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cising has become a higher priority for them since the COVID-19 outbreak. The pandemic will, hopefully, fundamentally alter the ways in which societies view mental health and brands have the opportunity to lead that charge. “Globally, the pandemic has put health at the fore- front of consumers’ daily lives,”said the report.“As con- sumers move forward beyond the pandemic, they will experience a new type of gratitude for what it means to have a healthy body. Brands can lead with that note of positivity and gratitude and shift the conversation away from aesthetics and body image.” Collective Empowerment Another clear trend witnessed over recent years is consumers push toward equity and equal rights for all people. Consumers are utilizing technology, including social media, to form virtual communities in which they trust those around them, as they do not always feel they can trust the government and long-established brands. These consumers very much want to support compa- nies and brands that align with their core beliefs. “The conscious consumer is evaluating more close- ly the brands from which they shop,” said the report, “expanding the definition of what an ethical company

One result of the pandemic is an increasing aware- ness of wellbeing by consumers. Months of isolation and uncertainty have unmoored many consumers and made them realize the importance of better taking care of themselves. Mintel suggests that a playbook for how to respond to this burgeoning awareness does not yet exist and that brands have an enormous opportunity if they po- sition themselves at the forefront of this trend. Wellbeing, as defined in the report, encompasses the most fundamental basic needs, and the way con- sumers process decisions for their wellbeing is both direct and indirect. The holistic nature of wellbeing ensures it has a consistent place in brand messaging; it’s just a matter of brands determining where they fit into the narrative. For example, ‘self-care’ can be so broad that it can apply to any decision, whereas functional ingredients are designed with a clear and direct purpose. Statistics back up the uptick in mental health con- cerns since the pandemic first hit. More than 73 per- cent of U.S. consumers who experienced a mental health disorder in the past year have diagnosed them- selves. Just over 5o percent of UK consumers have used some form of health technology (eg nutrition app), while 59 percent of Chinese adults say that exer-

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