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Coming Together The isolation and loneliness associated with the pan- demic have made consumers reflect upon the impor- tance of community and mutual support. Consumers are coming together online, forming communities that unite to help one another. Forty-six percent of U.S. consumers feel giving back/ helping others is one of the top five values most Amer- icans live their lives by. Just more than 40 percent of UK consumers say they feel more connected to their neighbors due to COVID-19, and 80 percent of Chi- nese consumers say it is important for them to feel part of a community. This increased importance consumers feel in trying to belong to a like-minded community offers brands the opportunity to support these communities in new and supportive ways. “The cancellation of social gatherings opens endless possibilities for online and digital communication,”the report stated.“The longterm impact of this shift is that we will see innovation across online and digital com- munication continue at pace to cater to changing con- sumer expectations.” Virtual Lives Experiential attitudes toward brands are increasing and can no longer be viewed as fads or marketing tools. Consumers are experiencing powerful emotional con- nections to brands that are creating a point of differen- tiation.Technology has made experiences available to the masses while simultaneously creating a counterde- mand for offline interaction with brands. Both act as a means for consumers to feel like they are stepping out of their comfort zones. People are challenging themselves in more demand- ing ways than ever before, while others seek thrills in the ‘nothing experience’ and recognise the impor- tance of shutting down, switching off, or simply not doing anything at all. Consumers are becoming familiar with various forms of digital experiences that allow them to relax, social- ize, learn and create,” said the report. More than 60 percent of Chinese consumers agree some online entertainment activities (eg fitness,music festival) conducted at home through short video plat- forms can replace offline activities. More than 30 per- cent of UK consumers who use mobile apps say using an app to experience a virtual exhibition (eg museum, art gallery) appeals to them. (Cont’d on Page 11)


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