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30 years of Therapy, Freedom, and Happiness while developing Sensory Environments and Products for learning, based on what you, our Customers have asked for. We stock over 96% of our products in CANADA and can deliver within 3 days to most of Canada. TFH staff strive to resolve any problems quickly and with your best interest in mind. Installation is available anywhere in Canada from trained TFH installers. Our Sensory Rooms and Play to Learn products are available across Canada to Hospitals, Schools, Long Term Care Homes, Rehabilitation Facilities, and of course our families. There are simply not enough space to fit all products into these pages, CHECK THE WEBSITE FOR ADDITIONAL PRODUCTS & current prices. Follow us on social media for Therapeutic Sensory Play.

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TACTILE Light Chew Heavy Chew Tactile Hands Plush Touch & Feel Tactile Discrimination Sand & Water Tactile Feet Tactile Panels

PROPRIOCEPTION Massage Vibration Squeeze Weighted Variable Force Squash


Noisy Toys Big Noise Noise Making Percussion Bells Resonance

Mirrors Reflections Eye Candy Spin Movement UV Toys Projectors Gentle Disco Light Panel Illumination

3 - 22

23 - 32

33 - 46

47 - 58

109 - 144





Full Support Swing Seats Single Swing Frame Wheelchair Platform Swing Indoor Frame Platform Swings Active Swings Outdoor Swings Swung

Therapy Balls Balance Active Bodies Reaching Turning Fidgit

Musical Puzzles Switches Challenges Rewards

Art Writing

Taking Turns Vocalisation Story Telling Expression Dolls Cats & Dogs Safe Spaces Cooperation

Positioning Living Aids Mobility

Coracles Spinning Rocking Bouncing

59 - 78

79 - 88

89 - 96

97 - 108


Podiums Bubble Columns Bubble Walls Fibre Optics Projectors Atmospherics Sound Sensitive Wonder Walls Disco Ceiling Resonance

Padding Ball Pool MSE Swings Vecta

Backpacks | Independence

Fine Motor Activity Kit Improve muscle and nerve control, coordination and efficiency with products that engage while requiring muscle control and precision. ITEMS VARY BASED ON AVAILABILITY. 9GNGPM

Proprioception Activity Kit Sensory Integration products to engage and stimulate the body’s sense of position, equilibrium, and motion in relation to the total body and its individual parts. A SELECTION FROM ITEMS SHOWN. 9GNGPP $261.00


Tactile Activity Kit Touch & Texture sensory products to explore different textures and surface, density, & pressure to work towards tolerance & desensitization through self directed activity. A SELECTION FROM PRODUCTS SHOWN. 9GNGPT $263.00

Auditory Processing Activity Kit Includes items to be used for awareness, localization, attention as well as

Communication Activities Kit Express needs, wants, thoughts and ideas through these activities that utilize facial expressions, gestures, symbols, pictures and recordings. 9GNGPO

environmental, segmentation, association and analysis of sound and speech. Products will vary. 9GNGPA $263.00


Visual Backpack Easily portable to alter and stimulate vision. Products address tracking, focusing, teaming, memory, constancy, closure and spatial skills. A SELECTION From Available Products. 9GNGPV $263.00

Take Turns Kit Items to engage constructive, symbolic and functional play as well as activities with rules and sequence or turn taking. 9GNGPG

Engagement Activity Kit Develop autonomy, initiative, trust, accomplishment, and confidence while enabling persistence, success, failure, and acceptance through engagement. A SELECTION FROM ITEMS SHOWN. 9GNGPS $263.00


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3 - 22

Feast your eyes on our VISUAL Senses Chapter!

If you are looking for products that will encourage peripheral vision or visual tracking, you should start here. Note, many sensory skills do overlap. Visual hand-eye coordination may be best served by products found in other chapters such as MOTOR or SOCIALISATION .

Sensory processing refers to our ability to take in information through our senses. Our visual perception is how our brain processes, interprets and makes sense of what we see. Visual perception can refer to blindness but, it can also be an inability to recognise elements of visual information. For example, faces, objects, people, lights, and or backgrounds.

Mirrors | Visual

Mirror Diffraction Paddles Spin the 12 differently reflective & textured surfaces. Motor, Visual, Cause & Effect. • 25 x 25cm 6DFMP $229.00

Mirror with Handles A framed, durable safety mirror, set in a sturdy frame with handles for easy holding & viewing (hang it from the Wheelchair Activity Arch!). Encourages visual attention and bi-lateral hand usage. Use to reduce or select the visual Sensory environment. • 33 x 18cm 6VLBM $51.00

Reflection Rolling Drum Mounted on a sturdy base this six sided drum spins and offers different reflective surfaces while making a clatter noise. • 25 x 25 x 15cm dia 6DRPD


Mirror, Soft Infinity Corner

Rainstick Marble Wheel Easy grasp knobs for turning and a mirrored back to see yourself. Marbles are wrapped in rings to create a soothing rain-like sound (secured behind clear acrylic) rolling randomly with a soothing sound. Tracking, Auditory, Motor planning. • 25 x 20 x 5cm 6MMWL $199.00

Soft sided mirrors that, when fitted together, reflect images in multiple layers. • 38 x 30 x 30cm 6NFCN $99.00

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Visual | Mirrors

Spinning Mirror Chimeabout Carousel of mirrors & bells for motor, visual & auditory function. • 23 x 20cm 6TMMC

Mirror, Selective Distortion & Abstract Reflection The flexible mirror surface is distorted by sliding the knobs on the side of the frame producing all sorts of interesting reflections. Wall Mount. • 116 x 51 cm 6DSTM $731.00


Geometric Spinner Each piece rotates independently providing visual tracking and auditory opportunities. 6BWSP $231.00

Mirror, Perspective Rocking Tray Play with object reflection, balance and resistance. Wooden frame with acrylic mirrored wobbles on a central suctionable foot. Includes 15 colourful balls but you can add other sensory toys. • 76cm dia x 7cm deep 6MITB $435.00

