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The Grand and The Metro, sister residential towers parking garage will be open to the public NRIA breaks Ground On “Affordable Luxury” rental community in West New York


LaMattina , senior vice presi- dent of operations and global development for NRIA. “These will be the tallest buildings in West New York, once completed,” he said. “and will make a magnificent addi - tion to the city and its skyline.” The 156-unit buildings will be located in the heart of the town, a municipality along New Jersey’s famed Gold Coast, an enclave of communities on the Hudson River known for their high-end residences, top-notch arts, and culture, and refresh- ingly quick ferry ride to Man - hattan. Accessible to both the de- velopment’s residents and the surrounding city dwellers, 60% of the 495 parking spaces in the towers’ parking garage aim to benefit the greater community of West New York. “It’s been a cooperative proj- ect with the city,” said Rich Stabile , senior vice president, and project manager for NRIA. “NRIA is working together with West New York to make this important addition happen.” Three hundred twelve apart- ments in total will be offered in the LEED-certified develop - ment. Each tower will meet rigorous green building stan- dards that promise high-energy efficiency and environmentally- friendly design. Both The Grand and The Metro will provide residents with high-end amenities, in- cluding a gym, lounge, and green roof with a walking deck. The rooftop will be designed as a relaxation and entertainment area, with patio seating and barbecue grills. In addition, a business center with a high-speed printer and other work-at-home essentials, and a 24-hour grab-and-go con- venience store will be available on-site to residents. NRIA’s Stabile anticipates The Grand and The Metro will be an attractive sell to potential renters. “Restaurants, stores, and entertainment are all within walking distance,” he said. “And just as importantly, the community is located close to public transportation.” Only one block away from West New York’s Hudson-Ber - gen Light Rail station, NRIA foresees the two towers will emerge as a “go-to” affordable rental option for young profes- sionals working fromhome or in the greater New York City em- ployment marketplace. MAREJ

EST NEW YORK, NJ — National Re- alty Investment

Advisors (NRIA) announced the groundbreaking of The Grand, one half of their new- est residential rental commu- nity, on August 2 in West New York. The Grand, to be built at 508 51st St., will be one of two sustainably constructed towers. The Grand’s sister tower, The Metro, is to be located at 52nd St., and will break ground at a later date. Once completed, the two 14-story towers will effectively transform the skyscape of West New York, according to Glenn

The Grand

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