Letter from Reggie - Cape Town 2020 On Purpose

Greetings -

I'm excited to share that on January 24th, I'll be hosting 2020 On Purpose while traveling on holiday to Cape Town, South Africa - and you're invited to come along. For the occasion, I'm planning a group travel trip to include clients, Finding Your Forte alum, colleagues and friends. As a reminder, On Purpose is designed to spotlight your and other client’s pursuit of purpose by sharing each other’s triumphs and challenges, inspirations and fears with a group of like-minded professionals through inspiring talks, think-tanks and workshops. This is our fourth year and my hope is to have every one participate in some fashion to create and capture an amazing experience that inspires us all and help us accelerate and make more room for our visions, work and impact. I've thought through about as much as I can without knowing how many would be interested so I wanted to drop you a quick message and run the high level game plan by you. I would love to know your level of interest (with no real commitment at this point) just an indication of interest to learn more. Here are a few of the planning parameters I've come to so far. The core experience for On Purpose will be Friday January 24th. The Cape Town experience will be from Wednesday, January 22 nd to Sunday January 26 th . There will be opt-in sessions to choose from throughout our time there. To be clear, this trip is a holiday trip, and not business. This will be my third such trip - after Turks and Caicos a few years back and Amalfi Coast, Italy more recently. I LOVE these types of excursions when you have an opportunity to travel with a group of old friends and make new friends and be as connected or secluded as you like. I will be offering arrangement of accommodations in nearby homes (and hotels if preferred) for anyone interested in the group trip. I have selected a home to be the central place for convening. Depending on how small or how large this experience becomes, I will also arrange several hopefully similar villas / homes in the same area. If you opt-in to accommodations, I'll start working on what to offer you to consider once I've gotten response to this message and have some idea of demand. I'll also engage a travel agent and local enthusiast to help field requests for extended Africa travel before and after this experience. It's a long flight (15 hours) and early planning will be critical for the best airfares possible. So while this seems quite a ways off, we need to have firmed up the plan by the end of March. Also, you may be interested in bringing along your tribe. I will be offering sponsorships for clients, partners and sponsors that have their own clients, products, services that they'd like to be a part of the experience and create their own experience to supplement On Purpose. If this is of interest to you, let me know.

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