Mirror, Magic Multi Colour A beautiful jewel-like reflective surface. Lots of fun to shine lights on or just hold colored items up to it. Made of unbreakable Acrylic, wall mounting brackets provided. • 94 x 122cm 7MULM $582.00

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Mirrors | Visual

Mirror, Soft-frame with 9 Bubbles Nine convex distortion dimples in this acrylic mirror give the user a unique perspective. Watch the reflections change shape and size as you move. • 84 x 84 x 5cm 9BBMR $399.00

Sensory Distortion Mirror Nine convex distortion dimples in this acrylic mirror give the user a unique perspective. Watch reflections change shape and size as you move. • 84cm square 6SNMP $421.00

Mirror, Speech & Physical Therapy Slanted for Table Top Free-standing acrylic safety mirror. Clamp the large base to a table. Develop visual attention & increase visual effects. • 46 x 25cm 6VUBM $269.00

Multi - Effect Mirrors Set 4 4 mirror set with different sized distorting bubbles. Lightweight shatter-proof safety plastic. • 30 x 40cm 6BMR4 $181.00

Large Multi Effect Mirror Elongates and Reflects with vivid reflection & distortion. • 60 x 80cm 6BMME


NEW Concave Plastic Mirror x10

Mirror, Acrylic Set of 10 - in 3 sizes 10 tough & safe acrylic mirrors of different sizes for one- to-one activities and visual reinforcement. Reflect your Sensory Room. Includes: 2 (24”x12”), 4 (12”x12”), 4 (6”x6”). • 20 x 30cm, 10 x 15cm, 5 x 7cm 6UNMI

A fantastic sensory play resource for children to look at objects in different perspectives incourage self exploration and develop curiosity. • 10cm dia x 0.1 cm 6DSPM $41.00


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Visual | Reflections

Reflection Blankets Wrap, lay, or hang these highly responsive sensory blankets as every movement results in crackles & sparkles. Set of 3. • 152 x 795 cm 9SPBL $42.95

Mirrors are the ideal mediumfor self discovery. Ideal for exploring body, face, expression, gesture; your own and those beside you. Shimmering, shifting, diffracting and glancing, mirrors stimulate curiosity and can provide a source of wonder through Illusions of never-ending depth and the scattering of lights. They add a whole new dimension to a space, or simply focus a one-to-one moment.

NEW Distortion Specs

How does a cuttlefish see it’s underwater world? Or a T rex? Just pop on these cool glasses to see the world through others’ eyes. 22 interchangeable lenses, includes an information leaflet. 6VSTW $49.00

Shimmering Curtain A curtain of soft metallic strips mounted on a wooden rod. Multi-coloured. Flutters in a breeze. • 240 x 83cm 9SHMC $49.00

Magnify Sheet Set Two flexible and strong magnifying sheets will augment images. • 17 x 23cm 6NFFF $22.85

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Eye Candy | Visual

Boing Pro Rubbery light-filled magical orb, every time it’s squeezed it changes color. 2 x AA.

Mini Boing & Tether A mini magical orb that must be swung from the tail like a sparkler. 3TBPRS $26.95

Small, portable, palm-of- the-hand products that mesmerise and distract, the simplest ideas can be the best.

• 8cm dia 3TBPR


10 cm Clear Ball See 3LUSK online for options. • 10cm dia 3TBSW

Light Up Asterix Ball Fat spokes illuminate when this erratic ball bounces. • 8cm dia 3LABL

Flashing Orbit Ball This visual ball flashes for 12 seconds after any bounce.

Light Up Balls Product not available in Canada. See 3LUSK on website. • 6cm dia 3TBSB

• 7cm dia 8FOBA





Plasma Sphere A lovely Deep Effect. 3 x AA. • 13.5 cm dia 18 cm high 3CLPS


LED Lights-up Cushion A simple tap of this white plush fur cushion will bring it to life, or switch it off. Removable cover for easy cleaning. 3 x AA. • 35 x 35cm 5ILPL $119.00

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Visual | Eye Candy

Handheld inFUNities Suspend these double-sided infinity illusions from your ceiling for visual interest. Only ¾” thick, the deep infinity effect is amazing and appears the same on both sides. On/ off remote control. Styles: 3FUNS-Star, 3FUNH-Heart and 3FUNC-Circle. 2 x AA. • 15cm dia 3FUNS $53.00

Fibre Optic, Table Top Plume Colour changing fibres & vibrating base. • 35 x 8.5cm dia 9FOLP


inFUNities - Heart 3FUNH


inFUNities - Circle 3FUNC

Hand Held Infinity Tunnel 2 hands to hold this infinite view. 3x AA. • 23cm dia 4MINF $33.95


NEW Hypnogizmo Cascading mathematical motion - Eye- entrancing, brain-bending kinetic flow. Give this wild wonder a twist. • 22 x 12 x 12cm 9HYPN


Small Colour Morph ball Glows in a darker room with hypnotic soft morphing colours. battery operated. 3x AA. 3CYBL


Underwater Mini Projector This floating disco ball creates an amazing lightshow underwater. 5 modes. 3 x AAA. 3UWLS $23.95

Mini Infinity Not Available in Canada please see 3LUSK online. • 7cm dia 3MINF $15.95

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Spin | Visual

Press and Glow Spinner Push the star to activate the spinning lights and music; or turn off the music and the press to the top for quiet play!6 month +approximately 7” tall. 3x AA inc. • 18 x 18cm 6PAGS $25.95

Giant Star Spinner Wand Push the button and the ring of light illuminates and spins, changing multi-colored patterns. See 3SLGM for the mini. 3 x AA inc. • 19 x 9cm 9SPSP $24.95

Poppity Spinner Top Push powered jumping bead action, very repeatable.For Light & Music Show see 6PAGS on web-store. • 18 x 14cm 3BOPT $59.00

Fantastik A hand held LED light show. Soft and flexible blades allow touching while it is on! 3 x AAA. • 11cm 3FANT $14.95

Infinity Spinner Top Button activated spinning! Spins a long time and flashes Kaleidoscope patterns. 3 x AAA . 3NFTP

NEW Giant Fantastic Big visual impact, safe soft impact. 3x AAA.


