2024 Program - Issue 9


To protect lives and property in the event of an emergency, PDL Clubs should be prepared to immediatelyrespond to any inci- dents by continually evaluating and identifying security threats and vulnerabilities thatcould impact their ballpark. PDL Clubs should establish plans and strat- egies to mitigate, respond to and recover from any identified threats and vulnerabilities. PDL Clubs are encouraged to employ a multitude of security tech- niques (e.g., security personnel, vehicle barricades, bag inspec- tions, magnetometer screening, etc.) both outside and inside their ballpark so vehicular and pedestrian access can be prop- erly managed and controlled. PDL Clubs are also encouraged to promote security awareness in their ballpark through the use of announcements and signage to maximize their ability to reach out to patrons and en- courage the reporting of suspi- cious activity. 1. Fan Behavior Policy In furtherance of the goal of creating a family-friendly and welcoming environment at the ballpark, each PDL Club must adopt a written policy address- ing fan behavior (“Policy”). The minimum requirements relat- ed to the Policy are described below. Each Club must provide a copy of its Policy to the Commis- sioner’s Office by emailing it to PDLsecurity@mlb.com prior to Opening Day. Clubs are free to write their own Policy or modify an existing Policy as long as it meets the The Policy must contain a writ- ten description of how fans are expected to behave and what behavior is prohibited (“Fan Code of Conduct”). The Fan Code of Conduct must explic- minimum requirements. Fan Code of Conduct

itly prohibit, at minimum, the following conduct: • Trespassing on the playing fi eld; • Interfering with baseballs that are in play; • Throwing objects; • Using foul or obscene lan- guage or gestures; • Using derogatory language, which is defined as offensive language concerning another person’s race, ethnicity, gender, religion, disability, age, sexual orientation, or national origin; • Excessive or underage con- sumption of alcohol; • Disruptive, unruly, or abusive behavior; • Accessing areas of the ball- park without a proper ticket, pass, or credential; • Misusing tickets, passes, or credentials; and • Bringing prohibited items into the ballpark. The Fan Code of Conduct must explicitly state that (i) violations of the Fan Code of Conduct will not be tolerated and may lead to consequences including ejec- tion from the ballpark and a ban on attending future games; and (ii) use of derogatory language will result in ejection. The Fan Code of Conduct must also instruct fans how to report violations. Clubs must (i) include a copy of the Fan Code of Conduct on the Club’s website and in the game program (either digital or print); (ii) at least once before a game, broadcast a public service announcement (“PSA”) on the main video board of the ballpark that describes the Fan Code of Conduct, the consequences for violating it, and how to report violations; and (iii) at least once during a game, broadcast a PSA on the main video board that instructs fans how to report a violation of the Fan Code of

Conduct. The Commissioner’s Office strongly recommends installing signage with the Fan Code of Conduct in prominent locations at each fan entrance to the ballpark and at all guest service booth locations. Additional Requirements The Policy must also man- date that: • All relevant Club personnel, including game-day staff, must receive a copy of the Policy be- fore working any games. • All relevant Club personnel, including game-day staff, must receive annual training (at minimum) on the Policy, the substance of the Fan Code of Conduct, and how to respond to prohibited fan behavior, and such training must be docu- mented. • Game-day staff must imme- diately report prohibited fan behavior to a Club security supervisor. • Use of derogatory language by a fan requires automatic ejec- tion of the fan. • Use of derogatory language by a fan toward a player, um- pire, Club staff or their family members must be documented by the Club and reported to the Club’s General Manager and to the Commissioner’s Office via email to PDLsecurity@mlb. com. Clubs must seek to collect the name and identifying in- formation of the fan, and must include in their report a descrip- tion of how the Club addressed the incident and what discipline it plans to impose.

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