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5. Give your journal some narrative to explain its purpose – useful when reviewing historic data. 6. Select this box to use the default narrative from (5) in the journal detail. 7. Journals can be shown on the cash basis reports by selecting this box. Cash basis reports include the cash summary and cash basis VAT return. 8. Description of the posting. This defaults to narrative if (6) is ticked. 9. The chart of accounts code to post to. 10. Tax rate is the VAT rate to apply to each individual component of the journal. 11. If using the tracking categories in the software you can assign your journals to these categories.

12. Debit side of the journal. 13. Credit side of the journal.

All journals can be edited once they have been posted.

Options are to: Convert the journal into a repeating journal Reverse the original journal posted Void the journal posted Copy the journal format to be used Edit the existing journal

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