• 18 x 5cm 9VSWS


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Visual | Movement

NEW Contrast Cubes x3 Each cube has 3 red sides and 3 black and white different pattern sides. Made from cotton fabric and foam. • 15 x 15 x 15cm 6VCTC $169.00

Clear Sensory Spheres See web store for options. Product not available in Canada. • 21cm 6SINB


NEW Hand Held Aquarium

Turn the tube and the fish swim up the tube through a swirl of glitter. • 33 x 5cm dia 6VHHA $129.00

NEW Spin n Slide

Fidget spinners on a stick. Much easier to spin, much easier to hold, the spinners also slide up and down, considerably more fun. You can add your own spinners. • 19cm 3SPNS $53.00

Wooden Top Push the patterned papers onto the pin and then provide spin. • 16 x 25cm dia 3WDTP


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Movement | Visual

Liquid Timer Pack 21 different silent timers, the colours rise and fall gradually. Times are from 45 seconds to 3 minutes - each varies slightly. 3LQTP $199.00

Jumbo Glitter Tube Slowly turn this strong acrylic tube from end to end and track the slow moving shiny filaments within. • 30cm 4JGLT $23.00

Kaleidoscope Tube Insert a glitter tube (included) and peek through the hole to watch the changing magic inside. Additional tubes sold separately (4GLTT). • 23cm 4KALE $35.00

Narrow Glitter Tube Tiny metallic coloured foil leaves swirl through it. Can be used with our kaleidoscope (2013) 4KALE. • 28cm 4GLTT $15.95

Light up Little Aquarium Watch the sea life float about enhanced by the flashing LED light at the bottom. Shake to activate the 50 second colorful flashing lights. Comes in either Blue or Green. Colour Varies. • 13 x 5cm 6LUAQ $17.00

Colour Illusion 45 sec.Timer A single drip of 2 different colours. Clear background. • 7 x 12cm 6CLIL $13.00

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Visual | UV Toys

NEW UV Roller Rattle

Fluorescent beads tumble noisily around inside. • 275 x 43 x 43cm 6MRFL $79.00

Neon Magic Wands Set 4 different colours glow brightly under a blacklight. 9UVRD $67.00

UV Bounce Balls x2 Fluorescent stars shine under a UV light. 9UVSTB


NEW Double Disco Stick

Handheld flashing projector, with 3 modes. 3 x AAA inc. • 245 x 5cm 3VDDS $10.45

Glow Stars With their adhesive backs you can stick them to anything. Jar of 135 stars in 2 different sizes. 9NGLS $17.25

NEW Flashing Baton Soft sided illumination with 8 modes. 3x AG13 inc . • 39 x 25cm Dia 9KTFB

Fluorescent Bead Tube Tip the tube and the glowing granules trickle down. • 28cm 9UVBT $53.00


Disco Ball Hard ball with internal movement, tap for lights.

• 4cm dia 3TBDB


Honeycomb UV Lights Ball Lights up, Glows in a UV light, Squishy, not bouncy. • 9cm dia 3UVFL $7.25

UV Fuzzy Bracelet Set Set of 5 tactile and UV responsive stretchy rings. • 20cm dia 3UVSB $29.95

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UV Toys | Visual

Cosy Cave Illumination Sensory Kit Perfect little kit for dark places. Colour Change Egg, Fibre Optic Plume, UV Torch, Fluorescent Bead Tube, Astro Torch, glow in the dark Sensory Ball, Disco Ball. 9UCCK $145.00

Poppin Pinwheels UV Carpet 72” square acrylic, bound edges. • Per Square Metre 9UVCT


UV LED Bar This UV bar is an easy way to enhance and illuminate your fluorescent

products. Perfectly bright and less fragile than tubes or lamps. Screw to the wall with included brackets, plug in and play. Mains powered.UV wavelength 410nm. • 50 x 5 x 6cm 9UVBAR $199.00

LED Searchlight Illuminates a small area with bright white light. 3x AAA, Inc. • 10 x 4cm dia 9FLTC $83.00

Providing the opportunity for a completely different way of experiencing colour and light, UV is a gateway to a whole host of new and unique visual experiences. Hugely effective in an enclosed space, free of natural light, the vivid colours shine and encourage productive participation.

UV Rainstick Rollers Each of the 4 tubes spins easily within the robust wooden frame. The neon colours glow brightly under UV blacklight and make an soft rainstick sound. Includes hand held torch. • 30 x 25cm 6FLTR $209.00

Easy Pop-Up Dark Cave Easily portable and extremely lightweight structure with a double nylon skin that blocks out light, creating a perfect spot for UV illumination. Perfect for places where space is limited or needs to be changed easily.

Handheld Black Light Battery operated for portable discovery. 4x AA. • 17cm 9UVTC

• 1m cube 9UVCC



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Visual | UV Toys

Fluorescent Spinning Bells Spins easily on a sturdy wood frame. UV reactive strips, with mirrors on one side. For auditory stimulation we added bells. • 23 x 20cm 6TMMCL $185.00

Ultra Violet, Fine Motor Skills Kit Rattle, Slinky and Tangle. 9UVKFM


Ultra Violet, Gross Motor Activation Kit Engage gross motor skills; flourescent balls, 4 bead bags, multiple scarves and large Slinky. 9UVKGM $55.00 Ultra Violet, Full Spectrum, Sensory Support Kit Portable UV Space withTactile & Visual items in a carry bag. Items may vary from the picture. 9UVKX $1,079.00

Ultra Violet, Communication Support Kit An assortment of Glow Paints, Pens, Letters, Number, and Markers. 9UVKO $341.00

Rotating Bead Wheel Fluorescent sparkling beads swoosh with a gentle rain-like sound when you turn the wheel slowly, increase the revs to increase the intensity. • Base: 25 x 20 x 30cm, Face: 22 x 22 x 6cm 6RTBW


