovascular Health and Wellness Program; together with, orthopedic

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Troy Lifford @TroyLifford Up at the DECH for some x-rays. #COVID19screeners doing an excellent job. Keeping the line moving but asking the questions to keep everyone safe. @HorizonHealthNB 1:53 PM · Dec 9, 2020 6 Likes

Gale Allen A true compassionate leader. Thanks Rhonda, you help improve patients’ and staff’s lives daily. 2:26 PM · Oct 28, 2020 4 Likes Laura Mazerolle I am so happy for these dedicated nurses, doctors, caretakers, medical workers, and everyone helping, to take care of people! Kudo for being so dedicated and to help people’s lives, on a daily basis! You are ALL, so very precious and, we love YOU all!! Oct 28, 2020 @Carol_Reimer You are all doing a great job. Thanks to all of Horizon. All departments. All working together in a time of shifting data and plans for the health of all of us. So thankful to have you at the pivot point of care. Editor’s Note: Carol Reimer is Horizon Board member.

Kate @cummingsgoing

Good morning @HorizonHealthNB, I need to shout out the people at the DECH blood lab. In and out in 20 min even with COVID protocols. Super friendly, efficient, and painless. 9:09 AM · Feb 3, 2021 1 reply 8 Likes



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From top left corner, clockwise: Dr. Edward Abraham; Dana El-Mughayyar, Eden Richardson, Erin Bigney, Amanda Vandewint; Dr. Neil Manson; Dr. Rob Stevenson; Mariah Darling; Stephen Mundle.

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