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use personal data; 38 percent of U.S. adults say they would spend a lot of money on wearable technology that detects potential health issues; and 56 percent of UK Gen Z consumers say they are concerned about the mental health implications of using technology de- vices too often. “What it means to connect with a brand virtually will evolve,” said the report.“It won’t be enough to just be online; rather, brands should consider how to deploy innovative tech to deliver elements of their brand, products and services in ways that add discernible ex- periential value that can’t be obtained through a static product page.” As social and environmental concerns continue to become increasingly central in the public conscious- ness, brands will be expected to creatively use digital technologies to make it easier for a broader spectrum of consumers to participate in philanthropic and/or environmentally responsible activities in their own capacity. Sustainable Spaces Sustainability has been a primary concern for con- sumers for many years and the pandemic, like so many others areas of their daily lives, has made the increas-

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BestBrightHalfHOUSEtwo.qxp_Layout 1 9/12/18 4:28 PM Page 1 Eighty percent of Chinese adults say app developers should be transparent about how they monitor and “There is a need to make online experiences more diverse and inclusive and appeal to new and existing audiences,” said the report. “Online personalities and influencers will be key in achieving this, as will having a clear understanding of consumers’ individual needs.” Digital Dilemmas The benefits of a digitally connected life have been established but there are undeniable concerns, as well. There are certainly many negative impacts that may not be entirely understood for years. Consumers are now increasingly living in a digital world, and the trends seen in areas like gaming will have an impact on other consumer and brand inter- actions, whether in retail, entertainment, or commu- nications. The pandemic will continue to expand digital expe- riences,making them increasingly a part of consumers’ lives, irregardless of demographic. This will provide opportunities for brands to cater to different types of consumers who are more accustomed to online ser- vices and interactions.

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