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NEW SPACE: Back to the beginning Thanksgiving Class: November 21 at 7:30 AM

COMING UP: December Challenge The Feather Challenge


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Native Sole : A unique Native Barre Studios experience tailored for YOU

Sole [sohl] adjective 1. being the only one; only:

I want to be the SOLE participant in my fitness class. 2. being the only one of the kind; unique; unsurpassed: My sole purpose in excerise is to get the workout I WANT.

3. belonging or pertaining to one individual or group to the exclusion of all others; exclusive: Being the sole class participant in my private session allows me to get the most out of my workout when I am on a tight schedule. Native Sole is our private studio where you can book private sessions when you want and with who you want! Choose from an impressive list of yogi's, barre instructors, pilates, TRX, Boxing and general cross training teachers. We have a time and an activity to cater to your individual needs. You deserve all the attention we have to give!

Clients will be able to have private sessions or semi-private- up to 4 people (sometimes we need 1 or 2 friend to motivate us, right!?). Private session options at Native Sole include: Ballet Cross Training (Boxing/ Kettle Bells/ TRX) Native Barre (45 or 60 minute) Pilates Mat T'ai Chi Yoga (45 or 60 minute)

APPOINTMENTS HELD AT 8 Jay Street; 2nd Floor OR Middleburg Community Center Enter through the back entrance and walk down the stairs.

Pricing is as follows: 45 minute sessions for 1-2 people*: $90 60 minute sessions for 1-2 people: $115 60 minute sessions for 3-4 people: $190

*45 minutes sessions are only available Native Barre & Yoga



Try Native Jump this Winter! The new Native Jump schedule is set!  Classes have  started!  This is a 30 minute heart pumping, calorie burning class set to fun music that keeps you going!

It is a great class for anyone who wants to get their work out in on those over scheduled days.

You need to bring long socks that cover your ankles and calves (not barre sock!)

Book your class at based on your shoe size.

Book a Jump class

Thanksgiving Day Class

Bridget's Thanksgiving Day class is always a little bit silly, lots of fun and a true bun burner to get you ready for the delicious meal and desserts we all plan on devouring later that day. Sign up soon because space is limited! Thursday, November 22 at 7:30AM

Book Turkey Blaster Barre Class

We are closed Friday, November 23rd.

We are on a regular schedule for the rest of the holiday weekend so if you can't make it on Thanksgiving Day, join us Saturday or Sunday!

Book a Class

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NEW SPACE (OLD SPACE) Middleburg Community center What's old is new again! Native Barre started in basement of the Middleburg Community Center and now we are back! e The MCC Lower Level is the perfect space for Native Sole, NAtive Jump and Some of our yoga and boxing circuit classes. parking is available in the lot behind and in front of the building and we have our own private entrance from the parking lot. It is clearly marked with a "Native Barre" sign. Enter through the door then walk down the stairs into our new space!

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December Challenge: The Feather Challenge I love the holidays!   At Thanksgiving, family comes to us and we hunker down for the long weekend eat, reminisce, play a little touch football and eat some more! We are challenging you to burn all those calories and breeze right through the end of the year with causing to much havoc on your slender physique. Every class you attend in December you will receive an actual turkey feather. They will be placed in a glass bowl and at the Christmas Eve Class we will announce three winners! The prizes will be worth the race to attend as many classes as you can fit in. It is a win win!  This December, Native Barre Studios has you covered! We will start our FEATHER CHALLENGE Sunday, December 1st! Our New Years Challenge will be announced in the December Newsletter. Good Luck!!! 

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