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(continued from outside) Thedeteriorationofcartilagealsoaffects theshapeandmakeupof the joint so that itno longer functionssmoothly.The ligamentsand tendonsaround the jointbecomestiffand themuscles thatsupport the jointbecomeweak. This leads to even more painful rubbing of the joint surfaces. There are many studies and patient success stories promoting the effectiveness of physical therapy for osteoarthritis. Our expert therapists at Crabapple Physical Therapy are trained specifically in treating patients suffering from osteoarthritis and work to obtain optimal results. Study Shows How to Relieve OA Pain. Inamedicalstudy,83patientswith osteoarthritis were assigned to receive either hands-on physical therapy (treatmentgroup)orapill thatactuallydidnothing tohelp theirpainwithout them knowing (placebo group). Tests were done to measure how well the peopleweredoing4weeks,8weeksand1year later.The resultswerevery impressivewith thepatientswhohadhands-onphysical therapycombined

with gentle, specific exercises. They showed significant improvements in their pain, mobility and function. By 8 weeks, patients were able to walk further and faster with much less, or completely resolved pain. Their joint stiffness, aches and mobility had improved by 55% as compared to the group who had no treatment. At one year, patients in the treatment group stillweredoinggreat in termsof lesspainandmoremobility.Otherbenefits included lessneedforsurgerywithonly5%ofpatients inthetreatmentgroup having undergone surgery as compared to 20% with the placebo group. If you are suffering from osteoarthritis, our physical therapy treatments relieve your pain. Isn’t it time you did something about your pain and movement?CallustodayatCrabapplePhysicalTherapyto learnmoreabout ourARTHRITISPROGRAMsowecanmakeapositivedifference inyour life. Annalsof InternalMedicine:February1,2000vol.132no.3173-181.GailD.Deyle,MPT;NancyE.Henderson, PhD,MPT;RobertL.Matekel,MPT;MichaelG.Ryder,MPT;MatthewB.Garber,MPT;andStephenC.Allison, PhD,MPT,ECS

Whether you have been suffering from arthritis pain or stiff joints, seeing one of our specialists at Crabapple Physical Therapy can help you return to a more active and pain-free life. Give us a call today at (770) 686-3700!

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