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Report cards are completed quarterly and sent home with children the first three quarters. The final report card is mailed home or sent home the last day of school. Traditional Report Card The first page of the report card is the summary page. This page shows your child’s Art, Music, Physical Education (PE), Science, and Social Studies grades. Traditional grades are given in the subjects listed above.

Art, Music, PE, Science, and Social Studies Scores

Preschool through Second Grade Score + = Secure Score V+ = Developing Score V = Emerging Score V- = Needs Improvement Score N = Help Needed

Third Grade through Sixth Grade

Traditional letter grades A B C D F

Growth-Based Report Card: English/Language Arts & Math The second page of the report card is the growth-based report card for English/language arts and mathematics. This page lists essential learnings (ELs) or select standards for each subject area. MCCSC teachers determined critical content for each grade level to identify ELs. Students should learn these ELs by the end of the school year. The ELs provide the teacher, student, and parent with clear feedback about what a student has learned and what they are still learning. This information helps teachers target areas where students need further support. It helps parents understand the skills their child has mastered and the skills that need more instruction. A Few Basics About Growth-Based Report Card • Students are scored on a 4 point scale. The benchmark score is based on an assessment done before instruction begins. It is not unusual for a student to have a low benchmark score. • Students may reach a level 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, or 4.0 for ELs taught during a grading period. A student has learned or mastered a specific skill if they have earned a 3.0 or higher. • Learning may extend over more than one grading period. The current term score shows where the student is now. It may take several weeks to reach a 3.0. • Please note that if your child’s benchmark and Term 1 scores are the same, it could mean that the EL wasn’t taught during this grading period or that they did not have growth in that area.

English/Language Arts & Math Report Cards Key Score

BEN = Benchmark ELs = Essential Learning Skills

Score 4.0-4.0 = Advanced/Above Grade Level Score 3.0-3.5 = Proficient/At Grade Level Score 2.0-2.5 = Basic/Partial Understanding

T1 = Term 1 (first 9 week grading period) T2 = Term 2 (second 9 week grading period) T3 = Term 3 (third 9 week grading period) T4 = Term 4 (fourth 9 week grading period)

Score 1.0-1.5 = Below Basic/With Help, Partial Understanding Score 0-0.5 = Even With Help, No Understanding Demonstrated

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