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Consumer Trends (Cont’d from Page 3) entails and demanding their voice be heard.”

Twenty percent of UK consumers say they often shop with a retailer that supports a cause they believe in; 6 percent do so always. Nearly 50 percent of Brazil- ian consumers agree that they are prepared to boycott companies who behave unethically, and 72 percent of U.S. consumers agree that they are concerned about corporations abusing technology. The pandemic, while creating an incredible sense of


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isolation, conversely also made consumers understand that they need to be more community minded as the only way to battle the pandemic was to show greater concern for others around you. A resurgence of advocacy has surged as people de- mand positive change, for themselves and for future generations. “There is an opportunity for brands to take a lead in addressing these issues, and they may risk being seen as a hindrance if they fail to do so,”said the report.“In a world forced to go digital, the reliance of global social movements on digital platforms accentuated – in some new and uncomfortable ways – the extent to which technology can be used unethically. This has raised consumer concerns and demands for more equitable access to digital tools and literacy alongside more eth- ical tech usage standards. Brands are, therefore, in a unique position of power to be a guiding source of influence — if led with trust and transparency. Consumers are more tech-savvy than ever before and


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