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NOV/DEC 2018


GRATEFUL FOR LIFE’S OPPORTUNITIES Watching My Daughters Change the World and Help Others

A s an Irish immigrant who came to this country with just $80 in my pocket, I have a passion for helping others with the blessings I’ve been afforded since then. I’m continually motivated to give back to the country that has provided me with endless opportunities, but what inspires me the most is seeing the impact it has on others, including my daughters. Their actions make me a proud dad, and I’m happy to cheer them on as they help others across the globe. My eldest daughter, Molly, returned to my homeland of Dublin, Ireland, in 2016 after graduating college to work as the CFO of a video gaming start-up there. In 2019, Molly will wrap up her job and begin traveling the world with a puppy companion, spending a few months in each location she travels to. At age 24, Molly is also in the process of finalizing her website, TheNomadPup.com, and her social media accounts, which she’ll use to raise awareness about adopting a rescue animal. Her plan is to travel to a dog shelter on the Greek island of Crete and inspire dog lovers to get out there with their pets and travel. Molly is passionate about every dog and animal she’s had in her life, and she’s combining that passion with her love of travel to improve the world. It’s inspiring to see her taking this chance. Yankee Home Improvement is also giving Molly’s dream a lift by sponsoring the work she’s planning to dive into in 2019. Molly is hopeful that more businesses will take a chance on her mission and provide some level of sponsorship. Her ideas for growth with this mission keep expanding, and she’s working frantically to get everything set up in time for her departure.


inspired she was that one person could make a big difference in this world, and her spark was lit.

Maeve, who currently lives in Bali, after a stint in Thailand, is committed to helping young girls in inner cities form connections and learn from successful, strong women around the world. She does this through her company, Girl Innovate, by interviewing successful women, recording their stories, and sharing them with teen girls. This company and its website, Girlinnovate.com, are still in their infant stages, but since she is a ferocious reader like me, Maeve is in the process of compiling these stories into a book about female success. Her mission is to improve the lives of teen girls by providing them the tools to learn real-world concepts so they can reach their full potential in a world of endless opportunities. I’m proud of all of my daughters and the missions they’ve embraced. Yankee Home Improvement obviously fully supports and is happy to sponsor Molly’s and Maeve’s endeavors. Molly and Maeve’s youngest sister, Maura, at 19 years old, attends GCC and she still has plenty of time to figure it all out. Whatever she chooses to pursue, I’m proud that she and her older sisters were given good opportunities, and I can’t wait to see what they give back to the world in return. –Ger Ronan

Molly’s younger sister, Maeve, age 21, is also becoming a world traveler, but her inspiration to help others began locally. Maeve was accompanying me one weekend to help the homeless population in Philadelphia, when she formed a connection with Margaux Murphy, the founder of The Sunday Love Project. On the way back, she told me how


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