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May 2019

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The Value of Anesthesia An Answer to Pain and Anxiety in Dentistry

This month, I am very excited to introduce Dr. Kevin Croft to the practice. Dr. Croft is a dentist anesthesiologist and a diplomate

them a better experience all around. Dental school allowed me to find my talents and do what I’m good at: provide good patient care. I practice a modern approach to dentistry, prioritizing patient comfort and experience. My job is interesting because I’m able to work in multiple states. Even though patient demand for anesthesia is so high, most dental offices don’t have the resources to provide this treatment to their patients. I have my own practice in Utah, but I decided to divide my time between other offices in areas where patients might otherwise not have the opportunity to take advantage of anesthesia.

of the American Dental Board of Anesthesiology (ADBA). He will be joining the team to offer patients the option to undergo sedation during their treatment at the practice.

I’ll let Dr. Croft take it from here.

–Dr. Valerie Drake

I went into dentistry with the intention to specialize in anesthesia. This is an area that’s severely underserved, to the detriment of patients everywhere. I have family members with

special needs and extreme dental phobia, so I have seen firsthand the struggle someone faces when they don’t have access to anesthesia in dentistry. It’s a real barrier to care. When someone isn’t able to handle sitting in the dentist’s chair for extended periods of time, whether due to pain or severe anxiety, it means they aren’t getting the oral care they need. Inevitably, they experience more dental pain, and their health suffers. A lot of my time is spent educating patients about their options. Patients who have a very sensitive gag reflex, experience extreme anxiety when going to the dentist, or want to get their treatment over with quickly can benefit from anesthesia and enjoy good oral health again. Beyond offering anesthesia to address pain or anxiety, I also strive to provide good patient care. Throughout dental school, I always asked my patients for feedback, looking for ways I could be gentler or more effective and give

When I start working with new patients, their first question is usually, “Is anesthesia safe?” I can assure you that this is the safest approach to sedation. The data is clear; when you have two doctors in the room — one to do the anesthesia and one to perform the dental treatment — in addition to the rest of the team, the chance of having a negative outcome is extremely low. I look forward to offering my services to the patients of Aberdeen. If you have any questions for me about anesthesia, sedation dentistry, or my travels with my wife and kids, please don’t hesitate to ask! I’m happy to answer any questions and help my patients feel more comfortable when they’re at the office.

–Dr. Kevin Croft

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