NEW UV Paints Set 4 Fluorescent and 1 Glow in the Dark paint set. Brilliant to get creative. 150ml each bottle. 9UVBBP $12.99

Ultra Violet, Ripple Woven Mat Glows intensely for visual & tactile interest under Black light. Screw to a wall, lay on the Floor, or over a person. • 1m square 9UVMAT $645.00

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Projectors | Visual

Aura Projector, Plastic Silent LED projector, for 6” effect wheels. A bright yet dimmable light is perfect in a bedroom. Includes a timer for auto off. Low heat and whisper quiet. Includes wall mount & one oil wheel. Large range of compatible wheels pages 119-121 Designed for budget friendly sensory room. Transformer. • 20 x 20 x 20cm 9AUPJ $479.00

Laser Stars Projector Fill any dark space with a super sharp spectacle of animated stars and cloud formations. Adjustable Cloud brightness and slowly moving stars. Transformer. • 22 x 24 x 28cm 9NLST

Prisma Light Sends gentle LED light rippling around a darkened room. Portable for travel and battery operated. 3 x AA. • 13 x 8cm 3KLDL $18.95

Sensory Liquid DVD Specially created moving images and music to encourage the brain to produce its own naturally calming alpha brainwaves which help reduce anxiety and encourage relaxation. 9SLDV $33.95


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Visual | Projectors

Slimline Graphic Wheels

Use code 9SNIP or 9AUPJ. This item Not available in Canada. 9NPJSLS $155.00

Northern Lights Projector Multi-coloured LEDs project a fascinating light show onto walls and ceilings. Two patterns and eight different colour modes. 3x AA. 3AUNL $69.00

Slimline Wheel Set Not available for purchase in Canada. 9NPJSA $186.00

Slimline Projector Use Code 9SNIP or 9AUPJ. This Item Not Available in Canada. FIRE HAZARD. Transformer. • 10 x 27 x 24cm 9NPJSL $289.00

Simulated Water Projector Multi-coloured LEDs project a fascinating light show onto walls and ceilings. Two patterns and eight different colour modes. mains. • 19 x 10 x 11cm 3WTPJ $125.00

Star Lamp Projector A spinning light show, stars light up within the toy while colours illuminate the ceiling. 3 x AA. • 14cm 3SLMP $45.00

Mini-mOcean Speaker Connect to most Auxiliary devices for sound, also creates a lovely fluid pattern on the ceiling. 4 x AA. • 13 x 13 x 13cm 3MIMO $109.00

Portable Stars Projector Projects starry lights in a darkened small space by simply pressing down the top. Amazing in a Cozy Cave. 4xAA. 4 x AA. • 14cm 3STLP $23.99

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Gentle Disco | Visual

Mini Whirl Bench A safe seat to transfer on to and watch the included Whirl Wind tube. On sturdy casters to help you move the bench when needed. • Body 75 x 41 x 45cm, Funnel height: 82cm 9TRAIN


Easy Move Sensory Corner Share this Budget Hurricane Column in a well-built Podium (50cm tall) on good casters with sturdy mirrors.70 x 70 x 130cm. • 70 x 70 x 130cm 9MPC $2,995.00

Vecta, Jr. Smartly scaled down, mobile and lightweight sensory cart. Wee Vecta carries a Budget Whirlwind Tube, a Bluetooth compatible Radio and a set of 100 x 1 meter Fibre Optic Tails. • W: 41cm x D: 51cm x H: 122cm 9VCJR $3,300.00

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Visual | Bubble Columns

Water Bubble Tube, Basic, Narrow LED colours cycle slowly through 16 preset colours. Intended for personal use for calm & relaxation. Turn bubbles on & off with any switch (switches not included) Most popular switch is 3FOSW. Transformer. • 120cm x 10cm dia 9BC120U $655.00

Column Carry Case Our Tabletop Bubble Column and Hurricane Tubes zip into this secure foam block. 9CLCC $251.00

Whirlwind, Basic Air Bubble Tube, 48” tall A water-less column, switch controllable for air flow only and highly interactive. LED colours cycle slowly through 16 preset coloursDesigned for Personal and Limited Use. Interactive Switches sold separately. Most Popular Switch is 3FOSW. • 120 x 10cm dia 9HC120U $655.00

Portable, Table Top Water & Air Tubes Slowly changing colours and rising bubbles relax and calm. Compact Size makes portability easy. Includes waterproof pump. CUL approved. LOW VOLTAGE Ideal for home, classroom, & travel use. Transformer. • 66cm x 10cm dia 3BCSST $745.00

Portable Whirlwind Air Tube Compact Size makes portability easy. CUL approved. LOW VOLTAGE Ideal for home, classroom, & travel use. • 60 x 10cm dia 3HCSST $739.00

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Light Panel | Visual

Compact Magic Light Table Strong and light with a 16 colour change squence you can use wet and dry materials on this illuminated surface. • 47cm dia x H: 15cm 7RMLT

Stand for Light Table Folds for easy storage. 7RMLTS



See-Through Bottom Box For Light Table learning, allows for sand tracing, water exploration, or comparison work. For coordination, visual, calming and focused work. • Length 6cm x Width 54cm x Height 54cm 7RMLTT


Light & Sand Table Top A well-made light box with large colour changing buttons and a clever acrylic insert for illuminated sand and messy play. mains. mains. • 60 x 60 x 12cm 4LTSD $485.00

Jelly Fish Squishables 4 Colourful glittery shapes perfect for a light table. • 20cm 3JFSH $22.95

Jelly Shapes Squishables 4 colourful glittery shapes that lie flat on a light table. • 19cm 3JSHP $24.50

View-Thru Geometric Solids Transparent, 3–D shapes introduce volume. Fill them with liquid or sand, they clean easily. • 5cm 7VTGS $32.00

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Visual | Illumination

Colour Morphing Egg Portable, Durable, Rechargeable. Batt Rx. inc. • 30 x 30 x 37cm 5MDEG $211.00

