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Out in the Community

Peden Farm Each year in the fall, MCCSC kindergarten students travel to Peden Farm on North Maple Grove Road in Bloomington, Indiana for their Children's Farm Festival. The festival allows students to see, touch, taste, smell, and experience life on a family farm. The experience includes farm animals, homemade butter, maple syrup, and apple cider and popcorn to sample. Students can explore a barn, see a blacksmith, meet firemen, police and police officers, and see where our food comes from. Learning experiences embedded in the world outside the classroom have notable benefits for students, including improving students’ knowledge base, and ability to think critically. Students who have the opportunity to visit new places through an educational experience display stronger empathy, and develop higher tolerance for individuals with different ideas from the student’s own thinking. Understanding this value to our students, the MCCSC ensures meaningful community experiences for all elementary students.

Want to learn more about Peden Farm? Check out their website: https://pedenfarm.com/

Monroe County Public Library All first grade students in MCCSC take a trip to the Monroe County Public Library, located in downtown Bloomington. Students learn all about the library, check out the book mobile, complete an interactive learning experience, and have time to peruse the children’s collection. Indiana University Musical Arts Center Every year, MCCSC students have the opportunity to attend a performance at Indiana University’s Musical Arts Center, which is considered one of the grandest performance venues in the United States. Second grade students enjoy a band concert, the third grade students a ballet. Our fourth grade students see an opera, and fifth grade students see an orchestra performance, while sixth grade students enjoy a jazz concert. Sidney and Lois Eskenazi Indiana University Art Museum The MCCSC has long partnered with the Eskenazi Art Museum providing all second grade students with an immersive experience at the museum. During the renovation of the museum, the dedicated curators of the museum have brought art collections to all second grade classrooms, ensuring all students have access to curated art within learning.

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