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RunDry Dewatering, Doctoring & Cleanliness Optimization for the paper machine

Engineered Solutions for Pulp and Paper Industry

Notable improvement in the paper machine efficiency Maximizing sheet dryness and cleanliness from the wire section to the dryer brings measurable cost savings such as notable improvement in the paper machine efficiency and reduces the dryer section energy consumption.

Mist Removal System at upper wire

Optimized dewatering and cleaning technology can significantly reduce several production problems such as poor moisture profiles, dirt contamination, corrosion, time used for cleaning and poor permeability of the fabrics leading to reduced breaks and even reduce wet draws. Working environment will be safer and healthier after RunDry optimization. Optimized dewatering and doctoring lead to increased dryness after the press section. Savings in dryer section steam usage are notable. A continuous and regularly repeated cleaning of the process areas can be seen in decreased maintenance costs, energy savings and better quality in the end product.

We also offer a wide range of analysis services and maintenance for you to keep your machine in excellent shape for maximum profit.

Mist Removal System at bottom wire

Excellent benefits: • 1-3% increase in dryness after the press section • 4-10% savings in dryer section steam usage • Increased production capacity • Ensures efficient water discharge with perfect rewet prevention • Payback time less than one year

EcoFlow online dewatering measurement system

EcoFlow online dewatering measurement system helps to optimize dewatering and vacuum levels in the forming and press sections. This results in maximized sheet dryness after the press section, improved machine runnability and maximum energy efficiency. EV MRS system eliminates mist effectively and also assists in wire cleaning thus meaning less need for forming section cleaning and reduced number of breaks (time loss).

RunDry concept includes: • Save-Alls • Doctoring - Blade holders - Carbon fibre doctor beams - Double doctors - AirBlades • Forming and dryer section cleaning systems • EcoFlow dewatering measurement system Runtech Save-Alls together with doctoring and EcoFlows are very effective in nip dewatering and can be used in all press and wire section positions. Save-Alls result in higher dryness after press, better moisture profiles, less steam consumption and reduced draw from press to dryer.

AirBlades, air assisted doctor blades for the press rolls enable high nip dewatering even with low machine speeds, help with roll cleanliness problems, improve moisture profiles and have positive effect on machine speed.





Dewatering and doctoring for forming & press sections Well designed and built Save-Alls are essential to get the full benefits from increased nip dewatering, and ensure efficient water discharge with perfect rewet prevention. • Correctly designed Save-Alls are capable of handling 100% nip dewatering without rewetting • All Save-Alls are designed for Runtech AirBlades and EcoFlow dewatering measurement system • RunPress is a rebuild package with Save-Alls, doctoring, machine geometry optimization and the EcoFlow system • 3D engineering • Robust AISI316 construction

Case study

Smurfit Kappa Hoya PM2 - Press section doctoring rebuild

The delivery included several doctors and Save- Alls for the press section and the complete Ecoflow dewatering measurement system. Hoya PM2 runs up to 1100 m/min with 90 g/m2 basis weight. Width at the press is approx. 8 meters. The mill has reported that after rebuild they have been able to increase the machine speed by 100 m/min with 90 g/m2 basis weight. Dryness increase after press section is from 51% to 53,5% and from 54% to 65% with the basis weights of 90 and 220 g/m2, respectively. Increased dryness means less picking on the dryers enabling better machine runnability and less sheet breaks.

Ecoflow - Excellent online dewatering measurement for wire and press section • Helps to optimize dewatering and vacuum levels • Minimizes start up time of the new felts • Improves machine runnability • Maximizes felt life and optimizes felt type • Reduces the amount of breaks • Optimizes vacuum energy consumption

• Easy and cheap to install • Over 4.000 units installed

CompoAdapt - Unique hose loaded blade holder is suitable for composite doctor beams and for use with conventional steel doctors • CompoAdapt blade holder, the first carbon composite hose loaded blade holder • Easily retractable top plate with excellent comformability across the machine • Robust design is suitable for sheet knock-down positions • Specially designed for composite doctor beams but can also be used with conventional steel doctors • Easy to install and keep clean • Due to the design it is very easy to replace conventional K35 and DST style of holders with CompoAdapt • Special angle carrier allows small angle change without long machined parts

CompoDoc - Superior doctoring performance with carbon fibre doctor beams • Carbon and glass fibre constructions - up to 12 meters • Light - minimum 1/10 of steel doctor weight • Excellent stiffness and strength properties

• No heat expansion or corrosion • Easy maintenance and handling • Easy to install • Minimized space requirements • Patented CD beam profiling system • Eliminates vibration problems • Excellent bearing life • Tailor-made profiles are possible and will be studied case by case

STEEL 2000 kg

CARBON 150 kg

L=10 000mm

Optimal doctoring for suction couch and press rolls with double doctors • Gives a possibility to maximize nip dewatering without rewetting • Can be used with AirBlades, WingBlade or conventional doctor blades • Maintenance friendly construction • Easy to clean, install and adjust • Robust AISI316 construction • In some cases double doctor can be fitted into the existing save-alls Dewatering and doctoring for forming & press sections

Easy and effective cleaning of the dryer section doctors during machine shut downs CleanDoc cleaning system is an easy way to keep the dryer section doctors clean. This minimizes the risk of fire hazards and quality problems caused by dust.