Colour Morphing Educational Light Cube Ideal for STEM learning. Batt Rx. inc. • 40cm cube 5MDSQ $311.00

Colour Morphing Sphere Solid illuminated sphere fades smoothly through the entire spectrum of shades from a cool ultra-violet to a warm red. Remote control for specific colour choice included. Approx 10 hours of light per charge. Approx 10 hours of light per charge. • 40cm, 80kg max 5MDSP $249.00

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Illumination | Visual

Round Bubble Table Colour changing lights have the ability to captivate both Adults and Children. Colours change automatically into a range of different pretty colours, or can be set to the colour of your choice. The table has secure glass for safety. • H: 30cm, 60cm dia 7RBTL $949.00

Interactive Floor Tiles Weight activated hotspot, colours change when you are on, and stay fixed when you go. 6ITTL $475.00

LED Rope Light Completely personalized, eco efficient lighting with remote control. Length of 16’ and very little profile with 3M adhesive for quick installation. 8 Sensory Functions including dimmer and white light. 3x AA. • 8m (1cm dia) 3RPLT $43.00

Visual Stimulation Activities Kit Over 2 Dozen visually stimulating, tracking and awareness products. Help us help you select the items by working directly with a Customer Service Representative. This kits is designed to allow individuals to retain impressions of sensory information after the original stimulus has ceased. Items may be substituted due to availability or practicality but mostly as seen below in the picture of the kit! • Storage Bag Included 9GNGVD $1,499.00

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23 - 32

Auditory processing disorder (APD) or Auditory Hypersensitivity can affect people of all ages, but it often starts in childhood. It can affect your ability to understand speech, distinguish sounds, and concentrate around background noise. But it doesn’t have to be a barrier when it comes to playtime! We provide a wide range of fun auditory toys to help explore and develop this important sense.

Look out for our Resonance selection which magnifies the vibration inherent in sound, enabling us to feel as well as hear sounds. Look in COMMUNICATION for musical instruments and find noisy puzzles in COGNITION .

Noisy Toys | Auditory

Giggly Ball Large Roll & shake for giggles. Textured dimples make it easy to hold. Grandma will love it too! • 18cm dia 9WIGIL $46.00

Tones Tube So simple and so fun! Burn off energy while making tones, fun to listen to, watch and play with. A length of springy, colorful plastic- there are 5 different tones if you spin it fast enough! • 76cm 3TUBE $5.95

Musical Cuboid, Press to Play The Musical Cuboid is a battery-operated and touch-sensitive plastic cube. The 6 switches play tunes by an award-winning arranger on drums, flute, piano, guitar, orchestra and tuba. A coloured light illuminates your chosen instrument, to the beat. For more fun you can sing along using the song book (included). 3 x AA. • 13cm 3EMBR $69.00

Wiggly Giggly Shaker A rugged plastic barbell shaped toy that makes gentle meow sounds. • 8 x 5cm dia 9WISH


NEW Penguin Musicial Wobbler Bring this wibbly wobbly musical mechanical penguin to life with the lightest of touches. • 112 x 9 x 126cm 4MPWM $35.00

NEW Laughing Bag x1 A whole lot of laughs - tap to unleash. • 14cm 4FFLB $10.95

Cozy Headband Headphones - Fox Provides hours of listening enjoyment your kids will love. Built tough with a flexible and durable 36” braided cord and sturdy 3.5 mm stereo plug. Includes removable/adjustable speakers. Headbands are washable. Use with all of your favorite devices. • 12 x 9 x 3 + 90cm cord 3COZYX $69.00 Cozy Headband Headphones - Frog 3COZYF $69.00 Cozy Headband Headphones - Panda 3COZYP $69.00

Rain Maker A traditional toy. When turned upside down the pebbles and beans inside the stick drip down the core; the sound that is produced is soothing and calming, like that of a gentle falling rain. Made from cactus so please check occasionally for for loose spines. • 50cm 3RAIN $43.00

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Auditory | Noisy Toys

NEW Retro Music Player

This MP3 highly durable player is very easy to operate with just three controls: Start, Skip & Stop. The music will always continue from where it was last stopped. Setting up the player is undertaken by friends, family or carers, as a one time process. 4GB about 1500 songs. • 30 x 19 x 11cm 3ASMP $329.00

Melody Snail A soft plush musical snail. Each colour plays a different note - use a soft keyboard with the included colour coded music cards. Velcro straps for attaching. Batteries are not included. 2 xAA. 2 x AA. • 24cm 4MLSN $55.00

Activity Centre Small Beautifully crafted freestanding wooden activity centre can be used either on the floor or on a table top. Features eight different sensory play activities people love to explore. • 35 x 58 x 28cm 6ACNS $599.00

NEW Beanbag Sounds x3 Each silky soft beanbag makes a different noise: Rattle; squeak; and crunch the lace tail to makes catching easier. Separate inner lining for strength. 6SSBB


NEW Rabit Tat Tat

Excellent Illuminated drum pad with great features: Record and playback function with voice distortion; Follow the lights game; Drum along with familiar songs. 4 x AA inc. • Height 14cm x Length 44cm x Width  27cm 3MRTT $111.00

Musical Owl Get your little one in the groove with these musical friends. Music Center features 4 instruments; a rainbow xylophone, 2 mallets, cymbal, drum pad and wash board. All in a fun design. • 39 x 30 x 12cm 3MOWL $69.00

Rolly the Laughing Dog Movement sensative pooch, rolls about with delight when you activate his motion sensor. Ages 4+. 3 x AA. • 30cm 4ROLD $39.90

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Gentle Noise | Auditory

Pop N Jump Piano Playing the piano has never been this fun! When children press a key on the piano, they not only hear a sound, they see a star pop up! The clear dome guides the shooting stars onto a different pipe so when another note is played, they’ll pop some more! Flip the switch to go from piano tones to hearing fun sound effects when the keys are pressed. 3xAA batteries incl. 3 x AA. • 22.5 x 27.5 x 14cm 3PPPO $96.00

