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Highlights of this issue - Industry Champion,Brett Savage elucidates on coaching at workplace - Ramesh Jog talks about the simple yet powerful process of feedforward in coaching - Harshwardhan Gaur gives an outline on training designmethodology

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Dr.S.Brett Savage is the President/CEOat Next Phase Leadership, LLC in the Salt LakeCity,USA.Hehasbeen inthetraining and coaching industry for 25 years. He coaching Dr. S. Brett Savage

holds a PhD in PhilosophicalTheoretical Psychology.Dr.Savage has done global research, trained implemented enterprise systems,and coachedhundreds of industry leaders toward their stated goals. Coaching has become this catch phrase that for many people means everything from teaching, mentoring, so on and so forth. There are psychologists who train as psychology therapists, create websites and market themselves as coaches. The definition of what a coach does is critical and his role is certainly not the same as that of a psychology therapist. Coaches pull (not push) from their protégées what they really want to do in their career and many a times it may also be what they want to do in their life. Coaching in corporate sense is to fix problems and coaches are often asked to coach someone because they are failing in some aspect.

training event would not make an impact to bring about the necessary changes. At least in higher levels in the organization, these training programs are not helpful enough largely because they do not last long enough.What people need to stop doing before they start doing the right things requires a more intimate and longer process. The other part is we cannot see our own participation very well in the process of change. Self evaluation is a limited evaluation. Others can see us more clearly through the change process. Plus they do not have the vested interests that we might have in hanging on to certain habits.

If say a Vice President of an organization is spotted floundering by the CEO, just a classroom session or

the editor’s column Reema Malik

Reema qualified management graduate specialising in International Business. She endeavours to incorporate her erudition to people development by virtue of her cognizance and a cosmopolitan milieu. This edition offers interesting write - ups on how coaching can contribute to professional development,capacity to excel and to realize greater satisfaction at work. In addition to that, we can also discover the knack of structuring training programs by stressing on the call for an effective training design. Malik is a

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