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in New York.” Usually he just says something and walks out of the room, which doesn’t always represent his clients’ best interests. One new trend in the legal community that you will not see on the next episode of “Suits” is how auto insurance companies take advantage of people. Many insurance providers offer a service where you take a picture of your vehicle’s damage from an accident, and they send you a check. That sounds great in theory, but when you are in a collision, it is important to have your vehicle inspected by a professional to check for all potential damage. There are many times you won’t see all the damage to a vehicle, especially in a picture. What is going on underneath the car? What about the inside or structural components? Will you have any lingering issues? About 80 percent of payments from insurance companies are for property damage. So, these companies avoid paying massive amounts of fees and also minimize their work by simply settling with a picture and a check. There is one part “Suits” does get right — it is a lot of work. There are mountains of paperwork and tons of reading and details involved with the practice of law. Lawyers are often up at all hours of the night because their brains are working 24 hours a day. This often leads to long work hours. When you see someone on TV pouring over documents and buried in binders, that is

representative of being a lawyer. The massive amount of work it takes to fight for a client is why it is important to fit people into what they are passionate about. Our team embodies this to the letter. We have three paralegals, and they have been with us for a minimum of 10 years — one of them has been in the practice for 40. They do the work because it is their passion and it drives them. “When you work with us, we will dot our i’s and cross our t’s to make sure you are given passionate and accurate representation.” The same goes for our team of attorneys. We are driven, and we will not settle for doing the minimum. When you work with us, we will dot our i’s and cross our t’s to make sure you are given passionate and accurate representation. Our success rate does not come from perfectly

While legal TV shows do not portray exactly what it is like to be a lawyer, they do provide a window into our lives. In TV dramas, like “Suits,” the process looks exciting, but the law does not always work that way. Sometimes being a lawyer is not glamorous, and most moments would make for boring television. Sure, there is drama from time to time, but even that can be misrepresented on the screen. For example, when a witness on a TV show is caught in a lie, the attorney will sometimes leave it and say, “No more questions.” In a real trial, you have to clearly prove the lie so the jury understands every detail. You have to spell it out for them; you cannot leave anything open to interpretation or inference. An example that also differs in “Suits” is when an opposing party drops a dollar figure for a settlement, and Harvey or Mike will act as if that is final. But there is no silver bullet for finding a settlement number. That is also what I find interesting about Harvey being the “best closer

produced fiction. It comes from being experienced, real-world trial lawyers.

–Freddy Saavedra

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There’s no doubt about it: Dogs are man’s best friend. They provide affection, an outlet for compassion, and serve as vital glue to the structure of many families. Unfortunately, there are situations where a dog is not the personification of love. We deal with dog-bite victims all the time, and the one common denominator we find in these cases is that they could’ve been prevented. While these three suggestions are not guaranteed to limit dog bites completely, they will help instill some proper behavioral practices for your furry friend. STRUCTURE AND BOUNDARIES Dogs are creatures of conditioning. They respond to the ways they are trained and the boundaries they are given. Too often, a dog is blamed for bad behavior because of their breed or “natural tendencies” when, in actuality, they haven’t been given the appropriate structure. Creating a system of distinct limitations with your dog will prevent it from running rampant at a dog park or being disobedient on a walk. POSITIVE AFFIRMATION The days of smacking your dog on the nose with a newspaper to train them are long gone. The truth is that dogs crave your positive affirmation. They want to know they are loved and that what they are doing is following your wishes. Dogs are pleasers. If you’re trying to teach a dog a trick, or proper behavior, the best way to do it is to praise the good things they do. It may require a little Business cards don’t have the same presence they once did. These little pieces of card stock were once a vital part of professional networking, but they’ve become more of a niche item these days. So, should we consider the business card dead? Not so fast! There was a time when it seemed that the business card was legitimately on its way out and social media was poised to take over as the business-connection solution. While some websites, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, have become popular networking tools, they certainly haven’t rendered the business card obsolete. The business card provides a snapshot of your business to someone you may want to work with in the future. It’s an easy way to instantly hand someone your contact info — no fumbling around to find your smartphone or a relevant app. And that person will have a physical reminder of your name. But in 2018, your business card can’t be boring if you want to catch someone’s attention. It needs to convey key information in a simple, professional way while also standing out. That’s no easy task. Here are a few things to keep in mind when designing a business card: Are Business Cards Still Relevant? IS YOUR FURRY FRIEND TRAINED FOR PEOPLE? Tips for Keeping Your Dog Out of Trouble

extra work, but utilizing a dog’s pleasing nature is a great way to eliminate bad behavior.

CADENCE Tone, inflection, and emotion are all ways you communicate with your dog, even if you don’t know it. A firm but loving cadence is a meaningful way to develop a nonverbal connection with your dog. They feed off the sound of your voice and respond to each intricacy. It’s important to vary your cadence so your pup knows when it’s being loved and when it’s being asked to obey. These are just a few simple guidelines to help your dog have a healthy and happy relationship with people. For more information, we encourage you to contact your local dog trainer. We know of a couple of great options, so if you’re drawing a blank, reach out to us today.