Noisy Pillow Orange Double-sided pillows, one is quiet & soft, other is very tactile. 3NPOR $42.95

Noisy Pillow Green Green with blue frills, and orange corners. • 31 x 31cm 3NPGR $42.95

Noisy Pillow Yellow 3NPYL $42.95

Bell Spiral The bell tinkles as it spins in, and again as it spins out, but not when it gets there. • 25 x 30 x 22cm dia 6BLSP $235.00

Illuminated Tambourine Give it a gentle tap and let the flashing begin. 3 x AAA. 3 x AAA inc. • 22 x 13 x 4cm 3ILTB $9.99

Bubs Baby Earmuffs Adjustable soft headband for a good fit on babies up to 18 months. Quiet harmful noises while soothing ambient environment •. • 7 x 9cm 3BSEM $75.00

Clatterpillar, Click Clack A fantasitc instrument! Hold each end then raise one hand while lowering the other and the Clatterpillar colorful segments “clacks” against the next . Sturdy, strong and extremely resilient to forceful, musical play. • 23 x 8cm 3CLTP $23.95

Hush Buddy™ Earmuffs For children who need quieter spaces. Comfortable, cushioned ear pads that go around, not resting on, the ears to block out the maximum amount of external noise. Industry leading noise reduction rating (NRR) of 27dB.L: 5.7” x W: 4.8. • 15 x 13cm 3HBTI $53.95

Noise Cancelling Headphones A folding compact hearing protection earmuff for children over 6 months of age. Weighing only 190grams they have an average noise reduction rating of 25db. use code 5BZEM. 3EMKE $75.00

Hush Buddy Earmuffs - Panda 3HBTP

Hush Buddy Earmuffs - Bear 3HBTB $53.95


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Auditory | Gentle Noise

NEW Colour Roller Rattles x3 Colourful beads tumble noisily around inside. • 275 x 43 x 43cm  6MRCL $189.00

Little Squeeze Box Concertina. To play, simply squeeze your hands together then pull them apart. • 10 x 20 x 10cm 3CONC $53.00

Flip Fingers Bells roll inside the tubes making for easy participation and inclusion. • 25 x 35cm  6FLFP


Touch Ring N Rattle Beechwood Rattle with Auditory and tactile feedback. • 11cm 3TRRR $21.45

Sight & Sound Drum A sumptious compendium of spin. Four tubes enclose a variety of stuff. They spin and so does the drum that holds them. • 26 x 20 x 20cm 6SASD


Chime Tree A nudge is usually enough to dislodge fruit from this noisy tree. Turning is noisier than spinning though. • 25 x 30 x 22cm dia 6CHTR $235.00

Bell Flower Multiple bells tumble about within if you give it a spin. • 25 x 20 x 28cm dia 6BLFL


NEW Contrast Roller Rattles x2 Contrasting beads tumble noisily around inside. • 275 x 43 x 43cm  6MRBW $125.00

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Noise Making | Auditory

Clear Jingle Therapy Ball Tiny bells ring when this ball is rolled, bounced or thrown. • 55cm dia 9THJB $49.00

Confetti Therapy Ball The cavernous space makes a deep sound as the smaller balls move within the larger clear ball. • 48cm dia 9THBB


Stepping Sound Notes Set This unique auditory experience uses 8 rugged notes that can be spread around. Jump on them to play them. They should not be left outside. 3FOOT $1,185.00

Confetti Physio Roll Ball Sit on, apply pressure to make inner balls bounce and move. Medium-sized Physio Roll. • 90 x 50cm dia 9PTHBB $85.00

NEW Wall Sounds - Metalfoc Plywood Fire Engine panel with removeable xylophone. • 48 x 48cm 3AWSM $231.00

Easy Grasp Bell Ball Firm Foam Ball with Grasping points and a bell inside. • 15cm dia 3SQBC $48.00

NEW Musical Rotating Bells Wall Panel Plywood panel with re-positional bells: change the sequence of the bells to change a melody. • 48 x 48cm 3AWSC $311.00

NEW Wall Sounds - Xylocluf Plywood train panel with removeable wooden notes. • 48 x 48cm 3AWSX

Discovery Sound Spots 3 Make sounds 3 are quiet, encouraging and reinforcing your sense of hearing & balance! Ideal for addressing gravitational insecurities and encouraging auditory response. • 33cm dia 6TRST $261.00


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Auditory | Noise Making

Light-up Answer Button Set Why put up your hand when these 4 buzzers light up! Push their tops to hear Siren, Charge, Laser and Buzzer. 2 x AAA each. • 9cm dia 3ABSL $49.00

Original Answer Buttons - Set of 4 Four different colours (green, blue, orange, purple) with 4 differnt sounds Honk, bell, door bell, and boing! 2 x AAA each. • 9cm dia 3ABUZ $45.00

Boom Whackers (14 pc. Set) 14 tuned plastic tubes that everyone can play. They are tough and colorful and extremely entertaining. You get a Diatonic Set of 8 and a Pentatonic set of 6 tubes. • 30 x 65cm 3BOOM $79.00

Boom Whakers Carry Case Stores 8 tubes neatly like a xylophone. 3WAKTR


Barnyard Sound Buttons - Set of 4 Press the button to hear the sound. Four different colours, pictures and fun sounds - Cow, Rooster, Horse and Dog. 2 x AAA each. • 9cm dia 3ABFY $45.00

Squeaze Whistle Squeezable Referee’s whistle. Compression makes it work. 1unit. • 7cm 3SQST $29.00

Pop N Pull Toob Set of 3 Pop Tubes are simple, bendable tubes that make silly, crazy, loud popping sounds! They can be connected together to make really big, really cool tubes. • 25 x 25 x 20cm 9PPTB $13.95

Echo Ball Shakes with an explosion of movement and gentle echoing sound. 3ECBL $24.95

Crazy Windmill A riot of colour and sound at the slightest provoccation. • 35 x 25 x 20cm 6CRZW $195.00

