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1. Within this drop down, you can select either “Any” or “All”. The difference between the two is as follows:

All - The rule is applied only when every condition is met. If one condition doesn't match, then the rule will not run. This makes the rule more restrictive.

Any - The rule is applied if only one of the conditions is met. The rule won't fail just because one or more conditions doesn't match. This makes the rule less restrictive.

2. You can select an individual text field, such as Payee, and Xero will apply the rule if that particular field meets the condition.

If you select Any text field, Xero will search the Payee, Description, Reference and Analysis Code fields on the bank statement line. Xero will apply the rule if one of the fields meets the condition.

3. For the comparison options equals, contains or starts with, enter the relevant value(s) to meet the condition.

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