Proven results with air doctor technology for the press rolls

• RSP AirBlade model is used with grooved / blind-drilled rolls and shoe press belts • Special RSP AirBlade model for shoe press sleeves; backing bar is needed to stabilize the belt • Can also be used for open ENP sleeves • Removes all water from the roll / belt grooves and blind drillings - Minimized rewetting

- No back splash - Higher dryness - Better profiles

• The best benefits can be achieved with low machine speed where natural nip dewatering is not possible • RSE AirBlade model is designed for suction rolls • Air blowing generates high vacuum behind the blade • Vacuum levels are up to 100 times higher compared with conventional doctor blade • High vacuum removes water from section roll holes • All Runtech AirBlades are designed to fit conventional blade holders

Case study

Papelera de la Alquería - Shoe press AirBlade

Shoe press RSP AirBlade was installed as a part of the vacuum system rebuild project. The shoe press in question is the last nip before the dryer section Uhle boxes were used before but there was not a doctor. Runtech delivery included a new backing bar inside the shoe press roll, a doctor with the hose loaded CompoAdapt blade holder and a RSP AirBlade After the AirBlade installation, the mill is able to run without Uhle boxes. 7% reduction in steam consumption and 11% increase in the average machine speed has been reported.

Cleaning technology for forming & dryer sections Effective mist removal combined with a fabric cleaning in the forming section • With the help of Runtech’s Mist Removal System, the forming fabric remains dryer leading to improved dewatering • Improved runnability and reduced overall energy consumption • Reduced time for forming section cleaning • Reduced paper defects due to minimized dirt-built-up • Improved working environment in the machine hall

Mist Removal System for the bottom forming fabric

Mist Removal System for the top forming fabric

Before and after using Mist Removal System

“ With the help of a Mist Removal System, the forming fabric remains dryer leading to improved dewatering and higher dry content after forming section . ” Economical and maintenance free cleaning for the dryer fabrics • Runtech’s Dryer Fabric Cleaner maintains high permeability level and prolongs life time of the dryer fabrics • Retained high permeability • Increased fabric life • Cost saving by more efficient drying • Reduced break frequency and dirt contamination

Cleaning technology for forming & dryer sections

Continuous reconditioning for paper machine cylinder and roll surfaces

With the ReDoc system: • Improved paper or board quality

• Better heat transfer to the web = Reduced energy costs • Good moisture profiles, minor need to correct the profile with steam box or over-drying • Improved runnability and permeability level of the fabrics ReDoc system includes a beam, adjusting unit, steel brushes, gear motor and control unit. The brushes collect dirt in the bristles and stores it until the end of the cylinder surface. The dirt is removed from the brush when the brush reaches the end of cylinder surface. Brushes do not create any deformation or erosion on the maintainable surface. Due to continuous reconditioning, rolls and cylinders stay as good as new. Even old and worn out cylinders can be cleaned effectively with the help of ReDoc, where conventional doctoring system is not efficient enough.

ReDoc system is applicable for all different paper and board grades and production speeds.

Clean cylinder surfaces after using ReDoc system.

“Maximizing sheet dryness and cleanliness from the wire section to the dryer brings measurable cost savings such as notable improvement in the paper machine efficiency and reduces the dryer

Case study

Confidential PM6 – Press section doctoring rebuild Delivery to the confidential kraftliner machine (90 – 400 g/m2) included a new doctoring system for the press suction roll, the 1st press bottom roll, the 3rd press top roll and the 2nd PU roll. Magnetic flowmeters were replaced by complete press section EcoFlow system. Target of the project was energy and steam saving. Before the rebuild 10 liquid ring pumps and 8 Uhle boxes were used in total. Due to the improved doctoring the machine is now able to run fully with the nip dewatering. Thus, only 2 Uhle boxes are in use. There is no need to wash the felts during the entire felt life time. The machine total steam consumption is significantly lower than before. The machine operates between 5 and 6 liquid ring pumps depending on the basis weight and speed. 10 GWh annual energy saving and production increase have guaranteed a short payback time.

section energy consumption .”

Runtech Audits

Routine service and system audits are an important part of keeping any process running smoothly comprehensive, on-site machine audits can help identify inconsistencies in performance, as well as evaluate the potential for failure. In addition to extending the life of a machine, audits can also play a vital role in helping operators identify opportunities to improve both process, energy, and machine efficiency. Trust the experts, contact us today to schedule a system audit tailored to your unique needs.

Engineered Solutions for Pulp and Paper Industry

Runtech - Your Reliable Partner

Runtech is a global provider of engineered systems tailored to the pulp and paper industries. Runtech works with customers to better understand and control their operational conditions to maximize efficiency and cost effectiveness. Runtech’s patented solutions include vacuum system and heat recovery optimization, runnability optimization with web stabilizers,

press and forming section dewatering and doctoring optimization, forming and dryer section cleanliness systems, as well as ropeless tail threading.

For additional information please contact Runtech or your local representative.

Specifications subject to change without notice.

Our customers are paper mills and paper machine suppliers globally:

Arjowiggins, Asia Pulp & Paper, Belmer, Burgo, Domtar, DS Smith, Hamburger Recycling Group, Holmen Paper, International Paper, Kruger, Lee & Man Paper Manufacturing, M-Real, Metsä Board, Mondi, Mpact, Nine Dragons Paper, Norske Skog, PMP Group, Pratt Industries, Sappi, SCA, Smurfit Kappa, Stora Enso, UPM, Valmet, Voith and many more references in all different grades.

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