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Percussion | Auditory

Dream Drum Award-winning resonating drum with 3 different beaters to explore the lovely soothing meditative sounds, and a carry case (it can be used outside). • L 29cm x w 29cm x H 27cm 3DRDR $569.00

Real Ocean Drum Creates waves of sound gently crashing the shore. • 25cm dia 4OCDR $38.00

Basic Music Kit 19 musical instruments in a strong storage box. 4BAMK $299.00

Bodhran Drum Thick cow hide stretched over a strong beech frame gives a very soft note and feels lovely to the touch. • 30 x 30cm 3BODR


Little Tambourine Set of 4 Jingles and sounds protected behind acrylic clear cover. 3BYTB $16.95

NEW Tongue Drum Steel drum with 8 note targets to strike. • 20cm Dia x 12.7cm high 3ATDR

NEW Steel Pan Drum Handmade and minimised in Trinidad, this authentic tabletop Steel Pan Drum is tuned to C major and has a brightly coloured 9 note target range. includes 6 song cards. Includes beaters & stand. • 25cm dia 3ASPD $199.00


Bead Drum A great drum sound enhanced by the shaking of the beads inside. • 25cm dia 4BDDR $29.00

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Auditory | Bells

Tap Bells with Stand Five tuned (pentatonic) bells hung beneath their attractive buttons, tap them to hear the bell ring, use the included cards to make lovely melodies. 3PATB $235.00

Bondina Bells swing to ring the bells. • 58 x 13 x 14cm 3BOBE


Body Isolation Bells Strong plastic shells containing bells, linked by rigid rubber joints. Body Isolation bells are for learning to move with or without making the bells ring. Requires slow movements & a strong focus on body control. May also be used for rhythmic and musical activities. 3BOBL $96.00

Desk Bell Set Eight clearly labeled and brightly colored bells in the scale of C can be played without lifting them from a surface by pressing the button. song sheet included. 4 yrs. +. • 8cm dia 3KIDE $169.00

8 Note Hand Bell Set This is a Diatonic C to C range of brightly coloured bells with thick wooden handles. Each Bell is marked with its own note. For your enjoyment the set includes playing guides for some simple tunes. Our Ring Leader CD is a perfect Match! • 14cm 3HABE $145.00

Resonance & Sounds Activity Kit A Big Bag of noise producing products. We stimulate the sense of hearing with a carefully selected range: chimes, clatters, instuments sounds, animal and nature sounds, and touch reactive products. The image shown is the usual assortment, however substitutions are possible based on availability and appropriateness. 9GNGAD $1,215.00

Bell House All is quiet in this charming little wooden village. The two included batons are about to shake things up a little. • 33 x 33 x 13cm 3XLBH $65.00

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Resonance | Auditory

Resonance Platform Sitting on this simple pliant platform is popular because it creates a dished surface on which things roll towards you, and any noise it makes rolling toward you resonates through your body. It will also resonate your voice back to you if you lie on it. • 120 x 120 x 10cm 9RSEC $585.00

VibroAcoustic Cushion Bring the therapy of resonating sounds in to a soft and compact form; easy to handle and simple to store. • 46 x 33 x 10cm 9RSCN $255.00

Resonance Cloud Relax on the bean bag and feel the sounds from the strong resonance speaker inside. 50Watt Stereo required. • 8 cubic feet 9RSCB

VibroAcoustic& Resonance CD 12 original tracks composed to really make the resonance range rock. 6 distinctive styles: Dance; Pop; Funk; World; Classical and Mellow. • 60 minutes 9RSCD $62.00


Typically we think of music as being ‘heard’ by the ear, our most sensitive organ to the vibrations in the air. When the notes are very deep we also feel them with our body. Such vibration is the basis of Vibroacoustic therapy. The TFH Resonance Range magnifies musical vibrations so they are felt more easily. All Resonance items require a Hi-Fi

Resonance Starfish The flat, soft surface to cuddle into is perfect for clean up in a snap! Just remove the cover, wash and replace for hours of soothing resonance therapy. • 109 x 111 x 20cm 9RSST $476.00 Resonance Crab Easy to clean with removable / washable covers. Colours to explore & varied textures made from durable fabrics. Entice exploration, relaxation while encouraging tactile and colour play. • 98 x 103 x 17cm 9RSCR $475.00

Resonance & VibroMusic Stereo Specially adapted Hi-Fi. Set up perfectly to drive our resonance items, while still providing a balanced audio output. Current model Includes Radio, CD player and MP3 Auxiliary-in, USB & Bluetooth compatible. Two 200W channels suitable for 2 resonance items or a Resonance waterbed. Includes remote control. Model subject to change. 9HIFI $995.00

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33 - 46

Touch is a vital channel of communication for learners at the earliest developmental levels.

It is humankind’s earliest form of communication and our most fundamental means of contact with the outside world.

Products in this chapter may help reducing unwanted mouthing, and other self-stimulatory behaviour.

Chosen for the tactile defensive and seekers among us.

Light Chew | Tactile

Chew Tube Yellow - Light Latex free, sized for an infant 6 months +. • 8cm 3CHEWY Chew Tube Red, Light/Moderate For a toddler size mouth. Resilaint, rubbery texture to satisfy mouthing needs. • 8cm 3CHEWR $12.95 Chew Tube Blue - Aggressive Latex free, sized for people 15 years +. • 8cm 3CHEWB $12.95 Chew Tube Green, Light/Moderate Textured Nubs ages 4yrs.+. • 8cm 3CHEWG $12.95 $12.95

Chew Noodle Original White Smooth surface for chewing on the go. • 20 x 1 cm dia 3CHND $22.00

Chewigem Dog Tag: - Colour: Grey Two pieces on an adjustable cotton cord. Soft sensory experience – for mild to moderate chewers. • 4.8 x 0.6cm 3CGDT $36.00

Chew Noodle Red - Moderate Hollow core with bumpy exterior. • 20 x 1 cm dia 3CHNDR

