RunDry - Cleanliness & Dewatering

Notable improvement in the paper machine efficiency Maximizing sheet dryness and cleanliness from the wire section to the dryer brings measurable cost savings such as notable improvement in the paper machine efficiency and reduces the dryer section energy consumption.

Mist Removal System at upper wire

Optimized dewatering and cleaning technology can significantly reduce several production problems such as poor moisture profiles, dirt contamination, corrosion, time used for cleaning and poor permeability of the fabrics leading to reduced breaks and even reduce wet draws. Working environment will be safer and healthier after RunDry optimization. Optimized dewatering and doctoring lead to increased dryness after the press section. Savings in dryer section steam usage are notable. A continuous and regularly repeated cleaning of the process areas can be seen in decreased maintenance costs, energy savings and better quality in the end product.

We also offer a wide range of analysis services and maintenance for you to keep your machine in excellent shape for maximum profit.

Mist Removal System at bottom wire

Excellent benefits: • 1-3% increase in dryness after the press section • 4-10% savings in dryer section steam usage • Increased production capacity • Ensures efficient water discharge with perfect rewet prevention • Payback time less than one year

EcoFlow online dewatering measurement system

EcoFlow online dewatering measurement system helps to optimize dewatering and vacuum levels in the forming and press sections. This results in maximized sheet dryness after the press section, improved machine runnability and maximum energy efficiency. EV MRS system eliminates mist effectively and also assists in wire cleaning thus meaning less need for forming section cleaning and reduced number of breaks (time loss).

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