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If you are overwhelmed by a big project, take a moment to write down your goals for that project, along with a list of action steps and resources needed to get there. Then think about who you can reach out to in order to tackle these steps. If you’re still uncomfortable with asking for help, make a point of helping others when you can. Being helpful changes the way you perceive receiving help and builds a positive reputation with others. When you are viewed as being helpful, other people want to help you in return. Asking for help means admitting you can’t do it all alone. But why should you have to? Doing it all alone can be pretty lonely, and asking for help means you have a team to support you wherever you go. SUDOKU

Rapid Dispute Resolution (RDR) is a revolutionary new concept offered exclusively by The Gibson Law Group as an alternative to expensive, time- consuming, soul-sucking litigation. In RDR, your dispute will be resolved in one day, on short notice, and for an affordable, fixed fee. In RDR, Judge Gibson does not represent either side. You are paying him to resolve your dispute fairly, in accordance with the law and in an enforceable manner. FACT: The vast majority of lawsuits settle at or following mediation, and only after the parties have spent thousands and thousands of dollars in legal fees and court costs. MYTH: Arbitration is a cheaper alternative to litigation. That is rarely true. While arbitration can move faster than a lawsuit, the parties still have to pay their lawyers, and, unlike in court, they have to pay the arbitrator for his or her time as well. In even the most basic cases, the fees paid to the arbitrator(s) can easily exceed $15,000 per side. In contrast, the filing fee for a lawsuit is about $300. A BETTER WAY: Here are nine advantages RDR offers over litigation, traditional mediation, and arbitration: • The decision-maker is former civil trial judge David Gibson — you avoid the possibility of an inexperienced mediator. • Saves you money — attorneys and mediators typically charge by the hour. The cost to participate in the RDR program is $1,500 to $2,500 per party, depending on the complexity of the case. • Speed — appointments available in days, not the months it can take for a trial setting. • Immediate ruling — Judge Gibson will issue a binding decision immediately following the conclusion of your RDR session. • Private — proceedings and the final ruling are not available to the court as a public record. • Preserves relationships — parties have the opportunity to hear each other in a nonconfrontational setting. RDR IS A GOOD OPTION IN THE FOLLOWING CASES:





• Contract disputes • Business disputes • Partnership disagreements • Will contests • Employment issues • Leases


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