HAVE PURPOSE . Before you order cards, decide how you will use them. Don’t invest in cards that are going to sit in a desk drawer for the next five years. KEEP THE DESIGN CLEAN . The idea is to capture the attention of the recipient, not overwhelm them. If the information on your card isn’t clear, the card is useless. Only say what is necessary — name, profession, contact info, and a brief description of the service you provide — and leave it at that. LET YOUR CREATIVITY SHINE . When you hand someone a well- designed business card — one that goes beyond a boring white rectangle — they keep it. Let your card reflect you and your business. Don’t be afraid to step out of the 2-by-3.5-inch box. Need inspiration? Head over to YouTube and search “Tim’s Novelty Business Cards” or go directly to You’ll be inspired in no time!





Are You Entitled to Compensation?

While you won’t be traversing many single-track roads on the side of a mountain, that doesn’t mean America is exempt from having its fair share of dangerous passages. The difference with our streets is that the threat takes on a dissimilar nature. As opposed to the “road of death” in Bolivia, where one wrong turn can send you off the edge of a cliff, our domestic roads are filled with collisions, inattentive driving, and inadequate infrastructure. Here are three of the most prominent examples. I-45, HOUSTON It’s not uncommon to hear first-person accounts of someone going 80 mph on this stretch of highway only to have another car blow by them going 90. The speed limit is 70 mph, but the constant standard of excessive speeding has led to difficulty for local police. Pulling someone over can present more complications than solutions because of the threat of crossing over multiple lanes of traffic. All of this led to I-45 being rated the second-deadliest highway in the U.S. in 2016. I-10, ARIZONA Our very own I-10 makes the list as one of the most dangerous roads in America. The 150-mile stretch from just outside Phoenix to the California border has been responsible for 85 deaths in one year alone. Given its lack of service stations and its remote nature, drivers in a collision on this stretch could wait longer than average for emergency response to arrive on the scene. DALTON HIGHWAY, ALASKA Not all dangers on our roads are inflicted by humans. If steep grades, icy road conditions, and avalanches aren’t your thing, then it’s best to consider avoiding this 400-mile stretch of highway. As if the conditions weren’t enough, 240 miles of this path are entirely barren — no gas stations, hotels, restaurants, or people of any kind. If you’ve ever seen the TV show “Ice Road Truckers,” all of these circumstances may sound familiar, because this highway is featured prominently on the show. If you’ve found yourself in hazardous driving conditions, or if you’re a victim of poor infrastructure, reach out to us today. Our team of qualified attorneys specializes in making sure you are represented within the full extent of the law.


Here at Alex & Saavedra, nothing is more important to us than helping people. We care about our clients and the community, and we want to help as many people as possible reach a settlement they deserve. The opportunity to touch lives is just one of the reasons we’re so grateful for your referrals! To us, a referral is the highest compliment, and we want to say thank you to everyone who has trusted us enough to send family and friends our way.





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Too Much Shade? Plant These Vegetables!

Lay Some Shade on Me The Best Vegetables to Plant in Shady Spots

Herbs . While many herbs, such as basil, are better suited for sunnier conditions, there are a few that will do great in shade. These include chives, cilantro, golden marjoram, mint, oregano, and parsley. (Hours of sun per day: 3) Kale . Typically, kale does well in partial shade. When kale is grown in full shade, the leaves tend to be slightly smaller, but this can be offset by growing additional plants. (Hours of sun per day: 3–4) Peas . Like kale, when grown in shade, peas and beans won’t grow quite as full, and plants may take longer to mature, but with proper planning, you’ll still reap a plentiful harvest. Bush and

There’s nothing quite like growing your own vegetables, but if your home doesn’t get the best sunlight, what can you do? It’s a problem many gardeners face. Even if you live in a sunny area, you may have a shady corner of the garden or side of the house going to waste. Fortunately, there are plenty of plants that do well in partial and full shade. As a general rule, leafy greens do better in shade and milder temperatures than other vegetables. Flowering plants and vines, such as cucumbers, peppers, and tomatoes, need more hours of sunlight per day in order to thrive — about six hours or more.

dwarf varieties are recommended over their pole counterparts. (Hours of sun per day: 4–5)

Potatoes . Root vegetables, such as potatoes, carrots, and beets, will grow in partial shade, but they may take a few more weeks to mature, and they may produce fewer vegetables. However, as most gardeners agree, the results are still worth the effort. (Hours of sun per day: 4–5) Spinach . Like most leafy greens, spinach does very well in shade, particularly baby spinach. The plant will continue to produce leaves for an extended period of time if you regularly harvest the outer leaves. (Hours of sun per day: 3–4)



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