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HEALTH & FITNESS The Newsletter About Your Health And Caring For Your Body

PHYSICAL THERAPY CAN HELP YOU HEAL Are you planning to undergo reconstructive or joint replacement surgery on a hip, knee or shoulder? Have you already had this procedure and wonder if you’ll ever feel like your normal self again? Surgery to replace or rebuild a joint imposes some extreme limits of its own on the body, but simply resting the joint for months can present its own problems, from chronic pain to incomplete healing. or deformed joint components, and painful bone-on-bone friction within the joint. For instance, you may suffer from knee, shoulder, or hip arthritis that makes everyday activities impossible. If your damaged joint doesn’t respond to medication, exercise, and lifestyle changes, you may need to resort to surgery.

Two primary types of orthopedic (joint) surgery include:

Fortunately, you can promote the healing process and ensure that your new- and-improved joint works as it should. Your first step along that path should take the form of a customized, multi-modal physical therapy program at Advanced Physical Therapy. RECUPERATING FROM SPORTS INJURIES AND TOTAL JOINT REPLACEMENTS : The joints of the body can move in some impressive directions and even (in the case of the hips and knees) hold your body weight steady as you stand and move. Unfortunately, their complexity also opens the door for many potential forms of injury and damage. Joint damage can take the form of torn muscles, ruptured ligaments and even dislocations. Chronic joint damage may develop over many years, resulting in worn cartilage, inflamed

• RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY - Many sports injuries force the need for reconstructive joint surgery. Examples include a torn rotator cuff in the shoulder and ruptured ligaments in the knee. In some procedures, the damaged tissues are reconnected to their anchor points; in others, other tissues (such as tendons) are grafted into place to serve as substitutes. • TOTAL JOINT REPLACEMENTS - Total joint replacements may be necessary when the original joint has received so much wear and tear that nothing more can be done to treat it. This need often applies to weight-bearing joints that have been subjected to longstanding or abnormal stress. Common examples include total knee replacements and total hip replacements.

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As tempting as it might be to stay in bed following your joint surgery, you need to start working on your rehabilitation as soon as you can. Physical therapy offers a safe, professionally-supervised plan for doing just that. Research shows that patients who undergo physical therapy were better at balancing, getting out of chairs, climbing stairs and walking than patients who just received standard post-operative care. Your personalized physical therapy plan may consist of: • RANGE OF MOTION EXERCISES - Exercises to restore your range of motion are critically important, not only for helping your new joint enjoy optimal function but also for helping to prevent adhesions. • STRENGTH AND BALANCE TRAINING - Our physical therapy center can prescribe strength training to help you rebuild damaged or atrophied muscles. Neuromuscular re-education exercises can help you regain weight-bearing joint stability. • MASSAGE THERAPY - Massage therapy boosts blood flow and drainage in tissues following surgery. It can also keep the tissue loose and limber while reducing scar tissue formation. • INFRARED THERAPY - A natural companion to massage therapy, infrared light therapy can also boost blood flow and reduce post-operative pain/stiffness. • HEAT AND COLD TREATMENTS - Applications of heat or cold can control post-operative swelling, ease inflammation, and relieve pain. • TRAINING ON ASSISTIVE DEVICES - Over the course of your recuperation, you may have to depend on assistive devices such as crutches or canes. Your physical therapy regimen can include training on how to use these devices safely and efficiently. PLAN AHEAD - CONTACT ADVANCED PHYSICAL THERAPY. In addition to scheduling your post-operative physical therapy regimen in advance, you may also want to give serious thought to pre-operative physical rehabilitation, or “prehab.” By learning how to use assistive devices in advance, for example,

you may find that you require less post-operative care and education from your physical therapist. Research has indicated that patients who take this extra step before a hip or knee replacement can reduce their need for post-operative acute care by 29 percent, resulting in substantial savings as well as an easier recuperation. In fact, patients who pursue both types of physical therapy show better function than those who don’t -- even two years after surgery. Take command of your recovery from hip, knee or shoulder surgery. Contact Advanced Physical Therapy to discuss your recent (or upcoming) operation and schedule that much-needed rehabilitation. Sources: who-had-knee news/2014/10/31/prepostrehabaclr/ https://www.

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We can help you: Naturally relieve stiffness and swelling. Prevent aches and stiffness. Be more active with your friends and family.

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Exercise Essentials Try these exercises to improve your strength.

Strengthens Core

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Patient Results

My body is in much better condition now. I hurt so badly in places on my body, but after therapy I do not hurt at all in those places. I fee l so much better! I have so much more energy. I walk better, and can do all my house work by myself. My body is in much better condition now. The therapists here at Advanced work with you and give you the therapy that you need to make yourself more sufficient and take better care of yourself. I would recommend APT to anybody. They are great!” -A.W. The staff here is top notch. Absolutely love this place, from the first evening I came in and met with Jerry. The staff here is top notch, very knowledgeable, answer all my questions, and make me feel very at ease! Extremely friendly atmosphere! I highly recommend this place if you’re needing any type of physical therapy!! I’ve never heard a bad thing about this place!!” - R.B. They always had the answers I was looking for! When I had therapy on my hips after my first child was born, the staff was super helpful, always had the answers I was looking for, and adjusted my stretches according to the pain and feedback I gave them.” -J.M.

F RONT P L ANK F OR EARMS & F E E T Lie on your stomach with elbows bent. Your legs should be straight out behind you with your feet together. Raise up on your forearms and toes. Create a nice straight line with your body from your head to your heels. Concentrate on tucking your pelvic to engage your abs, squeezing your glutes and quads to keep your legs straight, and squeezing your legs together as you hold. Hold for 20 seconds and repeat 3 times.

Strengthen Hips & Glutes

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R E S I ST E D L AT E RA L ST E PP I NG Wrap a resistance band just above both ankles. Stand with both legs hip-width apart so that there is tension on the band. Keeping your chest upright, back straight, and knees slightly bent, take a large step with one foot away from the opposite foot. Follow through by stepping in the same direction with the second foot, back into the original stance. Repeat this same maneuver into the opposite direction. Keep moving back and forth to the right and left in this manner until you have repeated the exercise at least 10 times.

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