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Recent research from The Simmons University Institute for Inclusive Leadership shows that, when they are thriving, women employees are more productive and more likely to go above and beyond. So, how can we create a workplace in which women can thrive? Susan MacKenty Brady shares a few key actions that can have a big impact.

hriving at work is the antidote to many of the challenges women face that have led to

their jobs during that time. What’s more, it’s still the case that women must work harder to get the same attention, promotion accolades, and the same level of sponsorship as men. As a result, too many women are exhausted and burnt out. It’s time for change. What our research has uncovered is that women thrive when they have more flexibility at work. That doesn’t mean going part-time – it means creating a professional life that works for them. Women likely have more opportunity to negotiate working terms that work for them. Often, women will make assumptions about what is possible without asking their employer. In a world where many organizations are working hard to retain top talent – especially women – there may be more flexibility than meets the eye. It’s time to put the locus of control in the palm of women’s hands and help them execute life the way it works for them.


burnout. That’s the opinion of Susan MacKenty Brady, the founding CEO of The Simmons University Institute for Inclusive Leadership, where she holds the Deloitte Ellen Gabriel Chair for Women and Leadership. Here, she tells us about the important steps that businesses can take to foster an environment in which every woman can thrive. Can you explain the evolution of workplace culture that has led to the rise in instances of the ‘great breakup’, ‘quiet quitting’, and burnout in general? And precisely the impact on women? The pandemic has created some deep challenges for women, particularly those who have a second job or who do the lion’s share of the childcare and household chores. In fact, many women had to leave

Redefining workplace success for women.



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