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2. This is the date that the purchase order was raised. Xero will default it to the current date, however, this can be changed if required. 3. This is the date that delivery is required. This can be manually entered. Alternatively if you know you require delivery in a certain number of days, for example 28, then enter +28 and hit the tab key. This will then autofill the date for you 4. This is the order number. Xero automatically populates this to ensure Orders are raised sequentially. This can be manually changed if required 5. This is the reference field. This can be used to reference specific jobs or instructions 6. You should select your branding theme here from those you created within “Invoice Settings” 7. If you are using the inventory function, you can use the drop down box to select the inventory type. This will then auto fill boxes 8-14. You should be careful to ensure the correct quantity is entered. If you are not using the inventory function then leave this blank. 8. This is the description of the item you are ordering. 9. Ensure you enter the quantity required, even if the quantity is only 1 this box must always have a figure in it for the order form to populate 10. The unit price is the price per item that you are purchasing from the supplier at 11. The Account is the cost code against which the purchase will be posted. If you use tracked inventory this will always be the inventory code. If not then this should be the expense code such as purchases, advertising etc. 12. The tax rate is automatically populated based on the cost code which is entered. You should not need to edit this. 13. The region box will only appear if you are using the tracking categories. 14. Xero will automatically calculate the line by line cost based on the quantity and unit price that has been entered 15. This is the total purchase order cost which will include all items and VAT 16. If you require additional items on the purchase order you can order more lines in multiples of 1, 5, 10 or 20.

At the foot of the purchase order you can ensure the delivery address and any special delivery instructions are entered.

Once happy with the purchase order this can be approved and Xero will give you the option to either electronically send the order or to print a copy to post to the supplier

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