Chew Lolli - Smooth & Knobby, Scented & Unscented 4 flavours available: chocolate, orange, grape, unflavoured. 3CHLI $12.95 Chew Lolli Knobby Multiple surfaces for sensory seekers. PVC, Phthalate, & latex free. NO FLAVOUR / SCENT. 3CHLIN $12.95


Chew Noodle Blue - Moderate Hollow core with a firm bumpy exterior. • 20 x 1 cm dia 3CHNDB $25.00

Bib N Chew Junior Designed for young teenagers. 3NKST


Bib N Chew Junior Pink Designed to fit young Teenagers. 3NKPN $33.95

Adult Bib N Chew Navy Comfortable and soft while providing a safe chew texture. 3NKNV $34.95

Adult Bib N Chew 3NKCR


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Tactile | Heavy Chew

Chew Smooth and Tactile, A & Z for Oral Sensitivity Two tough chew letters. A can be attached to a cord, Z is

knobbled. 3CHAZ


Tiger Chew Cuffs - Moderate/ Aggressive Durable chewy for kids who chew on their sleeves, hair, pencils, erasers, or teeth grinders. Raised tiger image for fidgeting fingers and tactile sensory seekers. Latex-free & dishwasher safe. • 5 x 3.5cm 3CHTB $16.95

Chew Stixx Jr. For destructive sensory chewing & Jaw Rehabilitation for Stroke or Head Injuries. FDA Approved & Dishwasher safe. 3CHCSJ $16.95

Chew Noodle - Super Bumpy and tough. • 20 x 1cm dia 3CHEWS $34.00

Chew Bangle - Jet Very resistant, soft medical grade, silicone chew bangle. Made in UK. 3CHBGJ $23.99

Chew Bangle - Blossom Very resistant soft medical grade silicone chew bangle. Moderate to

heavy chew. 3CHBGB


Chew Bangle - Turquoise Very resistant soft medical grade silicone chew bangle. Moderate to

heavy chew. 3CHBGT


Chew Bangle - Sparkle Very resistant soft medical grade silicone chew bangle. Moderate to heavy chew. • 8cm Circumference 3CHBGSP $23.99

Chew Noodle Max Most Durable or resistant Noodle. • 20 x 1cm dia 3CHEWM


Tread Bangles - Large - Moderate/ Aggressive Thicker & chunkier treads for moderate chewers, non toxic, phthalate, BPA, laxtex free. • 9 x 1.5cm 3CGTD $28.00

Tread Bangle Small Suitable for moderate to aggressive chewers. • 7.5 x 1.5cm 3CGTDC


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Touch & Feel | Tactile

Sensory Ball Soft and chunky plastic ball in which six more interesting balls can nestle. Push them in and ease them out.22cm. • 22cm tall 4TCBL $56.00

Sensory Tactile Balls Shape and Sound Sensory Balls provide an interesting tactile and audible experience thanks to their interesting shapes and rattle inside. Set of 4. Approx 6cm. • Approx 6cm dia 4TC4B $24.95

NEW Jellyball Zurb Filled with hundreds of colourful jelly-like orbs this squishy toy feels great. • ??? 5ZURB $15.99

Sensory Bead Curtain Tough wooden base dangles a curtain of cool metal chains. • 38cm 5LKTBC $211.00

NEW Jumbo Shimmery Squishball The viscous interior gives this ball great splatability, but it reforms itself brilliantly. • 11cm dia 5JSHSB $16.95

NEW Sensory Shapes & Balls Set of 9 interesting balls. • 7 - 18cm dia 6TSSB

NEW Sparkly Splatball

The sparkly viscous interior gives this ball great splatability, but it reforms itself brilliantly. • 11cm dia 5JSPSB $15.95


Our Skin is the largest of our sensory systems, and the one most strongly associated with both pleasure and irritation. Our sense of touch is also highly influential in the organisation of our nervous system. A rich sensory diet of interesting and varied surfaces can help balance our internal wiring.

Tactile, Force & Density Kit Haptic memory is a form of sensory memory that refers to the recollection of data acquired by touch after a stimulus has been presented. Haptic memory is used regularly when assessing the necessary forces for gripping and interacting with familiar objects. We provide in this kit a wide array of products to stimulate and teach this Sense Memory to anyone with a Sensory Processing Impairment. 9GNGTD $1,215.00

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Tactile | Squashy

Flashing Squeezy Caterpillar Flashing Squashy puffer toy with light-up body sections. 17cm. • Batt inc 3TFSC $11.25

Koosh Ball Popular Tactile Ball, easy to catch,

interesting to hold. Unique rubber tentacles provide a sought after sensory experience.

• 8cm dia 7KBSL


Flashing Squeezy Ghost Squishy fun that lights up. • 8cm 3TFSG


6 Water filled Roller Snakes Water-filled and fun to handle. Shipped seasonally. 4WTSK $26.25

Spider Ball Easy to catch, fun to hold, the legs make this tactile ball stop as soon as it lands. • 8cm 7SCARY $14.95

Flashing Squeezy Spider Give it a squish, be rewarded with a light. 3TFSS $7.95

The “give” inherent in soft and squidgy materials is stimulating for both our tactile and proprioceptive senses. Such stimulation is the basis for redirection or balancing over or under sensitive reactions.

Spagetti Stress Ball Not Allowed in Canada - Choking Hazzard. • L: 28 x W: 4.5 x  D: 8cm 3SPSB $36.95

Squidgy Ball This soft ball needs only a tiny amount of pressure to squeeze it.

• 8cm dia 6LSQY

Flexi Ring This very strong, brightly colored, heavy duty plastic ring is textured and easy to catch. • 15cm 6TRFR $10.95


Puffer Worm He wiggles, he squishes, he bounces, and he is just plain fun to touch. He has a big loop at one end that makes it easy to wiggle or bounce. • 25 x 9cm 3WBWM $7.95

Ribbed Quoit This is a really strong, soft plastic ring. • 15cm 6TRTR


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