Cerebrum Winter 2022

rease intreatment fromscreensandphones. nging medicine permanently? The Great Telemedicine Experiment A MONG OTHER THINGS, 2020 MIGHT GO DOWN IN HISTORY as the year of the Great Telemedicine Experiment. After decades of being largely ignored or relegated to a few subspecialty areas, telemedicine has burst onto the healthcare scene as a force to be reckoned with. Not surprisingly, the sharp rise in its use raises issues around access, efficacy, privacy, costs, and moreā€”as medical systems, care providers, and patients grapple with how best to use this new tool of modern medicine.

Data are pouring in from multiple fields, parsing the huge natural experiment that saw a sudden, unprecedented pivot to virtual medicine in all its forms when Covid hit. As in healthcare generally, many factors contribute to the uneven use of telemedicine for psychological and neurological treatment within certain populations and geographical areas, including disparities in access.

Y BRENDA ATOINE ration by Miguel Montaner



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