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A rchitects /E ngineers By Richard Gacek, Gacek Design Group Multifamily Interiors: What’s Inside Matters


he luxury rental mar- ket is a highly com- petitive environment.

Common spaces are adaptable and flexible. Home is a prior - ity, and in most cases, has to

effect. And as we think about future design, it is important to stay current on new strategies,

tells us that Millennial and Baby Boomer generations, (who in fact are the most

our interior design philoso- phy on this concept. We call it Experiential Design. This exclusive strategy highlights the following key compo- nents: Experiential Design provides an experience that tells a story and has impact. Experiential Design creates a welcoming environment based on research. Experi - ential Design addresses how consumers wants to live in the space. And, Experiential Design delivers spaces with function and adaptability based on lifestyle. Consider This. Good In- terior Design is Powerful. Great Interior Design is In - visible. This is an interesting statement. Good design can be pretty and aesthetically pleasing. Good design uses standard furniture layouts, and sometimes just places matching furniture pieces in a room. Youmay not win with good design, since it is not memorable and doesn’t have its own story. On the other hand, great design delivers an experience. When design is invisible, it has made a con- nection with the consumer on an emotional level. Have you ever walked into a multifam- ily amenity space and do not know why it resonates and makes you feel so welcomed? Great design does this – it’s mindful of the target mar- ket’s lifestyle preferences! Great design uses a combina- tion of research and expertise to drive the design decisions, the color palette, and the vision. Great design creates one-of-a-kind environments that resonate with the Live- Work-Play lifestyle. Great design uses research to deter- mine lifestyle, demographics, and living preferences. In to- day’ luxury rental market, it gives you the opportunity to compete in the marketplace. Time to Adapt. The take- away is to provide flexible and innovative solutions in response to the challenging social climate. By nature, designers are creative prob- lem solvers. We have the advantage of being predis- posed to thinking outside the box, and using our skill set to create an outcome that is experiential, more functional and makes life easier. What’s Inside Matters. Richard Gacek is the principal designerofGacek Design Group. MAREJ

Let’s face it, residents ex- pect thought- ful and high- quality ame - n i t i e s and without them it is more dif- ficult to com - p e t e . L i k e

At Gacek Design Group, we believe the differentiation is being able to connect with the consumer on an emotional level.

accommodate life, work, and learning. In amenity spaces, a custom residential feel devel- oped with light color tones and neutral finishes. This makes sense since a neutral, mono- chromatic palette from nature offers a quiet, more calming

product offerings and create ways to help differentiate a community. At Gacek Design Group, we believe the differentia- tion is being able to connect with the consumer on an emotional level. Research

prominent targets for luxury rental developments), are drawn to an experience that is authentic and memorable. So, it's more important than ever to provide a multifamily interior design that reflects their preferences. We center

Richard Gacek

most industries, multifamily interiors were modified in order to withstand the challenges due to the pandemic. We now experience a healthy and safe living space to be a necessity.

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