Mass Notification

Mass Notification Mass Notification features robust analytics, GIS capabilities, and flexible contact management. In addition, customers with global contacts can leverage a single access point to notify contacts and manage contact data across multiple distributed data stores — a unique “globally local” approach.

ANTICIPATE, TARGET, COMMUNICATE • Intelligent, personalized message delivery • Over 25 contact paths, including desktop alerts • Events for one-click sending

• Notification templates with predefined contact lists and messages • Resending or follow up messages to all or a sub-set of recipients

SIMPLE, INTUITIVE USER EXPERIENCE • Comprehensive and user-friendly administrator interface • Need specific data organisation and import

• Role-based access controls for managing separate user and contact data • Contact notification and/or contact data management across multiple distributed data stores and groups from a single point GEO-INTELLIGENT TOOLS • GIS targeting for geo-specific alerting • Target location identification with user-friendly drawing tools, or from imported sha- pe files from external applications • PrecisionGIS to upload and manage custom geo-coded contact addresses • Attribute based exclusion of recipients based on parameters including location REPORT, ANALYZE, UNDERSTAND • Robust analytics & reporting capabilities for communication effectiveness assess- ment • Frequently requested reports created on-the-fly with Quick Reports • Exported reports enhancement with off-line pivot tables creation and cross-referencing • Summary and detailed notification analysis (DNA) reports GLOBAL READY • Personalisation for global audience through broadcastingin any language • Localised communication with multilingual text to-speech support • Increased delivery success through local and regional routing • Alerts with customized caller IDs • Geo-specific data storage and compliance ADVANCED MOBILITY, CONNECTIVITY • The power and security of the full desktop application to mobile devices even under adverse network conditions • Support for multi-platform devices including iOS and Android devices • Reporting and analytics with a native interface designed for the operating system of the device

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